BPO Research Leader Peter Ryan to speak at MENAICT 2013

BPO Research Leader Peter Ryan to speak at MENAICT 2013

From the lowest point of earth, the MENAICT Forum 2013 will bring you an inspirational speaker, who will be coming back to speak at the forum for the second time, Peter Ryan of Ovum IT Services. Peter specializes in a variety of areas that include a focus on research within BPO/CRM which also include company profiling, off shore and outsourcing, speech solutions, segmentation, sizing, customer satisfaction, alongside commercial online and economic analysis.

Peter has written a huge lot on call centers in the Eastern-Europe, North and South Africa, and Canada call centers, and has much to say about the industry. Peter is also one of the top 50 influences in Nearshore outsourcing by the leading news portal Nearshore Americas. Here are a few sleepless questions that he has agreed to answer to.

Question #1

Outsourcing is perhaps one of the most effective ways of getting the best out of your business. The business context in today’s reality calls for better quality at a less cost. Do you believe delivering quality call centers and managing CRMs does leverage a business’s time to generate better results?

I do feel that there is ample evidence that outsourcing, regardless of the function in question, can lower costs and increase quality of interaction.  However, the key to this is that the vendor and the client are both on the same page in terms of what they want to accomplish.  If an enterprise is going to go into an agreement with an outsourcing provider and communicates at the outset what their business objectives of the relationship are, there is solid evidence based on historical patterns to assume that the relationship will work.  However, if the partnership between vendor and outsourcer is not clear from the start of the contract negotiations, it is unlikely that the relationship will be transparent through the life of the engagement, meaning less efficiencies, poorer quality interactions and reduced cost savings.

Question #2

Earlier in October you’ve attended the Turkey Call Center Expo, you’ve mentioned that the country has a big potential as a CRM outsourcing market, how so?

Based on what I saw in Turkey, the CRM outsourcing market has a lot of opportunity to expand.  On the one hand, you have a growing economy of over 70 million people that are roaring into the consumer world, meaning more demand for contact center services than ever before.  In addition, with the large number of multilingual, educated young Turkish citizens, the capacity to support Western European consumers is also notable (German and Dutch being identified as major opportunities by many observers).  It’s important I think to note the fact that one of the leading CRM outsourcers, Teleperformance, has identified Turkey as one of its multilingual hubs, and I believe that more will follow.

Question #3

What is your take on the whole Call Center, CRM, and outsourcing in the MENA region?

I think that done right, call centers in MENA can work well, and to be frank, there is evidence of this.  Look at the longstanding deployments in Tunisia and Morocco, which have overwhelmingly serviced French consumers in Europe. In addition, Egypt has been the source of a large volume of outsourcing investment since 2005, with many global BPO and IT services companies following behind the contact centers.  In my mind, another massive opportunity is to service the pan-Arabic market from lower cost locations.  However, the one thing holding back investment will be perception stability, and with oversight among enterprises being more stringent than ever before, outsourcers will need to ensure that any location they are seeking to promote will be as transparent and politically stable as possible.

Question #4

Around the same time last year, Ovum published an Analyst Opinion publication about the implications of the Arab Spring on Egypt’s outsourcing sector. Have the trends shifted to a more positive horizon since Feb of 2012?

Sadly, I think that Egypt has a lot of ground to make up in regard to global perceptions (especially from the standpoint of investment).  It hardly seems that there is not some flare up of tensions in the country every three months or so, which is having a terrible impact on how the country is viewed.  The saving grace for Egypt in my opinion is that since the Arab Spring in 2011, there has not been evidence of outsourcers removing capacity; rather, they seem content to stand pat and grow organically, which I think shows the solid value in Egypt’s infrastructure, incentive schemes and multilingual agent pool.


You will be joining us to speak again at the MENAICT this year, what do you look forward to the most?

I am really looking forward to seeing the evolution of Jordan’s outsourcing sector.  It really struck me in 2010 how much work had been done to get the sector off the ground, and I cannot wait to ascertain how it sits today.  It is one of the premier events globally, and I am honored to be included

  • For more on Peter’s View on Jordan and what he had to say of the MENAICT 2010 – please refer to this link: http://ovum.com/2010/10/18/jordan-poised-to-grow-it-services-delivery-footprint/
  • For latest research and opinions from Peter Ryan, please check out: http://ovum.com/authors/peter-ryan/
  • Follow Peter on Twitter @peter_w_ryan 



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