Review: P.F. Chang’s JO

Review: P.F. Chang's JO

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably seen pictures here and there from P.F. Chang’s earlier this evening. I was honored to have been invited to a dinner to experience the most exotic tastes and flavors that Chinese food has to offer. Here is a recap and a quick review:

Just like any three course menu, our dinner this evening started with an assortment of starters.


Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps

So apparently these lettuce wraps have more to offer than we thought they did. The original recipe comes from the mother of one of the co-founders Philip Chang. Made of Wok-seared chicken, mushrooms, green onions, and water chestnuts served crispy rice sticks and ice-berg lettuce sheets. This dish is a definite must-have the next time you stop by P.F. Changs. The texture between the chicken and the lettuce, the warm, and the crunchy cold is just out of this world. This started bursts with so much flavor, you might as well do what I did, ditch the lettuce, and indulge in the chicken.

Chicken Dumplings

Whether you like them Steamed or pan-fried, don’t afraid to tell your waiter how you like them. Dumplings are prepared fresh every day for your enjoyment. While they aren’t my favorite item off tonight’s menu, I can only say they are quite good, not as awesome as everything else among the starters, but is acceptable by Chang’s standards.

Spring Rolls

I’ll be honest, they were served, but I didn’t take a bite. But I’ll also be further honest and say that I have had them before, and you won’t be disappointed. Just don’t forget to dip into P.F. Changs signature trio sauces to experiment different levels of flavor.

DynamiteDynamite Shrimp

Then comes the big one: Tempura-battered and tossed in a light spicy sriracha aioli! Whoever can resist the DYNAMITE SHRIMP should simply stop reading, because they are indeed an irresistible addiction, not only did we end up ordering an extra portion, but I ended up winning a gift voucher from P.F. Changs for posting the catchiest caption with a picture from the evenings experience.

Wondering about tonight's wining caption? The Fight for the Last Dynamite

Wondering about tonight’s wining caption?
The Fight for the Last Dynamite

Moving forward, the main course came next:

Mongolian Beef, Chang’s Spicy Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Kung Pao Shrimp, and Vegetable Lou Mein!

Mongolian Beef

While I am no-vegetarian it is a well-known fact that I am a person who steers clear from beef and fish, I am more than happy sticking to chicken, but I’m also more than happy making an exception and trying out something different. While I don’t enjoy meat because I feel its chewy and doesn’t digest well, I cannot say the same to the sweet, soy-glazed flank steak wok-seared with scallions and garlic. I took a bite for the sake of trying, and well needless to say, I took another, and another, and…yes, another! Delicious is an understatement indeed.

Chang’s Spicy Chicken

While my honest opinion about chicken lies in the fact that I always choose a Kung Pao because of the spices, I didn’t mind indulging in Chang’s Spicy Chicken this evening. While the title says spicy, it is in fact, sweet and spicy all at one. The chicken is cut into bite-size pieces, and it’s tender and enjoyable for chicken lovers who enjoy a mix of contradicting flavors.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

A personal favorite when I was growing up, Sweet & Sour chicken doesn’t really make it to the list anymore for me. It’s nothing personal against P.F. Changs, it’s just that my taste buds have acquired a new taste to appreciating spices and a variety of flavors that go beyond sweet. To me Sweet & Sour is liking going out for sushi and ordering a California Roll Maki, it’s playing it safe. I took a bite, and it was good, but if I were you, I would experiment with their diverse array of dishes rather than play it safe.

Kung Pao Shrimp

Kung Pao Shrimp

Kung Pao Shrimp

Stir-fried with peanuts, chili peppers, and scallions – you can’t go wrong with a Kung Pao Shrimp. If there is anything I regret (aside from leaving my branded chopsticks behind), I’d have to say not taking the opportunity to go for an extra helping on this one, because by the time I wanted to go for a second round – poof – it was gone.

Last, but not least:

Vegetable Lou Mein

Savory soy sauce tossed with wok-seared egg noodles and fresh vegetables. I didn’t taste it, because I had gone sampling four other main courses and I wanted to leave room for dessert, but everyone else, including my husband have given nods of approval. It came in last, so I didn’t get the chance to combine it with anything else. Noodle lovers, I would say choose a plain vegetable variation and match it up with one of their main courses for a killer combination (no pun intended).

Then finally, they saved the best for last! DESSERT!

Served in two of my favorite selections, the Banana Spring Rolls, and the Great Wall of Chocolate!

Six warm, crispy bites of banana served with coconut-pineapple ice cream and drizzled with caramel and vanilla sauces.

Six warm, crispy bites of banana served with coconut-pineapple ice cream and drizzled with caramel and vanilla sauces.

Choose either because they are both out-of-this-world GOOD! While you need to subscribe to a gym subscription before you choose to indulge in the Great Wall of Chocolate, I (while I say don’t play it safe), decided to be a traditionalist, and went all-in for the Banana Spring Rolls! Yummy!

Alright, so a quick review turned out to be a two-page length detailed review, so I guess one more paragraph won’t kill anybody.

The overall experience was great. The ambiance, atmosphere, presentation, and service was all top-notch, and I look forward on returning again, and possibly experimenting with another variety of dishes.

I wanted to be selfish and keep all of the above to myself, but P.F. Changs JO will without a doubt be the hottest reservation in town whether its lunch, dinner, a date, or business. The best of all is, they are introducing the Dynamite Specials and the Lunch Specials next month, so make sure to visit for the latest news – and when you go out as a group – which you will – because great food is made for sharing, keep some room for dessert. Six rich layers of frosted chocolate cake topped with semi-sweet chocolate chips, served with fresh berries and raspberry sauce await you, and no I didn’t include a picture in this blogpost, knowing that no one will forgive me for making them drool so late at night.

Have you been to P.F Changs JO tonight, or any other night during the week? Share your experience in the comments below.

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