Samsung Partners w/ “Generations for Peace”

Samsung Partners w/ "Generations for Peace"

As a blogger one gets the chance to get invited to events in the city and sometimes abroad because people would like to know what you think, or feel about a certain event. Not much of a tech savvy person myself I was invited to the Samsung Media Family meeting which I found a little bit irrelevant to the content of “Sleepless in Amman” but managed to be polite enough and showed up, only to learn that I was wrong about presuming stuff and that prejudice is definitely something I need to stop doing in my life. Although the Media Family included a section that was tech savvy which am sure many enjoyed, I got the chance to get the human touch out of Samsung, a grasp of what true community out-reach is all about.


At the Media Family, I learned about Samsung’s partnership with Generations for Peace, which is about understanding the value of sports in making a difference within local communities and raising awareness on the road to positive change. Through Samsung’s partnership with generations for peace they seek to support the initiative’s noble mission which was launchedd by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein in 2007.


Generations for Peace aims to build a generation capable of peaceful coexistence in communities suffering from political, social, ethnic and religious conflicts through sports; “Generations for Peace is one of the most inspirational and unique initiatives in the region.  It promotes peace through sport, a universal language and an essential means of instilling tolerance, understanding and empathy amongst young leaders. Thus, it brings us great pleasure to support this initiative in every way possible and help promote its objectives,” said Samsung Electronics Levant Senior Corporate Marketing Manager at his opening speech of the Samsung Media Family Event.

Sadly, I felt a little bit behind as I have never heard of the generations for peace initiative before however it was founded in 2007 in Jordan as part of its presence in 46 countries and territories. I look forward to seeing the results of the Samsung and Generations for Peace partnership blossom in our country and the region.



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