Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette

In Social Media lingo content in King but again so is communication, and communication in social media is all about the art of conversation. Conversation has been compared to dancing, fencing and even chess. It can be fun, boring, uplifting, painful, awkward and even comfortable, or to put it in a nutshell sentimental.

The first and most important lesson to learn in the art of social media is to LISTEN. Good manners dictate the direction of any online conversation especially when you are managing a community. If someone posts a negative comment on a platform that you manage, thank them for their time and seek details to resolve the issue, be transparent, don’t lie and try to be as transparent as possible so it doesn’t back fire. If you are paid a compliment also thank the user and create a conversation, anywhere between thank you how is your day or thank you we hope you are enjoying our product/service is acceptable, to me social media although digital is always a success when you sense a hint of a human factor behind the posts.

What you should never use in the tone of your conversation is sarcasm or a twisted sense of humor, it is ill-manners and plain rude, it’s been said that sarcasm is a sword better left sheathed and I couldn’t agree more. The same goes to humor, do not try to break the ice by introducing humor when representing a client online, humor is a delicate think, what your friends and family might find funny others will find unprofessional and uncalled for, so although introducing the human factor into social media posts and engaging in conversations is necessary, the level of communication must be nothing less than professional but friendly.

In summary you have two ears and one month, do more listening than talking and give more than you receive. Build quality relationships and not quantity relationships and always remember that you will always be accountable for your actions so respect your community and be nice.




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