Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak

May Allah bless you and your family with smiles, laughter, happiness and togetherness. Ramadan Kareem!

كل عام وإنتو بألف خير وإن شاء الله رمضان السنة يكون بداية خير وهنا وراحة بال للكل! رمضان كريم


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  1. Hi Lara and congratulations for your courage you proved recently in defending your Queen, for your ideas, for your thougts, and for trying to be yourself in a world in which it’s very difficult to find the truth behind the others’ “truths”.

    I am a Christian woman from Romania. And I respect you as Muslims, or as Arabs; You have beautiful history, places, customs, nice and very passionate people in what they do; interesting language and very beautiful music. We, Christians, also.

    Still, you know what I don’t understand?!? Why we don’t want to try to create with/among different countries around the world more cultural connections? I believe that the world’s equilibrium will be improved for sure. Don’t you believe Lara, that if we the peoples of this world no matter the colour of the skin, the religion, the language we speak, we can do more for our future, starting with at least a second lenght smile? Don’t you believe that the problems of this world would be less if will try to understand each other hearts, feelings, needs and respect them?
    And becuase the Ramadan has just began, I just want to wish you, and to all Muslim around the world, from my heart “Ramadan Kareem”!

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