Sleepless in Amman featured in “ANTY Magazine”

Sleepless in Amman featured in “ANTY Magazine"

Sleepess in Amman was featured in “ANTY Magazine” earlier this August alongside two other Jordanian bloggers – Lama Haddadin of Caramelized Thoughts’s and Sarah Dajani of Devour Blog.

To all of my Readers who are not able to read the interview in Arabic, please refer to the English text below.


ANTY: Please tell us about our self-briefly (name, education, work experience, country of residence, hobbies etc..)

Lara: My name is Lara Abdulhadi; I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in MIS, and a MBA. I currently live in Amman, Jordan, any my interests are mainly highlighted in four pillars. Reading, Cooking and trying exotic cuisines (I truly love food), Traveling, and Social Media.

ANTY: When did you start your blog and why did you choose to blog?

Lara: I started Sleepless in Amman on August 8th, 2010, about two and a half years ago. I used to write as a child, but my writing never went public, merely a circulation to friends and family via email for their support and opinion. When I started blogging, I decided to put my voice online, instead of keeping it in a closed-loop email.

ANTY: What is Sleepless in Amman about?

Sleepless in Amman in mainly about my thoughts, I don’t have a topic per say, hence the slogan of the website actually says ‘I write about this and that’. There are times when I write from the heart, because it’s a bunch of thoughts that I am ready to pour out, on other instances it’s about something that’s happening. I love watching movies and dining out, so occasionally I write reviews online about my experiences as well. As a local tweep, I also aim to cover and promote Jordan whenever possible. There are many events and initiatives in Jordan that can make a difference, and I am not afraid to blog and support these online either.

ANTY: How would you describe your style of blogging?

I am not sure I have a certain writing style. As mentioned earlier I usually write from the heart. So you could say my writing style is: If I’m thinking it, I’m writing it!

ANTY: In your opinion, do you think blogging is like keeping a journal or a diary? In other words, so you say what really is on your mind, or do you practice any types of censorship because it’s a public blog?

There are many types of blogs, and bloggers out there, and some blogs may resemble a diary or a journal, but that would actually be the themes inflected by the writer. I do say what comes to my mind without censoring any thoughts. I am really far from being part of any political party, and so, because I merely don’t have a political opinion, nor a religious one that I would like to instill to people, I can say I do it freely, without the fear of censorship.

ANTY: What topics do you enjoy blogging about the most?  

This is a tricky question. When I first started it was a mix between Businesses and Jordan. Recently it has deviated to be more about Thoughts, Reviews, and Jordan. There was a time where I blogged about many current social media topics, but I had moved the topic to another domain, as Sleepless Readers weren’t as interested in the topic as I am.

ANTY: Who are the followers of your blog?

I think it’s a diverse crowd. The insights I receive on my blog show a majority to be a Jordanian crowd from a variety of ages, as well as a few scattered readers in Europe and the US.

 ANTY: What are your thoughts on the Jordanian blogosphere?  

There are really diverse writers out there – some that have been blogging for more than 5 years, some that are emerging, each blogger is unique, with their own style, topics, and voice. I’ve seen more people come to the blogosphere in Jordan which is pretty interesting to see no restraints when it comes to expressing yourself to such a public crowd.

ANTY: Where do you see your blog 5 years from today?

I think it will evolve to reflect who I am at the time. My dad always told me that every semi-decade a person changes their behavior, or deviates from who they are. I’m not the same person that I was when I was 15, or 20. I’m sure whatever changes within me will be reflected in my blog, as it’s merely a reflection of my thoughts.



Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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  1. Oh lara, congrats for this, you gave great answers. I’ve been here since you started blogging, but now i miss your blog, its been ages since you last shared your thoughts, or food reviews.
    Try to keep this blog up and running 🙂


    • Thanks Amani! I guess I must’ve hit a hard writer’s block – but I hope I’m back once and for all. I just published a new blog post – one of many to come inchAllah!
      Thanks for all the support xo

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