Social Media Day Jordan

Social Media Day Jordan

In our world today most of us no longer depend on our offline activities or our traditional media channels to communicate whether it was on a personal level or on a business level, Social Media has taken over our lives whether we choose to admit it or not. Our generation, “GENERATION C” as many business scholars like to call us are all about creating content, being active in communities and networks and most of us we thrive on social media sites to get involved in idea’s and cultural conversations, that’s what makes us happier every day, more productive and that is why we are more into working in creative industries rather than less rigid social structures.

On the 30th of June, the world will celebrate this transformation of how we communicate, connect and create every single day, the world will celebrate SOCIAL MEDIA DAY, in Jordan, the capital Amman to be more specific two young social media enthusiasts are creating an event to go hand in hand with the global celebration, yes, Jordan will be celebrating Social Media Day for the first time this Thursday thanks to Ali AlHasani (Twitter Handle: @AliChubby) and Sara Dudin (Twitter Handle: @SaraDudin).

The event will take place at Amman’s very own Rainbow Street at Abou El Abed Al Hakawaty Restaurant And Cafe’, located opposite of Mijana Café (You take a left after the Arab Bank to get there) and seems to be full of surprises. iSystems are giving away a few freebies and the sponsors interested in making this event happen include gotarabia for photography, videography and live streaming of the event,, gotarabia, Jamalon, Royal Jordanian, D1G, Dilloona and BeAmman for Photography and Social Media consultancy Convo2. Generous sponsors also include SocialEyez™,Spring2Sky,ClickOlogy, Go Magazine and Gate2play.

The agenda is still not made public but I advice all of you to follow them online, event is two days away and it’s definitely not an event that you’d want to miss. See you all there 🙂

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