R’n’B Diner: The Full Sleepless Experience

R'n'B Diner: The Full Sleepless Experience

They say some people “Eat to Live” while others “Live to Eat!”: I’m one of the others, and if you know me on a personal level, you’d know this much: I love food, everything from cooking it, eating it, exchanging recipes and trying out new cuisines. But most of all, if someone recommends a place, I’d go, even if I dont agree with you, I would still go and check it out, and thats what I did two weeks ago, one of my friends recommended that I try R&B down at the first circle, and because it was a recommendation, I have decided to e-mail them rather than blog about them, but then again, I decided to give the place another chance, but the food failed to impress my taste buds, so I decided to blog about it

So here’s what happened:  My friend Reem and I stopped by for Dinner on Wednesday and had dinner there. I have some notes that I would share with you! The restaurant it self has a good decor, it caught my eye the minute i parked my car parallel to the shop, it’s completely has an 80’s theme written all over it. We got there around 7:20 and the waitress took our orders at 7:30. My friend Reem had the Pomodoro Chicken Meal off the “Grills Category”and I had the “Deluxe Burger”.

Our orders arrived at 7:55 p.m – Its a bit too long for a diner to take 25 minutes to bring in an order, especially that the place wasn’t packed, it had us and two other tables occupied at the time, and at first glance we were shocked that the Pomodoro Chicken was not a grilled chicken piece, but was rather a sandwich. Dont get me wrong, i took a bite off the sandwich and it was sensational and tasty, however, most people including my self and many of my friends assume that GRILLS and GRILLED is grilled food, and in the menu description it says nothing about the “Chicken, Black olives, Parmesan, thyme and pomodoro sauce being stuffed into a bread bun.”  Furthermore, I spoke to reem yesterday morning and she said that the Pomodoro Chicken that she has consumed Wednesday night has given her an upset stomach and Diarrhea since Thursday morning, and it lasted for about two days.

The Deluxe Burger was okay but nothing too special. The bread was too cold and felt unfresh in comparison to the ingredients of the burger, but the cheese and meat we’re okay. Upon taking the first bite I knew that the bread wasn’t fresh because it crumbled up and wasnt as fluffy as fresh bread should be, they should have at least microwaved the bread before serving it.

The fries was sensational though, I dont recall ever trying such crispy and tasty fries anywhere in Amman, there was something about it that put a big smile on my face, that I would actually drive to the 1st circle right now to get some french fries from that diner.

The restaurant has so much potential and i see it growing into a chain one day if they can work on those little details… I just hope they do, because nothing has changed during the two visits that I’ve made to that place, and I dont think I’ll be going back unless someone really recommends it again and insists that I go!


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  1. You really should have a column at a Newspaper like Jordan Times for Restaurant reviews, i really love your writings.

    • Thats very sweet of you… Thank you 🙂 I love writing restaurant or “dining experience” reviews 🙂 I do alot of eating usually during work hours as I am at the office at least 12 hours a day and my friends and I dine out on the weekends, so you can look forward to alot of food reviews 🙂

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  3. Heh, I LOVE RnB Diner. I admit that I haven’t eaten there recently, my last time was in November or so, but their food was always great, tasty and service was always pleasing.

    They’re not the fastest diner in the world, but the food quality sort of made up for the slight delay, and for that I give them credit, because the longer I wait for food the pickier I get about it.

    I worked at a restaurant before, and all I can say is that sometimes you have bad days, and sometimes you have awful days, but on more than one separate occasions RnB was able to provide me with a great dining experience. I recommend you try them again. =D

    (Your post made me hungry btw, keep it up and soon you’d be forced to go to restaurants under disguise to avoid a special treatment =D )

    • Well am glad you love their food! As I said one of the orders was mouth watering while the other one was okay. They have a lot of potential, but they need consistency and most of all they need to know that little details will make a difference in their overall service 🙂

  4. Dear Lara,
    Let us know how can we fix this for you. Please send us an email back.

    Thanks for your great honest post.

    • R’N’B Diner thank you so much for your post.

      Sorry for the late reply however, I havent blogged in over three weeks and only got back to blogging earlier this afternoon. I shall be contacting you very soon.

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