Review: Casereccio Iftar in Ramadan

Review: Casereccio Iftar in Ramadan

Went to Casereccio for Iftar yesterday and although the place only had four occupied tables the service was too slow. Knowing that Ramadan orders take time to process, my friend and I showed up at 7:20 (20 minutes before the call for Maghreb prayers) to choose what we wanted to eat from the preset menu.

The menu for the first 10 days of Ramadan includes Lentil Soup or Corn Soup, where I chose Corn and I recommend for anyone who stops by Casereccio this Ramadan. The soups description “A chunky cream of corn soup” is an understatement, the creaminess of the soup is so divine, that I was willing to opt out of getting any other orders and asking for a fresh bowl.
My friend Reem didn’t order soup and decided to start with her Caesar Salad, however her salad didn’t arrive until mine did, so the poor girl had to wait until I was done with my soup to get her salad, and when she beckoned the waiter that she was still awaiting her first course of the meal, he rushed and got her a bowl of corn soup, not a very smart move with someone who is fasting and didn’t order it in the first place.
As usual at Casereccio I went for my all time favorite Fettuccine Fungi where as Reem settled for the Pollo Al Erba, both of which came in massive quantities that we were only able to consume about a quart of the dish each or maybe less. The Pollo Al Erba was delicious, and perfectly marinated with rosemary and oregano, layered with fresh mushrooms on top. The order showed up late as well, I am assuming because Reem has chosen the baked potato? But then again, that is just me, my advice usually to people is never order baked potato anywhere in Ramadan, it’s time consuming and if your fasting its usually not worth the wait. The Fettuccine Fungi as I mentioned earlier is an all time favorite, I cannot get over how creamy, cheesy, hot and sensational that dish is, Casereccio always manage to cook it to perfection.
Last but not least, I just want to leave a comment in case anyone from Casereccio’s management stops by, please cover the dates that you serve. We walked in to the restaurant and the dates were already served on a plate uncovered, and in comparison to dates that you have at home (which are usually uncovered until people are ready to eat) your dates were hard and didn’t taste as good as one that are well preserved.
Finally, if you remember the first thing I said in my review, I mentioned that it was slow. I believe it was because orders did not arrive in a timely manner. We had people walk in during adan al Maghreb and some 2 or 3 minutes late who got their food before we did. I just don’t see why people are advised to show up early and place their orders if people who show up 15 minutes later get served first, doesn’t exactly make much sense now does it?


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