Social Media and It’s Influence on Consumer Behavior

Social Media and It's Influence on Consumer Behavior

Social Media has become one of the most common phenomenon’s across the world, and has been influencing the Jordanian Youth for the past couple of years. On Face book one of the world’s fastest growing and leading social media platforms globally; there is a total of 954,580 Jordanians signed up, 44.7% of which are between the ages of 18-24.

Social Media is about connecting with people, sharing thoughts, catching up and meeting new people locally and globally within a certain platform, such as face book, twitter, LinkedIn and many other platforms available online, it is also very common to find the presence of corporations on social media platforms to keep in touch with their consumers, businesses now keep a social profile online for branding purposes,  keeping the customers within reach and has become a new tool to measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Social Media now offers corporations an instrument to measuring customer’s direct response and branding.

A popular approach currently used within the Social Media scope is Social Influence Marketing (SIM), it is mainly directly to employing social media and social influences to accomplish the marketing and business needs of an organization, it is about understanding the customer, and the customers decision making circles.

According to JC Williams Group, a retail consulting and retail strategy consultants, “91% of customers say that consumer content is the #1 aid to a buying decision” and that social network users are three times more likely to trust peer opinions over advertising when making purchase decision.

Social Media has a enormous authority on consumers and social media users globally, and in Jordan, with almost 50% of the Jordanian Youth present on one or multiple social media platforms, it is no surprise that social media is beginning to influence the decisions of those users as consumers. This paper is dedicated to bringing the spot light on how those various social media platforms influence decision making to those consumers, and reflecting the relationship between corporations and consumers that share social media platforms and how those factors are strongly reflected in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and relationship marketing.

According to Business Dictionary.Com Relationship Marketing is defined as “Promotional and selling activities aimed at developing and managing trusting and long-term relationships with larger customers. Customer profile, buying patterns, and history of contacts is maintained in a sales database, and a service representative (also called account executive) is assigned to one or more major customers to fulfill their needs and maintain the relationship.”

Maintaining existing customers is crucial, but acquiring new customers is equally as important in order to increase a products market share. Although acquiring new customers is costly, with the existence of social media now a days, it has given marketers a new channel to communicate with the untouched segments of their market. Although the idea of social media is more cost effective and is enticing to reaching millions of people across the world it is important to remember that social media is an instrument to facilitate your marketing out-reach and the results can never be guaranteed, which is why when considering social media as an advertising tool, it is important to learn what social media network your target is most likely to use. The most popular sites are twitter and Facebook, but in the case of Jordan for example face book has proved to be the number one social media network to the Jordanian youth.

So, What do YOU Think?! Has Relationship Marketing and Social Media made communicating between corporations and consumers do-able and more convenient? Has Social Media mas consumer-to-consumer relationship a stronger bond with online reviews and advice on best buys and services?

Sounds more of a question rather than a blog entry, I am aware of that factor, but am doing a paper on Social Media and its influence on Consumer Behavior and would really like YOUR thoughts on this matter.


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  1. social media had provided something to consumers that in the old days we couldn’t dream of.

    social media had made company’s into people the company have a profile and so on and anyone can go to their page and interact with them as a person just go to zain page on facebook, ppl actually congratulate them for their good work and criticize them for the bad thing.

    social media had also changed the power before the company would tell us what to buy but now we tell them what we want so its a win win situation.

    i think the most important thing about social media that it provided the tool to change the world for example remember last Xmas in the UK a teenager changed the music industry and challenged Simon Cowell and by social media the official Xmas song for the UK was for Rage against the machine.

    so in short social media is a powerful tool but if it was miss used it could backfire because sometimes its not good to be in direct contact with the customer.

  2. Facts, numbers, definitions and people challenging the reflection of their own ideas – interesting!

    Relationship marketing, has an evident presence before the uncontrollable burst of the so-called social media platforms bubble, I believe. We are a nation that believes in the word-of-mouth traditions … we marry people based on phony reviews, and we all know, but generations proved that most of us fell for it over and over again!

    It solely depends on the targeted audience (consumer) and the product/service provided. The answer would’ve been way easier if you were asking in reference to countries with decent “true” figures of computer users, or even people with access to the internet. Although I believe that consumer-to-consumer bond strengthened through online review and advices on best buys/services, it introduced a new platform for competition, or dare I say, battle field. Plus do not you think that it is worth asking, what is the percentage of people that use these social media platforms for the above-mentioned purposes? Do they find it adequate? A worthwhile research would be investigating whether these youth you refer to, changed their buying habits since they joined these social networks?

    P.S.: try Trip-Advisor and check for some hotel reviews in Paris, for example. Some say its spacious other say its a match box. My favorite comments for the same hotel: The room contains lovely flower arrangements. The room has mice! Trustworthy, you think? No comment.

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  4. hi Sleepless in Amman,

    i am doing my thesis on Social media and its impact on consumer behavior in particular the food industry and while searching i found your blog. Can you share with me the paper that you did or some references you used maybe it would be of help.

    btw I really enjoyed your post.

    thank you

    peggy khoury

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