Review: Kitchenette – Chinese & Thai

Review: Kitchenette - Chinese & Thai

While checking out Kitchenette’s Twitter Stream earlier this morning, I settled on one of my all-time-favorite Kitchenette’s very own “Curry Chicken w/ Coconut Milk” – A Thai dish described on their website as “shredded crispy chicken with green, red and yellow peppers spiced with curry powder and covered in coconut milk.” I registered my order via TWEET (which believe it or not I find hilarious, asking Kitchenette to deliver food to my office at 1:30 with a tweet but who’s counting), only to be surprised by a tweet back from Kitchenette’s Twitter Handle saying: “how about we send you a sample of 1 of the new dishes to give us your opinion :)”

Well I can never pass up an offer to trying out new food, and I just waited patiently for my order to arrive. I loved the fact that I got my order at 1:00 instead of 1:30, mainly because I was nearly passing out of hunger. In my delivery bag there was the new meal Kitchenette wanted me to try out “Crispy Shredded Beef” – Sadly I don’t eat Beef so I had to pass it up to a co-worker who promised a proper review of her thoughts.


The Crispy Shredded Beef was too sweet according to my co-worker but would probably be the taste of someone else. It was served with rice which was good. I took a bit just for the sake of it, it kind of tasted like sweet and sour chicken but with beef instead, a traditional Chinese dish. I’ve had my share of sweet and sour chicken experiences, and I have to agree with my co-worker, it was a tad bit too sweet, however, the beef was cooked to perfection (Awesome for me, since all I had to do is take a bite), the web description of “Sweet and Spicy” Sauce was deceiving, she actually added tobacco sauce to it, so maybe a little bit more spice and little bit less sweetness kitchenette? Other than that it was a Kitchenette Special that one must consider.


My Chicken Curry is another story, served with white rice, with creamy coconut and chicken that was shredded and cooked to perfection, whether you like Thai food or not, this is one Kitchenette special you must try whenever the occasion rises. The combination between the curry and the coconut milk brings you a new experience which is away from the traditional spicy curry and a new age of mild spices that you enjoy in a creamy sauce. Truly Phenomenal!



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