Parliament Campaigning: Turning Streets to a Circus

Parliament Campaigning: Turning Streets to a Circus

I haven’t blogged since the end of the MENAICT Forum, mainly because I went back to work and started a new semester in my post-graduate studies, so my 14-hour days of work and classes seem to have taken me away from my blog, which I really miss. It just seems all of last week, I could think of something to blog, and then write down the idea to get to it at night, and well, no I never got to writing anything at night, if anything, I slept!

What seems to bother me the most is the ugliness of the city of Am

man at this point with the parliament elections coming up! Why do we have to be so backward? Why do we have to campaign through the placement of banners so cheap, that could break, cause car accidents, or potentials traffic hazards. Just last week, one of those banners tore up, and there was a piece of wood dangling from the banner to the street almost hitting every passing car, small cars, are lucky it didn’t fall on them, SUV’s and Jeeps barely swerved away from it so it doesn’t hit their windshield and almost hit the cars on the other lane, how dangerous and irresponsible.

The placement of all of those banners on the streets, on circles and highways is extremely dangerous both to drivers and pedestrians. Drivers probably won’t be able to see the whole street ahead of them because of all of those ugly banners filling up the streets that could possible cause in running over adults and children because you cant see them waiting to cross the street behind all of those political advertisements.

Look at the picture on the right, that’s a shot in a street in the states, that shows the campaign signs for local, state and federal offices on the streets before elections, notice how none of those are banners blocking tunnels, bridges, or distracting drivers view from the road? They are not even height enough to reach the STOP Sign? Just simple, small and straight to the point that could rarely result in traffic mishaps! I wish we could copy such guidelines and implement them in Jordan, perhaps our country would look more civil that way! To me Amman has turned into a Circus with all of those banners and it breaks my heart!

It’s a well known fact in any drivers manual that distractions while your driving your car can cause an accident, that’s why you shouldn’t be switching radio channels or speaking on the cell phone while driving, but is it okay to block drivers view just because some individuals who are running for public office are running for elections, hence increasing the probability of accidents?

Yes, politicians are irresponsible for campaigning this way in my opinion, it’s true we don’t have enough billboards on public streets for all of them to campaign, but there are a hundred other ways they could campaign without influencing damages to the road, drivers, and citizens, by their reckless campaigns.

Road traffic accidents end hundreds of thousands of lives across the world every year. Very often death and injury is the result of drivers who did not take the road seriously enough.

The cost to the economy is huge, and the financial effect of personal injury can ruin families. Something that can’t be measured is the emotional cost to family members and friends when a person is killed or injured. So if you are really campaigning for a better future, for a better Jordan and to making citizens a priority start by campaigning within guidelines that show respect to citizens rather than violating them and increasing the probability of a driving accident that could do more harm than good.

If anything, I blame the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) and have no doubt that I should be pointing fingers towards them, they have made the right choice by making sure all candidates pay an amount of 3000 Jordanian Dinars as an insurance deposit that they could reclaim after the campaigning/election period when they take down all of their campaigning materials, but how come they didn’t think of having proper guidelines on where, when and how banners can be placed all over the city?

Just Wondering…


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  2. Well i do agree with what you say, whats up with politicians that have no regards for citizens safety, well not only that but the cheap tasteless posters without meaningful slogans, if you call it a circus well it is a tasteless one.
    well i do not like to critique with out suggesting a solution i thing the GACM should develop a set of guidelines on how to post where to post and in what manner, i think safety should come first.

    • Well Hadi, I agree with you: Jordan has the lowest illiteracy rate among the Middle Eastern countries, yet we are so backward and using streets to campaign? When applying for a license, you learn the basics of driving, when breaking the law you get punished and end up with a ticket based upon your driving violation, yet when the city it self causes you to crash your car with all the non-sense campaigning, who should take the blame? I dont think anyone will be punishing city hall or the department of motor vehicles for causing them, do you?

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