Rawan Cake: Pastries, Sweets, & Public Religious Discrimination – Served Fresh

Rawan Cake: Pastries, Sweets, & Public Religious Discrimination - Served Fresh

During a visit to Rawan Cake yesterday I was outraged to find out that the shop in Khelda discriminates againt Christians in Jordan, it actually took me a whole day or so to write about this, as I am always hesitant to write about religion or politics, as I am sure that my opinion might not be appreciated by some.

It all started as I visited Rawan Cake to order a cake for a friends Bachelorette party, I called up one of my girlfriends when I was there because I wasn’t happy with the designs they had on their catalogue, only to find out from her that she has boycotted the place for discriminating against Christians, when I inquired about the reason, she told me that she tried to place an order for a Cross-Shaped cake and they refused to do it saying “We don’t do things like this for non-believers” referring to Christianity as a false religion.

I was outraged, I’m a Muslim, and I’m proud to be one too! I might not wear a head cover or be very religious or dedicated to my religion, but I know this much, Muslims are taught by Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that no compulsion in religion and that you have your full independent will to select your own faith. On the other hand you hold the full responsibility of your choice.  Accordingly, Muslims are required, per their religion, to deal with people of all other faiths with respect and to cooperate with them for the benefit of humanity and nature.

So I went up to the counter again and told him I wanted to order a cake for a Baptism party, he showed me a catalogue with plain-square cakes that just say “Mabrook” (Congratulations in Arabic) so I told him I wanted one that looks like a cross. The man informed me that they didn’t have a mold to make a cross-shaped cake. So I then told him I just wanted something plain and simple with no decorations, he can just use a few rectangular molds to make one, like the ones they do to make an English cake, the guy said it was do-able and that he will call the chef so I could explain what I wanted. I inquired how much it would cost to make one for 100 people, he said around 150 is usually the going range for a cake for 80-100 people. Made sense to me, as the last time I was there, I ordered a three layered cake for 150-180 people and it cost around 200 JD.

Ten minutes later the “chef” comes down and I explain what I want, and he says I can do a plain cross, and I inquired how much it would cost, as I was pleased that they would execute the concept, for a minute there, I believed that maybe they realized that discriminating against Christians is a bad idea, and then I was shocked, he said “Not less than 300 Jordanian Dinars”.

That was ridiculous I thought to myself, how can a cake for 150 people cost 200 JD, and a cake that was for 100 people cost not less than 300 JDs, he was making it very impossible for me to place an order at his shop as a customer, it was sick and repelling. I walked out of the shop that same second and exploded on twitter with my thoughts on this matter. What the hell where they thinking? They have made very clear that their against Christianity and that’s sad. I mean really if they are doing this out of being Muslim their just giving Muslims a bad name.

Yes, it his business, his shop and he chooses not to make cakes that are shaped like a cross but that doesn’t mean he can raise prices to double or triple or call Christians “Kufar” because he chooses not to bake cakes that symbolize Christianity, judging people that was is just wrong, yes, it is his freedom as a shop owner and business manager, however their freedom stops when the freedom of other’s begins.

In addition, Muslims deal with Christians and Jews, as called in Quran, as “people of the book” because Muslims believe in the Torah (jews holy book) and the Bible (Christians holy book) and believe in their prophets and messengers.

Respecting other religion means respecting from the bottom of the heart with full of tolerance. Calling a True believer of God as kafir is an unpardonable sin which as a Muslim Business Owner, Rawan cake is doing.

I chose to boycott Rawan Cake, because I have zero tolerance to any person/business or entity that discriminates against other religions, because that’s not what my religion or Quran has taught me, I am not asking you to Boycott them because this is a matter of personal choice, am just sharing my thoughts of how pathetic this Muslim shop owner is being by discriminating against other decisions, if he chooses not to serve Christians or any other religions he should just put a sign on the door that says, “We do NOT do any Religion-Related Designs” and keep his mouth shut and personal thoughts on this matter to himself so people don’t take it personally or get outraged by his attitude.


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  1. I am surprised to read this ! o.O

  2. Rawan Cake had a photo on facebook, when they first started with a cake with “bokra el 3eed w ben3arre9” written on it in a very nice decorated way!

    I went through their fb page and it seems that photo is gone now! they don’t have a mind y3ar9o bel3eed but doing a cross they can’t.

    Aslan, compared to Crumz, Moka or Che Hilda. Rawan Cake isn’t good.

    • This is really funny!
      I’m the admin of the page and I can tell you we never had that picture!
      when you lie , try to do it in a convenient way, we never accept bad words or bad pictures too, we are discriminators!
      If you like Che Hilda and Crumz more you can go there, do not put words in our mouth!

      • Keep up the good work, your cakes are the best in town, and after this article I think I will only buy yours!

        • Some of u have a lot to learn about Islam ESP the lady that started the controversy. Allah yehdiki how u proudly say u dnt practice Islam then y dignify yourself by calling yourself Muslim at all? I’m with Yazan, this article has made Rawan all the more appealing to me. Well done!

          • You guys are disgusting! I will never deal with Rawan cake and I am a muslim! How can you call your self muslim and discriminate against other religions! SHAME ON YOU! SHAME!!! You are no one to judge! Only god him self judges… so instead of judging people go educate your self on how to behave and treat others with humanity and without discrimination! I am ashamed of you!

  3. Wow I’m surprised! Everyone says Rawan cake is like the best ever in amman but I won’t deal with them anymore if they make a religion issue!

  4. i gotta agree with Moey…Hilda is definitely on top of their cake/cookie/pastry game.

  5. you don’t have the right to talk about this in public, as u said above “it’s their business” it would be better for you to talk about issues more important than this, الفتنة ملعونة و ملعون من ايقضها

    • Hey turk, you’re one of the reasons why the arab world is so close-minded because you think people shouldn’t talk about “these things” in public. Should the owner of rawan cake rape your daughter one day, I’m assuming you don’t want to talk about it in public too right? For the sake of KEEPING IT PRIVATE?!?!?! I bet you’re contemplating your answer now buddy, go ahead, let it soak in your mind for a bit.

  6. @Sleepless – Respect for you and those who share the same beliefs and thoughts. Discrimination should be stopped on every level.

    @Ahmed Turk – “you don’t have the right to talk about this in public, as u said above “it’s their business”” – Sleepless have every right to talk about this in public. It’s a BLOG and it conveys personal thoughts and ideas. Opinions are opinions and you don’t have the right to judge them.

    “it would be better for you to talk about issues more important than this, الفتنة ملعونة و ملعون من ايقضها” – I strongly believe that this is a big issue, and it deserves to be put out there for discussion. The only “Fitna” is the one generated by Rawan cake themselves. I wouldn’t think this would be the case with you or you would be saying the same words if Rawan Cake or any other place discriminated against Islam. It saddens me to know some people might be sharing your thoughts on this matter.

    – Nadeen

  7. Wow, this is ridiculous, I don’t know what to say, really, this is pure hatred & discrimination. No more Rawan Cake for me.

  8. THAT WAS A GOOD TOPIC TO WRITE ABOUT lARA I REALLY LIKED IT AND DISCRIMINATION SHOULD NOT BE FOUND IN any religion as both of them live in a country that unites both. Good one once again

  9. I am sorry to hear that we live in a society that still discriminates people based on their religion, color, or origin. If they are smart business people they shouldn’t be dealing with their customers that way because if you open up a business to serve the customers of your choice, you might as well stay at home. Personally I don’t like Rawan cake because all their cakes and tarts smell like eggs!! Totally agree with Moey, Chez Hilda has the best cake in town. Great article Lara keep up your great posts:)

  10. Mona Alkhalaileh : October 22, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    This comes as no surprise, people who act this way are morons who should go live all alone in the desert!
    I’ve boycotted Rawan cake three years ago when their rudeness in dealing with a misunderstanding regarding the size of my son’s birthday cake blew me away. I think they grew too much too fast & are just rude to anyone thinking “who cares, someone else will come along & keep us in business”. I tell everyone about their complete lack of the basic understanding of customer care, oh & we found egg shell once in one of the cake.

  11. Sad! Very sad.. I saw e-mail circulating about this, and now you’re the second to talk about an experience with them. Too bad people still think this way, reminds me of when I was at uni and a couple of people used to call me “al-saleebi”. Welcome to the 21st century.

  12. Rawan cakes are not cakes… really they taste like cardboard and they are tasteless.

    Full of addidtives and colorings!!

  13. If it tastes like cardboard and you found an egg shell in their cake the issue is solved ten people will not buy from Rawan anymore but guesswhat hundreds will start buying from there from now on.

    all what they said is that they don’t have the mold which is their right , let me ask “sleepless in Amman” two questions.
    1- Did you have the same response when they banned head covers in West Europe especially in France? be honest.
    2- What about missionary Schools in Amman who refuse to make their weekend with the rest of the country? simply they say it’s their policy …. so if we accepted that an educational institute has the right to have their own mind and policy even if that is causing hardship to too many families we should accept and respect that a cake shop enjoys this right !!!!
    I think that the whole story has one viscious motive that we all know … so people ignore this….. it was nothing but a bad try.

    • Rami,

      If anything I do believe that “not having a mold” to make the cake is a diplomatic answer… If anything, if Rawan Cake could’ve used that excuse all along, I wouldn’t have written the blog post to begin with… and believe it or not, I believe that answer is 100% better than delivering the cake designed other than the way the order was placed, which is how the story began.

      However, I am outrageous because I am a regular customer, and before I decided to walk in and order the Cross Shaped cake (which I didnt even need, I just did it because my friends we’re babbling off about what happened to them and I wanted to check for my self before I blogged) I had actually ordered a cake for 100 persons which has cost 150 JD a month before hand for a party. So ordering a cake for 100 persons and have it priced to 300 JD’s minimum just because its cross-shaped felt like discrimination.

      I’m Muslim and I am very proud of it, and I believe that our religion has taught us to respect all God-Sent prophets and religions, and I believe I should act accordingly. Rawan Cake doesn’t want to serve designs that are Non-Mulsim related, thats fine, after all, this is their choice, however discriminating by raising prices three times as much as any other cake or delivering someone thing in a design that isn’t the way the customer has ordered it is rude.

      About your questions

      (1) Back in the day when West Europe banned head covers I was just a little girl in school, yet I believe if I had a blog at the time, I would’ve felt so strongly about it and I could’ve blogged about it and expressed my opinion to the world.

      (2) In regards to Missionary Schools in Amman … I believe they are allowed to refuse to have weekends with the rest of the country. As Muslims, our Mass-prayers are usually On Fridays. Although we are required to pray 5 times a day – everyday, Friday prayers are very important. The same I believe apply to our fellow-Christian friends, usually their prayers are on Sunday’s, so as a Christian School/Missionary they are entitled to chose their own weekends, where they can spend t worshiping the lord or enjoying it for all I care about.

      I am saddened you believe this has a vicious motive … am sorry, I dont blog because I have a hidden agenda, I’m just a girl, who occasionally has thoughts that I like to write down.

      Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  14. Wow, Lara, I missed this post and am Very Glad I found it.

    Thank you for standing up for fellow folks of the Book. There are many such stories (true, not made up) of increasing subtle pressure. A furniture store owned by a Christian near JU was vandalized and the perpetrators made it clear (face-to-face) that it was more about their faith than their business practices. No one is willing to talk about the sabotage of a Christian seminary under construction in Fuheis three years ago, the day before Christmas, when a cement truck just happened to back up and pour 2 tons of cement on the newly poured structure. Five Egyptian workers barely survived.

    People, behind doors, are fearing Jordan will follow Egypt in religious violence, and the whole Middle East will descend into another Armenian holocaust. It will be Muslims like you who make the difference in calming and standing.

    Your response to Rami was priceless. Thank you!

  15. The issue for me is that I find a lot of people and- i hope you are not one of them- jam on islam and muslims and find it fashionable to do so while they take a coward attitude when it commes to authority,tribal system and “nationalism”.

    You say they did not have the right and a lot of people think the other way round, go over it and admitt their right ,some places don’t follow philosophy and some others do ….simple.

    I trained in the USA and Canada and we were forced to take Saturday calls because jews don’t work sat’s and they even don’t answer the phone….nobody said anything about that……they even answer in a rude way when you say Merry christmass for them, their unified answe ” I don’t Celebrate christmass, and you find everybody is quiet about it.
    I hope you will go and work there , you will spend a great deal of your discussions trying to defend our right to think differently.
    That’s why I find it strange how a cake took too much of your attention.

    Again Rawan cake excercised their right so don’t be a part of the attack on them simply because the owners are religious.

    • You are as sad as they come.wallahi!!!!

    • Rami, you are absolutely pathetic and have no idea what you’re talking about. Go get some duck tape and seriously shut that trap in your face, along with your hands on the sides of your chair because you don’t even deserve to be replying to this topic. WHAT ON EARTH DOES ANYTHING YOU MENTIONED HAVE TO DO WITH A DAMN CAKE??????!?!?!?!?! What does political views and a nation’s concern whether in Europe or wherever have to do with ordering a cake?!?! I’m baffled by your response and have nothing to say but INTA WAHAD GHABI

  16. Rami you little prick ….No, they don’t have the right to publicly discriminate against Christians because the constitution of Jordan which is derived from the teachings of the Quran plus the cultural Norm “OF Jordan” Sir, does not support discrimination and never protected loonies or fools for that matter. And by “Cultural Norm” I mean the tribal and ethical law of the land….. You Know; The Same Law That allowed You To Become a “citizen” So Fast You Never Gotten The Chance To Actually Say Thank You!!!!

    I sure as hell hope that whatever training you received in the U.S and Canada is not medical related in any shape or form, since doctors take an oath to help people regardless of their religious backgrounds and race. They must uphold the integrity of that profession at all costs. But maybe integrity after all is not your thing!!!
    So tell me; does that mean you will be denying Christians their right to receive medical care where you might be working?

    Stop hiding behind your finger and read the history of Christians in our part of the world. The people that put together the first Arab dictionary were Arab Christians, and I say Arabs before Christians so never think of us as aliens. Al Jazera the closest thing to freedom of the press in the Arab world right now was established and is still being run by Arab Christians, and these are just two examples of the top my head.
    And Rami Missionary Schools are not the same as a Pastry shop, not even in countries of the free democratic world do both fall under the same description or law.

    If you didn’t have a positive experience in the U.S and Canada and you didn’t know how to handle yourself over there and you got crushed by Jews and their attitude don’t take it out on Arab Christians.
    So get your thoughts together dear, and use spell-check that is also made by Christians… I hope you have nothing against spell-check too, 😉 so we all can understand what the hell you are talking about!!!!!

    • inventing information isn’t good. Here is the staff of Al Jazeera, whose main founder is Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa (a Qatari Muslim)

      Staff :

      The Chairman of Al Jazeera is Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani, a distant cousin of Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani.

      Al Jazeera recently restructured its operations to form a Network that contains all their different channels. Wadah Khanfar, the managing director of the Arabic Channel was appointed as the Director General of the Al Jazeera Network. He also acts as the Managing Director of the Arabic channel. He is supported by Ahmed Sheikh, Editor-in-Chief, and Amen Jaballah.

      The Editor-in-Chief of the Arabic website is Ahmed Sheikh. It has more than 100 editorial staff.

      The Editor-in-Chief of the English-language site is Mohamed Nanabhay. He replaced Beat Witschi, who was caretaking the website after Russell Merryman, the previous Editor-in-Chief, moved to a new development role. He replaced Omar Bec who was caretaking the site after the departure of Managing Editor Alison Balharry. Previous incumbents include Joanne Tucker and Ahmed Sheikh. Bilal Randeree is an online producer on the website and has been very active on their social media tools, including Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

      Prominent on-air personalities include Faisal al-Qassem, host of the talk show The Opposite Direction, Ahmed Mansour, host of the show Unlimited (bi-la hudud) and Sami Haddad.

      Yosri Fouda, producer and presenter of an investigative journalism program Top Secret announced his resignation from Al Jazeera in May 2009.

      • Ahaaa what so ever Nimer, facts are facts, Mr. Haddad in an anniversary for Al-jazeera talked about how Al-jazeera was started and by whom!!!! The two main guys were indeed Arab christains that came from the BBC so you can relax pal. So who should we believe Hmmmm, I myself chose to believe Mr, Haddad over a hater like yourself. 🙂

        The Sheiks and Sheikas you are talking about are heads of the board because they funded the channel. They were smart enough to ONLY fund such an Operation, because they knew better to “Give the bread dough to the baker even if he eats half of it.” It means, in case you are SLOWwww; give the job to a person who knows how to perform it best even if it will cost you much.

        They had the knowledge and the Experience 🙂 very simple don’t you think?

        Do you want to know what is “not good”; Anger that is directed at the wrong group of people, Now that is truly “not good” and very idiotic and when I say idiotic… yes I am talking to you.

        I honestly regrate the time I spent defending Islam everywhere I go here in the U.S If I am hated that much form Arabs just like me because I am christain… Hell.. may be people in the West do really have a point. 🙁

        • *Regret*

          • Tamara, you took the words right out of my mouth. You’re awesome! this is why i can’t go back and live in Amman. I was born and raised there and i love my country but i can’t tolerate shit like this. I bet situations like these happen more often than we know but it just goes unnoticed.

          • I very much like and almost fully agree with you on all that you have said except of one thing; no no no my dear please do not regret defending muslims in the past and I think that you should continue to do so just like I did during my 7 years study in the U.K. because althoug Islam is not our religion yet it is our proud history, we Arab Christians and we are all one big family in Jordan under the blessed and honored amberella if his Majesty the king. Now the fact that you have a bunch (and I trust they’re only minority)of backward trash like the ones you are addressing, please do not take them as a standard and guidance to your noble objective which is shared and practiced by every honorable Arab Christian (as we all know!). It should be, instead, a way of life, for we are people of principles, unlike those you are waisting your time with, ignorant, hypoctrate and ugly whichever anlge you view them; believe me they hate themselves; they were hatred breast-fed and hatred-adicted. Such individuals are totally & utterly useless to their society, their families and communities beacuse they can produce nothing but hatred, nonesence and loads of backward and appauling views that reflect only their deep-inside ugliness & backward environments since childhood. So continue the good work and do not lose hope because of a bunch of losers my dear. May God be with you dear writer.

  17. Since you said you are Muslim, you should know better that drawing a cross goes against the Islamic belief or at least the Islamic belief that I follow, because I don’t believe that Issa ( Peace be upon him) was crucified. So this is something that goes against the belief of the owners of the place ( I assume) . Now discrimination is something different, it would have been discrimination if they said we don’t sell non Muslims or if you told them I want the cake for Baptism and they said no from the start, they didn’t do that. Yet, you are free to boycott them. The only conclusion that I can take from your story is that RawanCake is overpriced.

    • The one, you’re jumping too deep into the actual principle of what happened. She never asked the guy if he believed in the crucifixion you fucking idiot, she simply asked for a cake and wanted it made. Wow, people like you should actually be banned from opening your mouth on these blogs because you sound so dumb trying to prove your point. Go fuck yourself and get a life, its just a cake and she was turned down, very simple idiot!

  18. islam does not believe in the old and new testament of today. Simply because they have been written and changed by historians and religious people and politicians ect.. Those ”new” books are man written, and we muslims believe in god’s Quraan and Prophet Muhammad’s (sallah Allah 3alayhi wa salam) sayings.
    We believe in the REAL old and new testaments, the ones that suddenly and bizarrely disappeared a long time ago.
    So please do not say nonsense about Islamic views and beliefs because you would be misguiding some people.
    Second thing i agree that the cross goes against religious Islamic views simply because we do not believe that Prophet Isa (3alayhi al salam) was crucified. Moreover, this cross was used as the symbol of crusaders in religious wars against Islam.
    The wrong thing Rawan cake did was to inform you in a bad way. Although i know Rawan’s owners since i was a kid and i know that they are gentlemen, they acted in a bad way with you and they should have directly told you that it does not suit them to draw religious symbols on a cake.
    You contradicted yourself in your article, because you say that you do not practice your religion a lot, nor do you wear a hijab, yet in the end you say ”that’s what the Quran taught me”. You do not know much about that sacred book, yet you invent teachings about it.
    A good muslim like you should know better.
    I do agree that the chef’s behavior was unacceptable, yet i don’t agree with the religious matters you spoke about.

  19. Hi Lara.
    First of all it is your freedom to blog about whatever you want. I have to make one point clear :” believe that answer is 100% better than delivering the cake designed other than the way the order was placed, which is how the story began.” this is not right dear, we didn’t accept the order the first thing, it is against our shop policy, For over 10 years, we have been serving Jordan with the same policy and we’ve never had any problem of the type with our Christian customers.
    In case they do not like the shapes and designs we have it is their freedom to go somewhere else and we respect it. and sure it is our freedom to practice Islam. In our religion it is actually Haram to make the cross shape. It has nothing to do with discrimination, it has to do with our Freedom of Worship and it should be respected.
    in love and peace

    • Rawan, its also people’s freedom to boycott your shop and not buy from you simply because you mix everyday business with religion. You’re stupid and so are the people that work for you for that matter, wow what a bunch of idiots

    • Well like they say; “3othor akba7 men thanb”…. this is not an answer, if you had to say something you should have thought of a smarter thing to say.

      Don’t insult our minds with weak answers like this one.

    • Rawan,
      Make sure you bring a taste cake to hell when you go there, cause the ones you are making right now are not!!!!

    • Good Morning Everyone,

      I respect all of your opinions, there is no right or wrong in what one may perceive, however Rawan: you are free to choose NOT to serve Cross-Shaped cakes, I am Muslim, and I believe in God and I believe that the almighty has required that we all respect all prophets and Godsent religions, however I am writing this blogpost on a first hand-experience. I did not write it because someone told me, I wrote it because I went there asking for one, and non-of your employees in the Khelda branch bothered to say “Sorry we don’t serve cakes shaped like a cross, they just went round and round in circle, wasn’t too nice.” Regardless you do have good cakes nevertheless, I am not complaining about your quality, I am talking about the approach of client servicing.

    • thank u rawan 🙂 one brave muslim
      اخيرا حدا تصرف صح و فضحوه معلش الله يكرمك و يرضى عنك اللي بده يقاطع حقه و اللي بده يشتري منكم حقه
      بس فعلا احترمتكم جدا على صراحتكم و موقفكم الثابت و الصحيح بدل الناس اللي مالها اي معتقد ثابت ولا مواقف ثابتة و بتحب تجامل على حساب الدين…الله يوفقكم و يعوضكم خير يا رب

    • و للي بيتكلموا بدون اي علم بالاسلام و باسم الاسلام يا ريت نعرف حدودنا بالكلام….بدكم حكم شرعي بالمسألة اسألوا و اقرأوا و افهموا شو بتحكوا بدكم تحكوا من راسكم لا تقولوا الاسلام بقول….اللي بده يجامل على حساب دينه يجامل حر هو ماحدا حيمسكه لكن ما الكم تجبروا الناس يعملوا الغلط عشان مشاعر فلان او علان ما تطلبوا من حد يوافق على باطل او يساهم فيه زي ما بدكم الناس تحترمكم احترموا معتقدات الاخرين…المحل مش مجبور يقدم لحدا اي شيء هو بيقدم نوع معين من الخدمة لو اعتذر عن تقديم شيء ما عمل جريمة ولا قلبتوها تفريق على اساس ديني….لو اي واحد من اي دين طلب كيكة فقط ما حيمنعوه لكن تجبروا المحل يحط صليب عشان يرضى الزبون و الصليب منافي لمعتقد الموظفين و سياسة المحل هادا اسمه تعدي على حقوق الاخرين بلاها نزعة اتهام الاخرين و انتو نفسكم بتعملوا نفس الاتهام اللي رميتوه عالعالم….
      مرة تانية انا بحيي المحل على موقفه الثابت على الحق…
      بكتب بالعربي لأنه اعتقد انكم بالاردن بتعرفوا تحكوا عربي :)مافي داعي يعني الوئ لساني الحمدلله

    • Mashallah Rawan. May Allah reward you. It’s hard to find Muslims adhering to Quran and sunnah. I agree with Yazan. I won’t buy any cakes except urs.

  20. […] when well-known Rawan Cake refused to make a cake shaped like a cross for a Christian celebration. Sleepless in Amman blogger Lara covered it, and her later conversation with Rawan in which they would charge her 300JD for a cross-shaped […]

  21. you are making a bigger issue than palestine issue in apeas of cake.???
    may god be with us ,
    another thing , we all making descrimination to our self i mean (كلنا بنعرف نحكي عربي …………….)
    لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله………………..

  22. I have a million remarks but i’ll mention a few.

    1. Muslims do believe in Ahl – el – Kitab but not in the religious books that christians and jews follow nowaddays. So your point about muslims believing in tawrath and the bible in invalid, i’m afraid.

    2. I do think it’s weird that the chef wanted to charge you more knowing it’s a cross-shaped cake. I would have respected him more if he just said: ‘we don’t make cross-shaped cakes’

    3. If i were a jewelry designer i would not design crosses, ohm sign for hindus or a davids star. Discrimination is NOT a term that applies here. I dont understand y ppl are attacking those who really find it wrong including the rawan representative, to make a cross-shaped cake. Muslims don’t believe Jesus was crucified , it is a major belief in islam. So respect is one thing, and holding on to ur beliefs is another.

    4. Im a lil surprised at the tone of some of the girls who commented here, calling others ‘pricks’ and whatnot.

    • Thank you Rasha, you speak my mind in several of your points! And I am really glad to see there are ladies of our society, like your good self, who are alarmed of the language of other girls. Call me old fashioned, but I guess a lady is known by her vocabulary.

      Thanks again Rasha.

  23. I don’t know how to say it, but if they do not want to do a CROSS it is their option. Who said that it is wrong to refuse business in a free market.

    I thought they put a cockroach in your cake, I wasted good 5 minutes to discover you are trying to show off.

    God and all his prophets bless you.

  24. Haig Tchorbadjian : July 1, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    Well.. I’m not going to discuss about religion issues and beliefs.. but dear Rawan Cake.. hope u get my point.. but it seems u wanted to deal in a different way after you didn’t accept the order as first thing.. (as u mentioned), and you probably wanted to use “giving high price” policy for the cake u make.. so the customer will refuse to pay that money..and leave ur shop if thats what happened when your chef came out and said.. okey.. i can make it.. and it will cost 300 JD.
    If thats what happened.. i think that’s not nice and polite at all..

  25. oiii relax, the whole middle east refer to Jews as kufaar and think that they should be killed for their believes.

  26. Hey Lara !! great article and i totally respect your opinion on this matter , its very refreshing to see people who are well educated and informed discussing these issues in a very neutral way , keep up the god work ..
    and to all the people above who wrote negative comments about lara’s article all i have to say is that i feel sorry for you for having such narrow minds ..blinded by your own interpretation of religion , this matter is bigger than this and as long as people like you exist ” takhallof ” will always be linked to the Arab world ..just live and let live you hypocrites !!! and keep up teh good work lara ..

  27. For me,Rawan cake serves the best cakes in town and they have the most helpful and polite staff I have ever dealt with, unlike the arrogant manner with which you are greeted, at some of the places mentioned in the replies. It is their right to exercise whatever they see as their religious belief. Yes, in Islam it is forbidden to draw or symbolize crosses, if you are not comfortable with that, you can go to a christian owned shop who will serve your request. After reading your article, I think I will only buy from Rawan and salute them for exercising their belief. I wonder why the author did not snap out when a christian owned coffee shop on the Thrid Circle made it verbally clear it was against their policy to welcome women wearing a head cover (Hijab), or is that freedom of mind and practice whereas not serving a cake with a cross is not? Again before bursting into mentioning this as discrimination,look around!

    • Yazan !

      I wonder how would you do if you were in their place and let’s say in a christian country or christian place that wont respect your beliefes !!!

      What goes around come around Mr.Yazan moroever Islam teaches a person to respect others regardless of their religion !! did not islam teach that or it only taught you to legalizes things for your and illegalize them for others .

      • I really like your thoughts. How kind to think of how others would feel….I agree with you….maybe he does not care…but then if he were treated this way as a moslem, zahlan kitir. 🙂

  28. Seems you as an author are selective in what comments you choose to post,those which don’t rhyme with your agenda don’t get posted, and then you preach us about freedom and rights. Figures!

    • Although I don’t agree with your thoughts, I apologize for my last comment regarding not publishing posts.I just saw my previous posts.

  29. This issue is so damn retarded. I used to buy from Rawan but no more baby and as Rawan must know “if she knows much about business” it takes a decade to make a reputation and it needs only one day to ruin it and if Rawan thinks this will be good for her business then she should think twice because christians will stop buying from her shop which leaves the higher educated and civilized Moslims (who can afford the prices) who in turn mostly reject such behaviour and will avoid her that leaves the working class (how should I frase this without being misunderstood) who are less educated and more on the side of Rawan but will unfortunately not be able to pay the prices. So Rawan just take care and dont mess with us we are the reason why you exist.

  30. Shadi Daies : July 3, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    I do not understand why Christians revere the cross, they who think and believe that Jesus Christ tortured on the Cross .. I mean, if he was tortured and killed with a knife, for example, are they going to revere the knife

  31. Soon such a place wont last at all
    Rest assured and see how such place will start losing
    credibility as they have reached the irrogancy

    taking into considersation when it was a small shop it did not care to who he sell : Christians or muslims or even isreali ( as i have witnessed him sell an isrealei group in 2007 )

    What goes up quick goes down quick

  32. Thank you for this article , I have just passed this
    article to my Supervisor as we have planned for a our
    15th Anniversary for the launch of our company .

    Because of such treatment recievd from Rawan cake , we went to check if it is true and with all do our respect the treatment recieved from the staff there need LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM in addition to manners !

    so it is not that they are discriminative about religion but they lack manners and professionalizm in dealing with people

    based on this , we have decided to switch the purchase of the cakes, bakery and muffins to CRUMZ !

    GOOD LUCK RAWAN CAKE !! you have just lost a bussiness from us work JD 1200.00 ( for 300 Ppl )

    Keep on the Good work with your manners …

  33. I would like to mention my opinion.

    The store has the right to refuse to draw a cross if it believes that it is against Islamic principles. Though this should be done in a non offensive manner, such as “We do not cater religious symbols”, or a similar non offensive manner.

    Then where does things go wrong?

    1) The article mentions that workers in the shop said “we do not cater symbols for Kuffar”. This is unacceptable. Even if the speaker believes that the person of another faith is a “kaffir”, it is unacceptable to spell it out.

    2) Overpricing in order to averse customers.

    This is my opinion. I pray that Muslim-Christian relations remain friendly in Jordan.

  34. never mind the cakes or the service or anything.. u should see the way they treat people who come into the same building they own a shop in in Sweifiyeh..

    I was trying to park the car in front of the building & the valet guy was chasing me everywhere to remove my car.. then when i told him that he’s rude & they don’t own the street & i have the right to park there, i’m entering that building the owner followed me to my car & said that i was “Wiq7a”

    so Rawan cake .. learn to respect other people, at least people walking in the street that don’t want anything to do with u & stop attacking everyone!

  35. Very sad, as Christians, we are not allowed to hate Muslims, how sad Rawan hates Christians,….overcharging, making problems, they should be ashamed of themselves…funny they won’t make a cake of a cross while the quran mentions the cross….

    This is an example of a decent, modern, lady like yourself who is practicing a Christianized, westernized, islam, while others follow the sira and Qur’an, not the abrogated meccan verses, but the medinan verses….so their IS compulsion, and hatred, in Islam, and Rawan follows this.

    Chocran for your kind practice of a kindler gentler Islam.

  36. This is Rasha is not correct in her view. I do not mean to criticize, it is just that Rasha’s answer is incomplete, or not very nuanced.
    Muslim’s, nor anyone, don’t believe in people, please, no one believe in ahl al kitab, believe in God, there is one God, worship Him alone is what Christians believe.

    More importantly, and istaghferallah!!!!! for what Rasha says, May Rasha be forgiven for saying that Allah corrupts His word, or that man is akhbar, greater than Him, to change or corrupt His word!!!! Does the Qur’an ever say that His revelation or books are changed, corrupted, ??? Is the Qur’an??? Maybe I do not understand what Muslims believe, but Jesus promised that kallimat Allah does not change nor be corrupted.

    Men may lie, and deceive, as the Qur’an says people spoke changed and corrupted things….but….PLEASE SHOW ME A SINGLE SURA THAT SAYS MAN IS GREATER THAN ALLAH AND CORRUPTS HIS REVELATION! ISTAGHFURALLAH!

    And, I do not mean to criticize Rasha, because many disagree and there are many views, and many argue, so Rasha is merely sharing what some teach….but the Qur’an says it appeared that Isa died on the cross. What is in question is whether he died. Christians believe he did, but Allah Akhbar over death, sin, man, Shaytan, He rose from the dead after conquering death and sin.

    Maybe Rasha is afraid to seek for truth against what men have taught him/her…but seek a true guidance from Allah, obey the Qur’an and read the tawrat and injil…..Isaiah 53 and the companions and eyewitnesses of Jesus death, Matthew, John, ….in the Kallimat Allah…injil.

    May Allah be first in your hearts and your thoughts and our comfort and pride second. May you all be blessed.

  37. After i heard about this incident, i decided to do the following: I went to Chezhilda, where the owner is known to be Christian, and asked for a cake with “Mohammed 3alyeh elsalah welsalam” written for the Mawled day

    guess what, they refused to do it!
    indirectly refused, but REFUSED

    go try it yourself,

  38. you are so stupid! they didnt refuse to sell any cake to any customer regardless of their religion!!
    they have the right to not make it on certain shapes
    for example, suppose I have no problem with dirty words and i asked them to write “Fu*ck”, or to draw a “pen*is” it’s my freedom to accept such cake’s drawing but still their right to refuse
    in any case, they can’t ban you form buying from them, that what discrimination is

  39. why don’t u ask a mufty first then u can talk, am talking to everyone the writer the shop and fellow participants in this discussion.

  40. من حق اي شخص ان يتصرف بالطريقة التي يراها هو مناسبة وليس من حقك ان تفرض عليه بان يتصرف بالطريقة التي تراها انت وليس لك الحق ان تلومه على مخالفته لك لانه في النهايه ليس ملك لك ولا عبد لك.
    خياراتك كثيرة وخياراته اكثر

  41. Well the were shut down today for using products unfit for human consumption. Whos the kafir now 😉

  42. I found this blog today after an article came out saying Rawan cake is temporarily closed due to using expired ingredients (http://www.gerasanews.com/index.php?page=article&id=153024). Maybe it’s a rumor but I’m glad it got me to read this blog by Lara.

    I agree with the writer who is only expressing her thoughts (it’s a blog after all). It’s my personal choice where to get my cake and I’m boycotting Rawan cake. No room for intolerance in my heart and in Jordan.

  43. Rawan cake is nasty anyways. I wouldn’t eat there even if they liked Christians lol.

  44. Hey,

    I used to work in Rawan Cake in the time between 2003-2005 during my studies. Basically, they are quite conservative that they refuse -for example- to put alcohol in the xmas cookies like Friends cake for example. However, I never seen any sign of discrimination against Christians or whatsoever. Rawan Cake has won a lot of Christian Jordanians through serving baptism parties, weddings, xmas cake decorations…etc. We even once went to a baptism party during the iftar hour in Ramadan, because the owner did not want any delays with his costumers.

    As for different pricing schemes, I guess it is his right to sell at any price he want, since: – The decorations make a difference – The occasions make a difference (he wants to use your need for a cake in an occasion for his profit)
    The same cake in mothers day is more expensive not because he discriminates against mothers, but he want to make his profit too. Honestly, I find all his prices are and has been exaggerated in all means such as chocolate balls -for example- which used to be sold for 0.40 JOD, do you know that chocolate balls are made of cake leftovers??

    Unfortunately, people do not realise that nor act against it, until he thinks he can rob all your money without any reaction of you. In awkward situations you’d think he is discriminating, but he wants more money in the cash by the end of the day.
    Im against discrimination in all its kinds, but sorry in my eyes this is not discrimination as a principle more than more income.

  45. انا مرة دخلت ع محل الذهب (الشامي ) وسالت هم عندكم صليب ،، جاوبتني باشمئزاز (ما عنا هيك أشياء ،، ) !ومن يومها ما بدخل عندهم ابدا وكل ما حد يجيب سيرة محل ذهب بحكي عنهم ،، ما بيجيبوا همة حرين ، بس طريقة الجواب والاشمئزاز والتقدير ا ، ابدا مش حضارية ،، وتسقط العنصرية

  46. in Jordan there’s no such thing as a christian and a Muslim we are all JORDANIANS. rawan shop’s decision not to bake cakes with a cross on it is simply pathetic and restarted. so to me no more rawan cake they don’t deserve a penny .

  47. Mohammad Bilbaisi : July 25, 2014 at 5:20 pm

    Maybe he just increased the price since it’s a “custom” design?? Maybe he saw you desperate enough and wanted to make an extra buck? I don’t see how you concluded he’s against Christianity by increasing the price… you should have bargained at least or gotten a clear response before attacking them on discrimination… at least that’s my opinion

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