Sleepless in Amman turns 1

Sleepless in Amman turns 1
Somewhere in the back of my head I keep on reading the title of this blog post as I write it in disbelief, it feels like yesterday. It’s been one year ago this month that I started this blog, only back then for the first couple of weeks I had it hosted on wordpress before I decided I had a lot to say and decided to move to a fully dedicated domain.
Sleepless in Amman was originally created to share my thoughts on different matters usually those that were scattered thoughts on news here and there and different odds and ends that caught my eye, but as the months have evolved I have learned that my thoughts remain to scatter under different subjects and categories until I was able to narrow down “Sleepless in Amman” into 7 main sections, mainly speaking about my subjects of interest.
Community Out-Reach in my blog is all about the community, I used to be a proud volunteer at the Siwar Club at the King Hussein Cancer Foundation back when I worked with NYIT, I led a team of volunteers at the university in my capacity as a Student Affairs employee, yet I say “I used to be a proud volunteer” because I no longer am a volunteer and it is my utmost shame as I get caught up in real life and leave giving back to the community behind, yet for some reason manage to babble about it.
Business mainly goes to most Businesses out there. There is a thing or two about Jordanian Businesses that deserve a few blog posts, they either deserve praise, or they purely deserve scandalous blog posts that expose the unacceptable jobs they have been doing, usually in terms of good service and/or customer service.
Jordan and News speak about my beloved country, I am a proud Jordanian and there are many times that my topics are related to a certain issue or occurrence in the community and I tend to file them there.
Review might be a tad bit misleading, as I dont write reviews about products or services, I am not as tech savvy as most people think I am (You will actually figure out in a bit that I never set up this blog, programming isn’t exactly my thing) but then again I am a big food lover, I enjoy food, cooking (Although I have had the habit lately of burning my cooking) and my love for food has gotten me to write my share of critique if I may in the Food and Beverage industry.
For those of you who know me, you’d know that I have switched to dedicated my full-time work hours to the Social Media and Online Marketing world in 2011 and being online for clients means noticing things, left right and center so it is only fair to throw out a few blog posts here and there about the career path I pray to build for my self in the near future.
This post for example will go under thoughts, because merely its just sharing my giberish thoughts here and there on how am still shocked that it has been 1 year since Sleepless in Amman hit the web, but it’s only fair not to take credits for thy self, seeing as I never even set it up. I remember the first time I bought a template online and uploaded it to wordpress, it didn’t look and feel as good as the demo, so I rush to the phone and call up my best friend Hassan Hamoudi of and say “Fix it!” and yes I do believe I said it in such a bossy tone, poor lad, I think he regrets the past 7 years of our friendship the minute Sleepless in Amman was kicked off, the guy is on my speed dial, and super number list, usually going within the scope of fix it, blog is too white, font is too big, twitter stream is too dull and an endless stream of complaints because somewhere deep inside I don’t even know what I want, then one day I wake up, and my yada yada yada turns into, hhmmmm, too white, too big, but I love it, I can live with it and its different, so Hassan Hamoudi, am sure you are reading this, THANK You! Thank you for being the backbone of this blog, wouldn’t have done it without you. I guess I owe you for the “12+ backlinks pointing to sleepless in Amman.” or in plain English as Hassan chose to explain to me “Your blog has 12k+ backlinks, which means, that 12k+ links spread across the web are pointing to sleepless in am man”
So I guess the least I could do tonight is be sleepless, it’s 5:15 a.m, I am tossing, turning, and celebrating the 1 year anniversary of “Sleepless in Amman” with a night of pure insomnia, I mean its the least that I could do in honor of the blog that started because of such sleepless nights. For all of you who stop by my blog through my facebook page, twitter stream or those lovely ones who are dedicated to my newsletter, thank you. Thank you for the time you invest in stopping by my blog, reading and occasionally leaving a comment.
I thank you guys for my sleepless nights…Blogging just ain’t the same without you!
As for you my dear blog… Happy Anniversary! You are officially one year old.

Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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  1. Happy blogoversary 🙂

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