Private Transport in Jordan – Uber or Careem

Private Transport in Jordan – Uber or Careem

Sometimes for any reason what so ever; whether you own a car, or have an emergency, you may need to hail a cab – a practice I am not fond of at all, especially that I’ve been driving my own self places for the past 5 years. I really cannot stand Taxi drivers in Jordan, their cars are usually unclean, they drive recklessly, and most of all they are so moody, so for example if your destination is one packed with traffic or somewhere they don’t wish to go, they literally ask you to step out of the cab – I’m not stereotyping here but I think most of my readers agree that this is in fact a common problem in town.

This where both Uber and Careem would come to the rescue, both mobile applications available on iOS and Android are obviously competitors in the field, but primarily they offer the same service, the ability to summon a driver using your phone at affordable rates without having to burn in the sun/wind/rain or waiting endlessly for a taxi in the street.

So this week, I’ve decided to take both applications out for a test by going from my house to my mom’s house – I’ve utilized Careem on Saturday, and Uber on Tuesday, here is my feedback:


Driver Attitude – 5/5

Well groomed, drives smoothly, and is quite pleasant and un-intrusive.

Driver Knowledge – 4/5

The driver was not knowledgeable about the street names although many are common streets with very popular landmarks – he seemed distracted, because although I had asked him to take a left to get to my final destination, he missed it, resulting in having to go around the block all over again to make it.

Service Punctuality 5/5

Estimated Time of Arrival was 6 minutes – the driver was available and waiting in 5.

Service Quality 4/5

The quality of the service was excellent. I was also happy that I got the notifications of the driver information, number, car information, and hot line as a SMS in additional to the built-in App notification. Received a SMS when the driver arrived, and when the ride was complete with my fare. I was however put off by the fact that the car smelled faintly of cigarettes whether it was a previous customer or the driver itself, the car was spotless clean, but the faint smell of cigarettes put me off.

Additional Comments

What’s great about Careem is that you can pay cash for your trip, you do not require to link your account to a credit card, which you could if you wanted, but you still have the option of paying cash, that’s obviously a good call on their behalf since I’m one of these people who are skeptical about using my credit cards via mobile apps or online.

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Driver Attitude – 5/5

The driver was great, he gave me a call upon his arrival to let me know that he waiting, and was very helpful especially that I had my baby with me in her car seat.

Driver Knowledge – 5/5

The driver was very knowledgeable about the streets in Jordan. We both agreed through some light chit-chat that the GPS for the streets in Jordan still needs lots of work (I mean seriously I can’t even locate the street that I live at on a map, but it located the nearest street to me which is a few blocks behind since it’s a highway)

Service Punctuality 5/5

Estimated Time of Arrival was 4 minutes – the driver was available and waiting within that time frame.

Service Quality 5/5

The quality of the service was excellent. The application notifies of the driver being available and asks you for a rating after the ride is complete but there is no SMS integration, I received email Invoices instead of my UBER Rides.

Additional Comments

Being who I am and not trusting people with my credit card, I ended up using my husband’s card which we both have connected to our UBER Applications. It would have been nice if UBER actually offered an alternative for paying cash at the end of the ride. But also, knowing that I can UBER internationally when I travel and not carry cash is always a plus – no one says no to such convenience.


Google Play:

As a rider, once you use private transportation, odds are, you’ll never go back to using anything else. Why would you? By far, I was more happy with the service provided with UBER, although both services are great, but UBER felt more established, but only time will tell whether I’ll switch or not. While UBER will remain a preference for the time being, my choice of going UBER or CAREEM will always be determined by how urgent I need a ride, and the estimated time of arrival of the nearest driver.

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Note: This blog post was not sponsored by UBER or Careem. I did not receive an initial credit line or free promo codes to use the service. The words, opinions, insights, and ratings is 100% based on an unbiased opinion. 



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  1. Hi Lara, thank you for your very objective review, hopefully our service will be up to standards every time you ride. Keep sharing the feedback as you go!

  2. Abdullah aggad : October 11, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    hey Lara, this boudi from NY IT 1st I was really pleased to find out that ur still blogging , this blog was particularly useful to me, also congratulations on getting married and having a baby and forgive my tardiness as abvoisly we have lost touch over the years – keep up the good work –

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