Session 5: Become a GMAIL Ninja

Session 5: Become a GMAIL Ninja

Track 2: Become a GMAIL Ninja

The session presented by Ammar Ibrahim was kick-ass, Ninja-Style cool if I may say. I have been a GMAIL User since back in the day when GMAIL was by invitation only and continued to fall in love with it day after day. I hate Hotmail, I despise Yahoo and unless necessary don’t use Mail Clinets such as OutLook, I think web-based Gmail is awesome and I use it for my SleepleesinAmman Domain as well. Here is your share of Gmail Belts for time saving methods of prioritizing your emails.

White Belt Ninja

Use stars to indicate a note is special

Use stars to easily mark certain messages as important or indicate that you need to reply to them later. Try Superstars in Gmail Labs for more star option.
Organize your email with labels

Labels do the work of folders, plus you can add more than one to a single message. Give important emails brightly colored labels, and you’ll be able to scan your inbox and quickly find the good stuff.


Archive messages to tidy up your inbox without deleting anything.

While messages in your trash get deleted after 30 days, archived messages are kept forever. Archiving messages moves them out of your inbox and into “All Mail” for safekeeping, so you can search for them later.  It’s like moving old email to a giant storage room that you never have to organize

Green Belt Ninja

Use Tasks as a handy to-do list

Turn on Tasks in Labs and you’ll see a “Tasks” link under the “Contacts” link on the left of your screen. Clicking “Tasks” will open the task list, where you can add new items directly, or you can convert emails into tasks by clicking the More Actions menu and selecting “Add to Tasks.”

Highlight important emails using filters and colored labels

Set up filters so that emails from certain senders (or on certain topics) automatically appear with colored labels. That way, you can scan new mail just by looking at the colors.

Avoid sending that embarrassing email even after hitting the SEND button

Oops, hit “Send” too soon? Turn it on in Labs and give yourself a grace period of a few seconds to cancel sending, then edit your message before sending again

Black Belt Ninja

Get through your mail faster with keyboard shortcuts.

Using keyboard shortcuts will help you shave milliseconds off every action, which can add up to a lot of saved minutes each week.

See which messages were sent right to you

“Personal level indicators” put arrows next to messages in your inbox so you can tell if an email was addressed to you directly.  A single arrow (›) is for emails sent to both you and others and double arrows (») indicate emails sent just to you. Switch the “Personal level indicators” option to “Show indicators” under Settings to see them
Add “(EOM)” to the subject of oneliner messages
If you ever want to send a quick note where the subject is the entire message (like “Want to grab lunch at 12:30?”), but are annoyed when Gmail prompts you to add body text, just type “EOM” or “(EOM)” at the end of the subject line (short for End Of Message), and Gmail will politely send the message without the extra prompt
Become a GMAIL Master
Bring Google Calendar and Docs to Gmail

Instead of keeping three separate tabs open, add Docs and Calendar gadgets in Gmail Labs and see everything in one place. The Calendar gadget shows your agenda and provides alerts prior to events. You should see my Sleepless in Amman Calendar 🙂 Honestly speaking at first it was like ugh do I have to log it in, now I can’t live without it, I set my alerts to 15 mins before each event. Im rarely late to any meetings and every day I get a 5:00 a.m alert of the agenda for the whole day ahead. Good stuff you should try it 🙂


Send SMS text messages right from Gmail
So are you a Zain Jo subscriber? Cool, GMAIL gives you 50 sms to send out for free, and for every reply you get you get 5 SMS Credits? Ya3ni if no one replies to you send messages to your self to bulk up your free GMAIL SMS Credits 🙂


I think BECOME A GMAIL Ninja is by far the best session of Google Day Jordan. It was fun, hilarious, a great laugh, had an amazing laid back presenter and most of all was real content for all that makes a difference in utilizing ones gmail inbox to the max.


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