Reading with a 1 year old

Reading with a 1 year old

Growing up I was a little book monster, I loved my books! I loved the touch and feel of the pages, the smell (yes, seriously), and everything about reading cover to cover, I would even reread favorites on a rainy day or whenever the need for a good book struck, so now with a little one of my own, I would love nothing more than to encourage her to read the way my mom did!

What I loved about my mother was this mantra she holds to date “Spare no expense on books and education”; and I will be forever grateful and in debt to her way of thinking because my ability to read, write, and process information comes from years and years of reading and exploring with different genres, whoever said reading for pleasure wasn’t a thing has never really indulged before.

I have been reading to my Hana since she was 6 weeks old, around 40 days or so. I was just sit her in my lap and read, she always had books and whenever I am at the mall I always make a point to stop by a place that sells books and I look at what they have available. I grew up in a family that has overwhelmed me with books, so it’s only natural for me to share my love of reading with my own daughter, in a world of iPads and smart phones, even I have given up my piles of books on bookshelves and replace it with frequently bought books in an iPad, but I really believe it’s not the same without an actual book.

I’m not trying to paint a picture perfect family portrait here, trust me, Hana seems to enjoy tearing the pages of her Peel-A-Book Books but even then, she always finds a way to run back to her books and grab them and just flip the pages. I hope that this little 15 month old would turn her love for books as a baby to what would end up being a better learner and an early speaker.

Up till Hana turned one, her love for books was simply hearing me read; now her appreciation seems to go beyond the occasional page tearing. I like to read and point out the pictures in the book. I personally love some series that I would love to share with you mainly because they encourage interaction with your child.

The Ladybird publishing series have these great Touch and Feel Books. The books encourage interaction on each page as they have textures and fabrics resembling the different story lines, which the children get to explore and experiment with. I got mine starting at 6.99 from Readers at Cozmo Centre and Readers at Taj Life Style.


I also love the Pop-Up PeekAboo series by DK! Some are available at both Readers branches for 9 JDs and others are available at Virgin Mega Stores in City Mall for 10 JDs. The series are great, you get to read with your little one and lift the various flaps to reveal different objects, in my case, colors, farm animals, and toys. I find it great for reading out loud with tons of excitement, and possibly developing an imagination and memory skills.


At the young age of 15 months, I am actually quite surprised to learn that Hana has a few favorites, and once she grabs one, I’m always prepared to read a story over and over, although sometimes it feels that she just wants the WHEELS ON THE BUS on repeat so she can dance and twirl, a book somehow finds itself to my hands during the day.

While I have always envisioned a book to be a bedtime ritual after Pajamas are on, it simply isn’t so! Books are so exciting in our household, that we turn everyone into a theatrical fiesta! It’s a perfect play time, and between both of us, I enjoy it as much as she does.

I’ve taken books with us on road trips, on a plane, and I always remind myself, that my favorite part of learning growing up was books and not academics!

Does your one year old have any favorite books? I’ve listed all of Hana’s favorites in this blog! Tell me yours, and I’ll add them to our wish list of expanding our humble home library!

Shelves from IKEA JO, I bought the SKURAR Picture Ledges to show case the little library... You can use them in various places of your child’s room for their favorite items, and especially books

Shelves from IKEA JO, I bought the SKURAR Picture Ledges to show case the little library… You can use them in various places of your child’s room for their favorite items, and especially books






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