Preparing to load 2014

Preparing to load 2014

By midnight tomorrow we will be turning our backs to 2013 and stepping into another life-changing year. Yes, believe it or not, a year, in its 365 days, can be life changing. This sleepless blog is dedicated to reflect on the people/things/moments that I cherished the most in 2013, and where I hope to be going in 2014!

Mummy, Daddy, & Hubby! There are three people I thank God for every morning when I wake up and every night before I snooze off to sleep, cheesy, I know, but it’s true. I’m blessed to have both parents to be alive, healthy, and lucid. (I think daddy is going to kill me for writing this, trust me I am not insinuating that you are old, I’m just saying – and please don’t print a copy of this for mum to read!). I’ve been blessed with parents who have been supportive and loving my whole life, and continue to do so every single day (although now they seem to take the hubby’s side more than they take mine), but never the less, Farouk and Hana Abdulhadi, my life will be worthless without you. Thank You for everything. Oz – almost two years of our marriage and there is never a dull day – never picture perfect, but AlHamdAllah we are made for each other, for the sunny days, the rainy days, and the storms, I’m proud to call myself your wife.

Family, Family, Family! Everyone says there is nothing like family, and there is some truth behind it. I mean I’m sure not all family members are your cup of tea, and the same applies here, but there are always certain members of your family who make your life worthwhile, and I’m blessed to have my fix of my family. They are funny, loud, annoying, full of jokes, weird, and simply everything I’d every wish to those I care about. They are the essence of life. Those of you in Canada reading this, you know you are included in this list as well, thanks for making this Summer worthwhile for mama and me!

Weight Loss! Weight Gain! Weight Loss Again! I think the term ‘weight loss’ falls into the resolutions of everyone’s list, I think 2013 is the first year I actually manage to do that. I remember one of my cousins says that people thought that gaining weight after getting married is a sign that a person is not happy, on the contrary, it might actually mean that you are happy, in which case I am. I guess when I first got married, having a 9 to 5 at the time, a master’s degree to complete, a new life to build with my husband just piled up into my ‘lovely’ eating habits, and I piled up a good 20 KGs! In 2013, I decided to drop that number, and I did!

Start Ups, Entrepreneurships, and Partnerships! Business never goes dull, at least not in my field of work, and 2013 proved to be packed enough that my email does not seem to want to hit a zero inbox any time soon! Going from an employee that did a regular nine to five for the past seven years, to a partner in a startup is not easy. How did I go from a social media strategist who only had to worry about the clients, to a person who also had to worry about the different divisions, employees, clients, work, and everything in between? Sometimes there is a voice in my head that goes “HA! You bought it upon yourself” – but most of the time, there is this other voice that kicks back and says “Oh to hell with you, I’m doing the right thing, so shut up and leave me alone.” How very schizophrenic of me, but I like to refer to this as ‘Only Child Syndrome’! lol



As the clock strikes midnight tomorrow – I will be committing to a handful of resolutions, and I hereby post them out loud on Sleepless in Amman as a constant reminder to where I’m heading this coming New Year:

Spend even more time with family – I look back and think to myself, despite all the good times we spent together, they still seem to be too little. So this year, I do want to invest more time around family members, and I’ll be capturing as much of it on camera as I can, you know so when my Alzheimer’s decide to kick in one day, I’ll remember the good times

Make the best out of life – While being caught up with work and endless chores, sometimes one forgets to just sit back and enjoy life. So I think I just should! I’m always complaining about not pampering myself enough so in 2014, I plan on hitting the spa once a month for a day full of pampering, and travel is back on my list of priorities. In 2013 my husband and I went to the Netherlands, and I then left to Canada for a month with my mom. We had initially planned on a trip to Italy in August, but between my travels and his, we decided that taking more time off from work this year wasn’t a good idea, but 2014, needs to be packed with at least two new destinations. I vote for Italy and Greece, but I doubt I’ll get both, if I choose one destination, I think it’s only fair that Oz chooses the second. You know democracy and all!

Start Saving Up! If you know me, then you know that the whole idea of saving up doesn’t really exist in my dictionary, I’m not proud of it, but I honestly have issues doing that. So starting 2014 I decided to open a new bank account with a different bank, 2013 proved to be the sub accounts for savings are simply a joke, if I want something that I like, I simply end up moving money around from account to account – so this time, I’m doing it the right way, different bank account, new method to saving.

Dedicate more time to online spaces! Although I like to pretend that Sleepless in Amman is my one and only love, it’s not. Earlier this year I started Ozlu Recipes ( – an online recipe book based on whatever dishes Oz and I cook and enjoy at home, and Lara Hadi (, a website where all my thoughts on social media marketing go, initially they were published here on Sleepless, but it didn’t sound right, so I moved these topics to another platform. So in 2014, I promise myself to commit to writing one blogpost per blog, so that’s three posts a week in total.

and finally…

Spend more time with friends that matter! As the years go by, I realize that friends are important, especially the ones that care and make a difference in one’s life. The heart breaking fact is some of my dearest friends don’t live in Jordan anymore, Reem and Lamis, well what can I say, its defintley not the same without you, but thank God for Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, and my ability to write endless emails that waste up half of your day reading them (I promise more of those will come your way J). To my lovely ones in town, I hope you have great plans with your families and significant others, I’ll see you next year (nah that’s lame) – see you in a few days!

Lights Out everyone.



Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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  1. Hey cos, love reading your thoughts. Thanks for the mention. So great to have you in the family and even greater to have met you over the summer. You are wonderful, amazing, quirky, smart and easy to get along with and love. Good luck with all your goals and resolutions. Hope 2014 ends up being a great year for both you and Oz. Happy New Year to everyone in Amman. We miss you all.

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