Nissan: Combining the power of Facebook & traditional SMS contests

Nissan: Combining the power of Facebook & traditional SMS contests

One of the most distinct developed applications that have surfaced lately was the “Micra Prize Frenzy” that was launched by Nissan Jordan yesterday. The Facebook contests brings the world of SMS and Facebook development into one application that gives users the chance to either accumulate points for a chance to win one of three Nissan Micra Cars or a number of prizes including mobile phones, pre-paid scratch cards or more.

The Application is hosted on Nissan Jordan’s Facebook Page (, Zain Jordna’s Facebook page ( and Orange Jordan (

By combining the utility of SMS by all mobile operators in Jordan to enter the game (ensuring that no fake accounts can play and that winners of the application are residents of the Kingdom), alongside a non-traditional sweepstake where users have to “unlock a Nissan Micra Trunk” for their prizes – the application is built as an interactive addicting game. In a nutshell the application is an exhilarating game show where users play for a chance to accumulate points to win the car or prizes, I took a shot at it to check out the flow and mechanism of the application and found myself going back a couple of times because I found the whole “Unlocking the Trunk” (Which a user can do twice) quite addictive and I loved the anticipation of seeing what’s behind the trunk.

The application which is developed by Digital Front ( was described on their Facebook page as “Combining the viral power of Facebook with traditional SMS contests, you get the premise of Nissan’s newest Campaign we helped bring to life – the Micra Prize Frenzy.”

I loved the application and in my personal opinion I foresee a successful campaign as they have combined many elements to make it exciting and engaging to the end user. The graphics and designs utilized in the application also make playing the game fun and social increasing the “fun” factor. I hope to read the success of this app in the press someday soon as I know for a fact that this is the first application in the region to combine both SMS and a Facebook Contest.



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  1. Frankly, at the beginning the idea sounded unique, creative and genuine, but once I started to get my hand dirty with that contest the lovely ideas i had once started to change.

    in my opinion Nissan went so wrong by running such type of contests. Nissan is not National Paints or Pharmacy One.. Nissan is much much bigger than that. Shifting the future (as they proclaim) can’t be done through contests similar to what MBC and other cheap satellite TV run now a day.

    You want to play, then you have to pay.. is that the way to promote your products? if Nissan has limited budget and not willing to pay then why to go FB to SMS approach, there are many other ways to utilize FB at lower costs. I’m really wondering what would be the reaction of Nissan Global Marketing Office (HQ) if they got the chance to know about this?

    On the other hand, who is the target audience of Nissan’s Micra? Such a small and fuel economic car is definitely made for mid-income peeps, those who have low spending power, and since the more the SMS you send the higher the chance to win, 25 piasters per SMS is not a reasonable price at all? If it was between 3 and 7 I would have a different opinion.

    No one can deny the wonderful work done by the agency and the amount of invested efforts in this contest from all related parties. But the approach is a NO NO for me.

    Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks for your thought Loai, appreciated as usual 🙂 I have no idea what the tactical or branding campaign behind this contest is…I am merely admiring the amazing development skill.

      If you have refereed back to Facebook Contests that I have blogged about or any sweepstakes that take place in pages in the MENA Region you notice that many of them violate the Facebook rules and regulations, and hence I am impressed with the tools used to develop this application, knowing that I haven’t seen a SMS/Facebook developed contest yet in the region.

      • Thank you dear… sure it is very impressive to see such well developed contests that goes side by side with FB rules in our beloved Jordan… in addition, I’m really glad to read and share thoughts about it at your beautiful blog.

        Cheers 🙂

  2. Number one and best Jordanian Blogger award to you 🙂

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