RIP Osama Dababneh: May your soul rest in Heaven

RIP Osama Dababneh: May your soul rest in Heaven

Its 9:15 a.m – I am at work and from the looks of the day ahead of me, nothing will be accomplished seeing as the only thought running in the back of my head is revolved around Osama Dababneh. It all started last night with a BBM and a phone call from a student at NYIT and a co-worker there; when they broke the news my initial reaction was to say Allah Yer7amo, inquire how it happened and hang up.


I still don’t know the exact details of the accident, but the bottom line is; Osama was walking his dog when a speeding moron ran him over and took off, my 8:00 p.m last night he didn’t make it and the messages of this horrible accident spread around everyone at NYIT, and the news of his passing was made public.

My Facebook home feed was slowly being packed with pictures of Osama, farewell messages and heart breaking memories of everyone who is missing him. For a split second, I turned to his Facebook page and looked at his profile picture and said that I always wanted to remember this man, then I noticed his last status update, it said: “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

I turned off my laptop and attempted to get some sleep, but it was just one of those long nights when you wake up in the morning and try to figure out whether you slept or not. I woke up with a feeling of emptiness and couldn’t get Osama’s picture out of my mind. I even turned into NYIT’s YouTube Channel to listen to his voice, and remembered its Mothers Day! How can his mom deal with his death today? What kind of memory is this going to be, burying her son on Mother’s Day? I get the chills and Goosebumps just thinking about it.

By 8:30 a.m I couldn’t take it anymore and called up a few friends, they were all still as shocked as I was, I even spoke to one of my good friends Anas Zu3bi, his sadness has turned into pure anger, he was in so much fury especially that the guy that hit Osama is still on the loose, and I must say I believe that Anas is right, that guy deserves capital punishment, he deserves death for taking a soul of a young man that way and running away, although deep inside, I know justice will not be served, it never does with our judicial system.

All I can do right now is pray, if anything I wish I was on campus with my friends, students and co-workers, because I know it’s going to be a gray day at NYIT. But for what it’s worth, I know one thing and one thing only, Osama was right, he was hard to find, it is difficult to leave him behind and no one will ever forget him.

Allah Yer7amak ya rab!


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  1. Hold tight to memories for comfort!
    Allahi Ra7mou!

  2. Khalid A. Dawoud : March 21, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    He was like a big brother to me. I’ll never forget him.
    Allah yir7amak ya Osama.

    • He was a good man with so much to offer… Allah yer7amo he will never be forgotten 🙁
      Be Strong Khaled, I am sure he knows how much you loved him <3

  3. wow i didnt know Osama but thats sad!!!
    walking his dog and getting killed !!!!

    i hope they catch who did this and torture him for being a stupid bastard.
    ppl think cars are fkn toys in this country :@

  4. alla yer7amak ya osama. may ur soul rest in peace my brother

  5. First of all I would like to correct some of your info, the bastard who ran Osama over belongs to the “Ajarmeh” tribe and he didn’t flee the scene of the accident he just stayed there and played himself a fool as if he lost control over his car and ran him over. Actually, the bastard had a dispute with Osama and ran him over as a payback; he even called an ambulance before he ran him. I personally think that he didn’t plan to kill Osama, just to make him paralyzed or cause him serious damage, so that’s why he called the ambulance. Well guess what you bastard.. YOU TOOK A SOUL ! You deserve to get shot in the fucking head for what you did.
    RIP Osama Dababneh, you will never be forgotten.

    • You are right JR 🙂 I am glad you corrected me, when I wrote this blogpost yesterday morning I wasnt aware of the updates and didnt hear until yesterday afternoon. I just wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate to mention it or not. This is cold-blooded murder if you ask me. 🙁

      I was at NYIT Yesterday with my friends and fellow students, mostly students are in black, so many with swollen red eyes from crying and silence doomed the campus. Osama will never be forgotten he will always be loved and each and everyone of us is waiting for justice to serve, he did not deserve to go that way. Allah Yer7amo ya rab!

  6. I Didn’t Known Him Face To Face Or Ever Meet Him, But I Was Setting With My Friend And Saw Him Sad And Him Told Me That ” Osama ” His Friend Died !

    Seems This Guy Had A Big Heart, R.I.P.
    Am Sure He’s Now With Angels Coz Only Good People Die This Days… Thank You Lara For This Post. <3

  7. الله يرحمه

  8. Majd Al Ordon : March 22, 2011 at 9:53 am

    Allah yer7amo. May God rest his soul in peace

  9. I will miss U and never find like u of forget U ….. Ur soal stiLl here and ur voice in my mind :'( I Love U

  10. First of all, may his soul rest in peace, allah yer7amo oo ysaber ahlo.

    I am Just wondering if the driver killed him or it was an accident, because i heard that it was nothing more than a car accident, but i heard a couple of rumors that the driver killed him because of some sort of dispute, please explain whats the real story.


    • Hi Friend,

      Many are saying it wasn’t a car accident because he was run over inside the garage of his house. I really am not authorized to say anything about this because nothing is confirmed yet by local authorities but I trust my fellow friends at university and they are furious because they know it’s not an accident, it’s cold-blooded murder 🙁

      Allah Yer7amo there is nothing more I can say. Please keep Osama in your prayers, he was buried earlier this afternoon and we will all miss him beyond words can describe.

  11. Waseem Al-Qousini : March 22, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    He was my classmate in school, my your soul RIP, allah yer7amak =(

  12. honest opinion : March 22, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    may god rest his soul , allah yer7amo
    i believe that our jordan system need to be changed from tribal courtial system to justice courtial system which means that this person who killed Osama should be
    1) jailed without any bail regardless of who tries
    to get in between to get him on bail
    2) sentenced fully for what he has done which is
    death for taking a soul that he has not right to
    do so on purpose
    3) REMOVE and delete the tribal interference in trying to enlighten the juddge decision

    for only the lord has the power of giving and taking no soul and no one what so ever he is or regardless to whcih trib he belongs has the right to do .

    but sadly we live in a country that tribs has a major and play a big rol in sentencing the decision in such incident

    again allah yer7amo and may his soul rest in peace and god give his parents that patience and condols.


  13. Issa Dababneh : March 23, 2011 at 1:11 am

    Osama Dababneh was my cousin. I moved to Jordan from Chicago 5 years ago. I meet a lot of different people here in Jordan. The hardest things in life is to find good friends that are trustworthy and loyal. Me and Osama were acquainted about a year and half ago by his father who is my uncle and a close personal friend of mine. Me and Osama hit it off from the start. Finally I found a friend that I loved and trusted with all my heart. A friend who would stand by my side through thick and thin. A friend who did not care about petty things like material and money. Someone so genuine that it seemed to good to be true. He was true and now he’s gone. I’m 32 years old and I think its safe to say there will never be another Osama he was one of a kind. I have been investigating the crime scene for 3 days like a crazed madman searching for clues and answers. I found many and so did everyone who heard the story and saw the crime scene and said this does not add up. This crime was premeditated and it was planned. There are to many lose ends. He was run over 36 meters into the driveway of his house. He was murdered by a scum bag kid from a scum bag family. When I say family I don’t mean his tribe I mean his mother and father the people who raised such a monster. The garbage that they created should be dumped. We will see what the Jordanian judicial system will do for Osama. Please continue your support for Osama Dababneh and never forget what happened to him. I tell you if you don’t believe that he was purposely murdered remember this the guy who ran him over has 12 different cases for other crimes. The car he was driving was said to be stolen. He murdered Osama. This man is a criminal and deserves to die. I miss you so much I just want to make you laugh again. I love you brother.

    • Hi Issa,

      I am deeply sorry for your loss. I have known Osama for three years and have learned so much about him and am sure I am missing out on learning much more about this great man. He was a great beautiful mind, very ambitious, very articulate and very composed when speaking, and when he spoke everyone listened, not because of his charisma, but because he knows damn well what he was talking about and demanded everyone’s respect just by speaking about reform, a better country, a better life for the unprivileged and much more. It was my honor to know him and I will never forget him. I hope the dirt bag who did this rots in hell, and doesnt get a slap on the wrist and gets released from prison in three months.

      RIP Osama, you will never be forgotten.

  14. Oh wow, this is more than another hit-n-run. I am so sorry for your loss, Lara et al. His murder is a loss to the country. The murderer has taken one life, and wrecked his own, over uncontrolled rage.

  15. alla yer7amoo

  16. allah yer7amo,
    Osama was brother’s friend! I met him more than once and I’ve never seen a person who’s so kind,humble and kind like Osama! and everybody knows that what happened to osama was not an acciedent !!!
    R.I.P Osama.

  17. I didnt know osama,,,,mut in 1,March,2011, i’ve lost the love and the candle of my life that was before osama’s death in 20 days ,,,he slept on Monday tuesday at 1:45 a.m and didnt wake up,,,,his name is ( AMIN HADDADIN)26 years old and after that i heard about osama so i can say that i feel the same as amost of u and maybe sharing our love together will give us some strength and passion. R.I.P ( AMIN @ OSAMA ) You will be missed for ever ….thanks lara for making this site,,,because all the person needs in such a situation is to share his sadness with others who are unfortunately in the same situation

  18. lina dababneh his eldest sister : May 1, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    lsn,osama was nt killed by purpose,it was just an accident that caused direct death….!alla yer7amak ya bro.

  19. lina dababneh his eldest sister : May 2, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    just want to tell u all that osama was accidently killed nt on purpose…..,

    • Allah Yer7amak ya Osama, he was one great man who will NEVER be forgotten. Rest in Peace my friend.

  20. This is one of the saddest things may happened in any person’s life…May his soul rest in peace. I really didn’t know Osama or any one of the people in this page, but I was reading this by chance and I couldn’t stop my tears while I was reading every comment of his relatives and friends… I’m a Mom and wish no Mom will lose her son while still living… children should live long after their parents not the opposite way!!!

    I noticed there is nothing after the 21st of March…. Does any one know what happened after with the killer?? What was the punishment he got?? I would love to know that he took the strongest punishment for what he did!!!

    Allah yer7amak ya Osama I’m sure you are in heaven now with all the Angels like you.
    A word to his Mom: I’m so sorry for your lose, please accept my deepest condolences and may God be with you and make it easy for you because I know nothing and no one else could do that for you except God… this words is from a Mom to a Mom…

    Thank you Lara for this page. May God be with you too.

  21. It was so sad and depressing of how this death happened !!
    Although I’m the daughter of his sister I have never had a picture with him ..
    I had many memories and what aches even more is that I don’t really remeber him that much as I was 7 years old …
    Though I always keep reading this site I keep on tearing ..
    I remeber that day when he was in that tomb where everyone was weeping .. Well we are so depressed till now for how much we have lost !!
    A great soul we’ve lost
    We miss and love youu too muchh xx
    I couldn’t do anything but pray ..
    Prayer is the only cure for Osama !

    الله يرحم روحك يا صاحب أحلى روح❤️

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