Remembering His Late Majesty King Hussein of Jordan

Remembering His Late Majesty King Hussein of Jordan

It’s been thirteen years since the passing of his late Majesty King Hussein of Jordan, and during these 13 years, there isn’t a day that goes buy where a Jordanian does not remember a great King, a father, a leader, and an inspirational world icon of peace. Today is a day where everyone remembers the late King. Today, the 14th of November would have marked the 77th birthday of his late majesty, and yet once cannot help but remember and pray.

The photo above dates back to August 11th, 1952, His Majesty King Hussein, accompanied by Jordanian Prime Minister Tawfiq Abul Huda, in the procession for the Accession to the Throne ceremony.

This beautiful smile can warm up the coldest and rainiest Jordanian winter day.

 His Majesty delivering a speech from a car megaphone to crowds in Mafraq, Jordan, July, 1974.

Remember this beautiful photo of his Majesty? This timeless picture dates back to 1978 and was taken by Zohrab at the time.

The black and white photo above may not ring a bell to many people, but it shows how compassionate His late Majesty was. He remembered people, you didn’t have to be royalty to be remembered, loved, or check upon. You just had to have a distant memory with his Majesty and he would sure remember you. The photo was when King Hussein returns to visit his old school, Victoria College. He was happy to see that the school doorman was in good health and still working at his old job. This was taken in Alexandria, Egypt, September, 1988.

 Look at the beauty in the photo of the above. King Hussein listens to a Bedouin woman with a smile, open arms, and welcoming gestures. Show me a world leader who is willing to take so much time out of their precious life to listen to those who are truly in need.

Photo by Zohrab.

A beautiful and touching photo. King Hussein places a tender kiss atop a young orphan’s forehead. He was a great father to all of us.

I am not sure of the date of this photo, I just love the angle of the shot, the Jordanian flags fluttering in the near background, the military uniforms, and most of all, His Majesty in official uniform while he reviews a guard of honor before addressing Parliament

Photo By Allan

A great leader can do wonders. The photo above also by Allan, was taken back in 1997, when King Hussein was visiting Salt during a pre-election tour of the country to encourage Jordanians to vote.

His Late Majesty King Hussein of Jordan with His Majesty (At the time of the photo price) Abduallah of Jordan

Take the time to remember King Hussein every day, below is a video that breaks my heart, yet is worth sharing. The funeral of his Late Majesty on the 7th of Feb 1999.  A day where the skies broke down into tears of rain mourning his Majesty, a day where most Jordanians where either out on the streets waving their goodbyes, or glued behind their TV screens crying their eyes out. 
Allah Yerhamak! You are missed every single day. 



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  1. I had tears in my eyes reading your post. Thank you for the Victoria Collage story and picture, I didn’t know of it before. I love King Hussein with all my heart and I pray to be with him in heaven…

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