Google Scientists Announce: Rubik Cube Solved in less than 20 moves

Google Scientists Announce: Rubik Cube Solved in less than 20 moves

If you’re wondering it was me that solved the rubik cube, put your mind to rest, of course I didn’t, not because I can’t, really, am sure I can, but it would take me somewhere between a year to five years to do it, and my patience time-span of holding a rubik cube lasts 5 minutes, 15 if am in a good mood, before I get depressed for complicating it rather than getting a few steps close to solving it.

So, a couple of days ago, google announced that scientists have found 20 steps of solving a rubik cube, basiclly google lent a group of researchers a couple of computers in order to find every way to solve he popular rubik cube puzzle, in 20 moves or less.

“Every solver of the Cube uses an algorithm, which is a sequence of steps for solving the Cube,” said the team of mathematicians, who include Morley Davidson of Ohio’s Kent State University, Google engineer John Dethridge, German math teacher Herbert Kociemba and Tomas Rokicki, a California programmer.

So how is it done? If you we’re to do it my way, I would just peel off the color sticker off each square and then restick them to make it look like am smart enough to solve it, but don’t do that, it’s called cheating!

It would also be cheating if I plagiarized the whole solution and posted it on my blog, so  I figured, I would share the link with you guys 🙂

Maybe now I can buy a Rubik Cube and pretend am smart enough to have solved it on my own.

– Sleepless in Amman


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