Session 1: g|Jordan – Google +

Session 1: g|Jordan - Google +

Track 1: Google
So as a person who practises Social Media every day its easy to tell that among all morning sessions Google + was the go to session for me. Sadly I was disappointed to find out that the Google + Session was nothing more than a tutorial and a how to get the best out of Google+. I mean great but then what next? Presenters Timothy Jordan and  Natalie Villalobos we’re nice, cool and not boring at all, they did have that stage ambiance that keeps one interested, but then again frustrated to a certain extent.

I felt like the Google + Session was merely a tutorial on the best practices of using the platform, although if there is anything i wanted to know it would’ve been the  benefit of  Google Plus its competitive advantage over other Social Networking Sites but nothing in that department. I even asked about Google Plus Pages for businesses sadly the answer was no comment but were working on it.

It sure was interesting asking a question to which Googlers responded “we really don’t have any info” & “we will pass your note”.

Nevertheless, as each session has its perks here are a few Google + Social Tips:

  • Google Formula Engagement for successful ROI: Deliver Interact and Acknowledge
  • Always give props where you might have seen it first especially a consumer
  • Business Pages on Google + helps you interact with your team and your consumers (For the Future Maybe?)
  • GOOGLE + Interaction = Investment
  • Google +1 Button makes your search better
  • 9 of 10 people trust recommendations from friends and family when considering a product
  • 2 thirds of people share with circles of Google + and not a public timeline
  • Google Plus …when searching articles on Google you can sometimes see the authors profile that’s clickable
  • Google Plus Verified Accounts is a work in progress as they want to authenticate as much people as possible

Maybe in the future a little less Social Networking Site Tutorial a little bit more here is what we’re doing in the future and this is exactly how it can help you grow?




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