Run For Life… Leave Cancer Behind…

Run For Life... Leave Cancer Behind...

Under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) will hold the Second Amman International Marathon on October 22. In 2009, a total of 3,000 participants walked/ran to benefit this fundraiser for cancer patients in Jordan, personally I was desperate to go last year, but between being caught up with work, my masters degree and the messy time line we call life, I wasn’t able to.

However this year is different, I plan on walking to benefit cancer research and support cancer patients in Jordan, because I know that 20% of my participation fees will be benefiting the cancer center, which is 15 Jordanian Dinars, which means 3 JD’s of those will be given to the King Hussein Cancer Foundation as a donation.

Many people have been touched with cancer, where as others have been touched because a loved one in their direct family, extended family or circle of friends has been touched by cancer as well. And although some of us lose loved ones to this awful disease, we still manage to celebrate the survivors who beat cancer, and are still living among us today, whether their children or senior citizens, cancer survivor’s are a true inspiration (although sometimes it’s physically impossible to beat cancer when it has spread and is in it’s advanced stages) the fact that some of those patients have the spirit and will power and belief  is truly unique and should be contagious among other patients (no pun intended!)

Being diagnosed with cancer, or getting a biopsy because one suspects the disease is beyond awful, their are not enough words in any dictionary that can describe the ugliness of even thinking of dealing with Cancer and its coming treatment option, whether it’d be chemotherapy or radiation.  In the first published study of its kind, researchers at the Ireland Cancer Center at University Hospitals of Cleveland and Case Western Reserve University have demonstrated the successful use of umbilical cord blood in the treatment of adults suffering from life-threatening forms of leukemia or aplastic anemia

The Center has conducted a retrospective study of 68 adults, ages 18 to 58, all of whom had received either intensive chemotherapy or total-body radiation to deplete their bone marrow. Following transplantation with cord blood, 90% of patients experienced the growth of new, healthy blood cells. The incidence of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) was lower than expected, but still the cause of significant complications and mortality in many patients. Of the 68 patients who underwent transplantation with cord blood, 19 were alive (18 of those completely disease-free) at 40 months. This gives me faith, if enough research has been made to cure leukemia, then one day and this day is bound to be soon, research will find cure to all sorts of cancer forms.
Therefore on the 5th of October, I have decided to “Run For Life”, be a good citizen and support cancer patients and cancer research in Jordan! It’s time to leave cancer behind, so join me and thousands of Jordanians fight against cancer by helping the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center in their life-saving mission.

I hope to see you there my friends.

– Sleepless in Amman


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