Session 2: Hands-on AdWords Workshop: Start Your Account

Session 2: Hands-on AdWords Workshop: Start Your Account

Track 3: Building your Business with Adwords

The 12:00 to 1:00 Sessions were so and so, I wanted to get into Google + Mobile but figured I already am over my head with Mobile-Related Issues as I monitor the Android Industry closely, plus I had a friend on the inside who can share alot of the interesting topics in the chillout area later throughout the day. I decided to pop into “Hands-On Adwords Workshop: Start your Account!”


The Session which was held by  Rana Kortam and  Salma Mohamed was a good session for someone who has never tried using an AdWords Account, here are some memorable things to keep in mind:

Remember: AdWords is an automated auction. You write your ads and choose relevant keywords (a keyword is the search term – word or phrase – that a person searching on Google types in which will then trigger your ad).
When Ads are published they are matched by Google through:

(1) Scanning the millions of pages on the web, Google’s contextual targeting technology which analyses the content of different web pages to determine what the site is about.
(2) Looking at the keywords and ad text in your campaign, we identify the main concept behind the advertising message your trying to set.
(3) The Google system then automatically places the most relevant ads with the most relevant pages, so your ads show to  interested user.
Tip: The most important thing to think about when looking at your AdWords account is quality.
So what is quality? It’s thinking outside the box… Forget that your a marketer and consider your position as a user who wants to search. If your looking something up what terms for you type when you want to look up an offer, product or service online. That’s the kind of quality needed when thinking of the terms of your ad.

Give each campaign an appropriate name. Make sure you can identify your campaigns easily. This will make tracking and editing your campaigns much simpler.
Split each campaign into ad groups. Ad groups let you segment your campaigns into multiple parts to achieve even greater focus and simplicity.
Stick to one theme per campaign. Google recommend you structure your AdWords account similar to the structure of your website, i.e. separate your campaigns by the themes or product lines your website is divided into
Try to aim for at least three ad groups per campaign. The number of ad groups you need will vary depending on the size of your product offering and business but aiming for a minimum of three will ensure that each ad group is tightly themed and will help you to write specific ads targeted toyour customers
Just like campaigns, each ad group should have one common theme.Focus on a single product or service that you offer in each ad group. This will make it simple to create focused, effective keywords and ads.

Boring? A tad little bit but if you do Online Marketing or Social Media for a living a hands-on guide is simply crucial for the job especially for those who need to create Media Plans for clients. I would be more interested in attending a full hands-on seminar with discussions on case studies, the session felt like a marketing stunt, or as one of the attendees chose to call it “A Marketing Stunt Sugar Coated under the Umbrella name of Google Day” – many people ageed with that, and so did I, I think the only session that I enjoyed truly and passiontly was the opening session and the “Become a GMAIL Ninja Session” which I will blog about shortly.



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