Oasis500: Offering new investment ideas to the MENA region

Oasis500: Offering new investment ideas to the MENA region

On Monday night I was invited to attend the Oasis 500 Angel Network Event at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The event was attended by HER Majesty’s Ambassador British Ambassador Peter Millett and a group of local, regional and international investors, in addition to media representatives, Oasis500 partners and mentors. The Event which had many interested startups including Zaytouneh,TendersGate, Darebni TV, Ishra7, Jamalon and Menwayn, I enjoyed the pitches of a few, here are my thoughts:

Zaytouneh is the first Arabic Website to provide Arabic Cuisine Cooking Recipes online via video footage. In a high tech digital world no one goes after printed recipes anymore or having to hand-write recipes in a booklet to store on your kitchen shelf, on the contrary you can now depend on Zaytouneh.com service to store your favorite recipes on a file of your own and share it with your friends on Social Networking Sites, making this start up a go-to for any woman (and even man) who wants to save time while making cooking a more fun and easy experience.


Menwayn is another website that I found interesting, which was recommended by a friend. I remember complaining about how furnishing a house before a wedding is time consuming and how I wish people would finally wake up and go online with their products and prices rather than waste my precious time going from store to store. I tried searching and googling for similar websites but couldn’t find any, which is why I am hoping Menwayn would invest in proper SEO to direct people to the site. The startup by Lisa Kawar is a bilingual comparison website and not a seller, it’s mainly a guide of the available products in the market listed by criteria such as brand, technology, dimensions, price range or distributor name. I remember Lisa saying: “We are connected to Social Media Platforms” bringing the offline products online.


I was rather impressed with the answers provided by Jamlon, which is a start up that provides Arabic Books for sale online, very similar to Amazon’s concept, but they realized the gap in the market, Amazon doesn’t have any Arabic Literature to offer and hence they now have a start up. I remember one of the participants asked a question of what if Amazon decides to kick off Arabic Books in their database, and the confident answer was that they believe Amazon will have to acquire their company because they would need an already established database to do that for a certain market niche; very ambitious.


Last but not least my favorite out of all, “Ishra7” a company specialized in assisting Businesses’ in presenting and communicating their key messages using simple, engaging and persurasive visual stories. They caught my attention with their 60 second  video which I believe truly shows their colors and capabilities of providing and catering to other concepts and businesses. Khaled Husseini who introduced Ishra7 at the event was very presentable, confident and has proper articulated, coherent language; all elements that reflected in the solid background of his own business!


I look forward to seeing those businesses move forward and leave a mark in the business world, both in Jordan and in the Region.



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