Soon to be “Sleepless in Dubai” …

Soon to be "Sleepless in Dubai" ...

It all started 11 days ago when I got a phone call from Jansait Q from “The Online Project”! She called me up and e-mail later that day on behalf of Abraaj Capital, where their hosting a very unique event earlier next week in Dubai to celebrate the spirit of Entrepreneurship through a two day event, the “Celebration of Entrepreneurship”, where the event aims to bring together some of the Middle East’s most established entrepreneurs in one setting to instigate a new phase of entrepreneurship in the region, in a two day program packed with training, workshops, inspirational talks and one-one meetings!

In the back of my head I was in disbelief but of course, I played it cool and asked her to send me details of the event, where as in real life, I was wondering if I could make it or not! Then the thoughts flooded through my head, my boss might just be cool enough to let me leave work for a few days, dad might let it slide, but mom, yea mom would kill the idea instantly, but it turns out I was wrong. I have “worried parents” but they are the love of my life and support me big-time, despite that fact that dad believes that “Sleepless in Amman” is not a blog, seeing as the word blog does not exist in any of the dictionary volumes we have at home, bless him! My boss is adorable and “encouraging” and “adorable”, and I don’t think he reads my blog, or else, I’m pretty sure he’ll be dragging me back to the office Sunday morning for calling him adorable, and the rest is history, within 24 hours, I emailed Jansait back and let her know that am coming on board.

Coincidently I found out that Ali Dahmash (Under my Olive Tree) is going to be there are well, pretty exciting seeing as Ali will be helping out with Project Jofeh, yet we never got the chance to meet up and talk about it. Yet the whole deal didn’t seem to hit me until last night, when I got an e-mail with the full program of the “Celebration of Entrepreneurship”, and BAM I was lost in a world full of “Inspiration”, “Empowerment” and “Connecting” as the program is so rich, I suddenly want it to be the 8th of November, as I intend on blogging live from the Celebration of Entrepreneurship next week.

So well, I need to get some sleep eventually, its already 1:00 a.m and I’m just starting into space hoping that I could fall asleep as I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, I need to wake up early, run a few errands, come back home and help mom with lunch as I believe people are coming over to dine at our house, and if anything, I need to pack at this point, which shouldn’t take me more than 5 minutes, but knowing me, I always tend to over-pack when am in a rush!

Stay tuned peeps as “Sleepless in Amman” will be “Sleepless in Dubai” from Sunday till Wednesday, thanks to Jansait, The Online Project and Abraaj Capital!

Have a great weekend Jordan!


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  1. Beeeeest of luck Lara 🙂


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