Over View of Digital Branding and Creativity in Arabia

Over View of Digital Branding and Creativity in Arabia

The second session of the MediaME Forum day 1 calendar of events brought to the stage an inspirational speaker, and not because his first revelation of the day is a picture of a scrumptious knafeh! Ahmad Humeid of Syntax spoke about Digital Branding and Creativity in the region.

So back to the Knafeh story how about that? Long story short, although I have a tendency to love telling stories (got to be at the office in a few hours so I’ll make this painless and fast), the audience was flashed a picture of Knafeh right about 10:45 earlier this morning, and we’re asked where they would buy it, and of course a buzz washed over the room, and all I could think of was Habibah! Man was I right, because it was the case behind the Knafeh story earlier today.

Google Knafet Habibah in Arabic, no website, no online presence, nothing official or significant that can distinguish the brand, but then again you might find a Facebook group for Habibah Knafeh lovers!!! Moral of the story: We live online but most companies aren’t necessarily online.

Humeid pointed out that You can have innovation without branding but you can’t have branding without innovation. If anything, innovation is not about how cool or flashy your ad looks! Its about delivering great experience to your customer.

The key to designing and developing the ideal web presence for your business is to think like a shop keeper. Think of your website like a shop, what are you selling and to whom. A few website’s were showcased at the MediaME today including Toyota Jordan’s website, their news haven’t been updated since May or June, their Facebook fan page however is regularly updated.

Arab Bank for example have a long process for consumers to login to their E-Banking accounts, where the link to get there itself is little and on the far upper left corner, where as the page is dominated by corporate news. I guess Humeid was right, no one is interested in your press releases, and definitely not on your home page, move them elsewhere, how about a NEWS section? A good recommendation: you might want to benchmark against Citi Bank, they have a far better approach online than you do.

Zain Jordan, Jordan’s leading telecom provider isn’t any better and made it to Humeid’s list, he described their website as a downsized billboard which fits with a long list of announcements, furthermore, the prime ministry needs to integrate it’s social media platforms on their website.

In summary, remember those important pieces of valuable advice:

– Facebook is a big part of the answer of whether you should go online or not. But not the only answer, start with your website.

– E-Commerce owners should think as shop keepers. Sell yourself and product online in a virtual shop, the same way you would in your real physical space

– GAME OVER for traditional marketing, public relations, message from the CEO and flash Intro’s, your website is far better than that

– Clean design and functionality are important elements in designing and developing a website

– Engage in human conversations when your brand in online

– Invest money in people who can take your social media and online presence to the next level


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