Self-Immolation in Amman?

Self-Immolation in Amman?

I am starting to believe in a theory “If it’s going on… Hear it on Twitter First” It started around one thirty when I read tweets from Ehab Othman @eothman and Eman Jaradat @Eman tweeted about a man that set himself on fire in Amman by the Prime Ministry around noon today.

The news first emerged on Amman Net, Followed by Al-Ghad and Khaberni, and the bottom line of the story was that the man who is around 45 years of age set himself on fire, and according to eye witnesses has been transferred to Al-Basheer Hospital.

The man is now on life support to help him breath as the fire mostly covered the upper half of his body causing second and third degree burns (Yet according to news casts the burns are not life threatening).
The more the story unfolds the more I learn that people are in pure shock, this is the first case of Self Immolation in Jordan, and as the story remains to unfold new details, Saraya News Published an update on their page saying that the 45 year old citizen set himself on fire because (the ex-convict) demands that all restrictions and convictions be removed off his record, and because they weren’t he set himself on fire.
Honestly speaking I don’t have much of an opinion on this story, mainly because I would want to listen to what he has to say once he’s stable, however, please do tell me how you feel about what happened this afternoon.



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  1. i call it attention seekers syndrome … some people kill to get attention .. some commit suicide … they wont get sympathy the same anymore

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