Restaurant Review: PAUL

Restaurant Review: PAUL

A good venue for breakfast, lunch, or brunch, step out and enjoy a delightful meal at PAUL.

Located in City Mall, parking wouldn’t be an issue; I personally dislike handing over my car to Valet, so having a safe parking space is always a plus.

My friend Nadine and I visited on the weekend at noon, surely Paul was packed with friends and family catching up. While the weather doesn’t permit for outdoor seating, indoors were just fine in a cozy well lit environment. We both went for the scrumptious breakfast menu.


Our server started us off with multi seed slices of bread served with a side of butter. The bread basket is prepared with wheat flour and seed mixtures with an intense flavor that pairs well not only with butter but with the EVOO and balsamic vinegar placed at the table.

We were served our breakfast in less than 15 minutes, an adequate and appropriate time for food that is both cooked to order and in a venue that is packed with diners.

Nadine went for the Oeufs Pochés (Pouched Eggs) her choice was the Oeufs Benedict au Bacon. Two poached eggs on top of bacon served with Hollandaise Sauce.

Oeufs Pochés

Oeufs Pochés

The eggs were fine, one was cooked perfectly and the other was slightly over cooked but it did not affect the taste or the flavor as they were excellent. Nadine has felt that the Hollandaise sauce had a little bit more of a sour taste to it than usual, and I explained that the lemon added to the Hollandaise sauce is usually as per the chef’s taste, and different variations are made to accommodate different dishes. Nevertheless, for her taste buds it was sourer than it should for pouched eggs, but also did not affect the overall flavor of the dish wish she has enjoyed tremendously from beginning to end.

Croissant au Saumon

Croissant au Saumon

I personally went for the Croissant au Saumon, because no one loves smoked salmon as much as I do. A delicate sesame croissant stuffed with smoked salmon, cream cheese, grain mustard, onion, caper, dill, and lettuce.

While the description in the menu and what I was served varies, it did not come with onion, capers, or dill, the mustard grains were busting in flavor, making this the best smoked salmon croissant I have had to date.


What’s a brunch date with no happy ending? The sweet tooth’s of Nadine and I were craving the wide array of desserts we were eyeing when we walked in, and in our logic at least, calories don’t count on the weekends.

I went for the lemon tart which was divine, but in my opinion needed a quick swift of whipped cream on top or icing sugar; personally I would go for the latter. The Strawberry Mille Feuille that Nadine has ordered was equally delicious but probably needed a few more layers of puffy pastry in the middle.

For drinks I had my breakfast accompanied with English Breakfast Tea with fresh mint leaves, and Nadine enjoyed Fresh Orange Juice which was highly recommended. The Iced Tea addicts that we are each ordered a version of our own. I personally disliked my Lemon Ice Tea which I found very citrusy even with added sugar, but the sip I took out of Nadine’s peach ice tea made me green with envy.


Overall, it was an extremely pleasant experience. Bon Appétit in advance for your future visit to Paul, I’ll definitely be stopping by again for breakfast, or maybe to experience their lunch menu.

Paul is located at the second store in City Mall.

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Disclaimer: Although the meals and beverages were sponsored, the words, opinion, and insights on this blog post weren’t influenced, and are 100% my own.


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