Sleepless in Amman | Social Media Digest 2011

Sleepless in Amman | Social Media Digest 2011

As 2012 approached and we bid farewell to 2011, here is a quick run down of the Social Media posts hosted on Sleepless in Amman in 2011!

Variables for Social Media Success

When it comes to Social Media Management each strategy, tactic will vary according to the client and the campaign at hand. If there is anything that we need to understand and remember, the customers are in charge, we can no longer broadcast our messages to consumers, because they will block us out, we need to […] Click here to read blogpost

Google + Pages

For someone who doesn’t feel like blogging much lately, another sleepless night led to another exploring session, this time, I decided to waste a few minutes on Google + Pages, and by waste a few minutes, I actually mean, I gave u […] Click here to read blogpost

Bloggers Versus Journalists

Over an evening cup of coffee with a friend and a couple of acquaintances at Agave on Wednesday a question came up that got me to blog, and judging by the title of this blogpost you’d be able to say that the question was “Bloggers versus Journalists”, especially with the online scene where the blogger […] Click here to read blogpost


The 5 W’s and H of Social Media

Social Media Management is very similar of project management when it comes to operating and managing your social media project. This is done by treating each social media campaign as a project. Say your company is specialized in manufacturing […]  Click here to read blogpost


What Social Media is NOT
To me social media and communicating online goes beyond my Sleepless Blog because I practice social media for a living as a Social Media Strategist for clients, having a full time job in Social Media, sometimes you weird the weirdest things especially coming from people who think that my “9 to 5 is the best, […] Click here to read blogpost


Twitter Analytics, Tweet | Measure | Evaluate

Back in July of this year Twitter has acquired Backtype. a social analytics company platform which had launched BackTweets Pro ( in May before its acquisition.  Click here to read blogpost

Social Media Etiquette

In Social Media lingo content in King but again so is communication, and communication in social media is all about the art of conversation. Conversation has been compared to dancing, fencing and even chess. It can be fun, boring, uplifting, painful. […] Click here to read blogpost


Facebook Dislike Button
For years now, Facebook has evolved into bring what they have believed to enhance the user experience. They brought in polls, changed the gallery viewer, updating their policies notoriously and even allowing group admins to add you to groups that you don’t want to be part of, on most occasions most people would tweet or […]  Click here to read blogpost






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