Spreading the warmth this winter in Jordan

Spreading the warmth this winter in Jordan

As the sun shines through the days but yet manages to leave this beautiful Jordan into ice chilly nights, one cannot help but pray, and be grateful to the warmth that most of us have in our homes. I am curled up on the couch with a blanket thrown over me as I write this blogpost for a friend back in high school, inviting you and your friends along to be part of this initiative.

As December starts today, many of my Christian friends begin to prepare for the holidays, a time where giving is so contagious. My fellow Muslim friends may not be celebrating Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot produce part of their annual Zakat this winter, after all, it’s is not only during Ramadan than you consider Zakat, it is an ongoing proceed.


With that said, it’s time do a little bit of what I like to call a winter cleaning. If you have any money to spare, clothes, blankets, heaters, it can all make a difference.


There are five thousand, five hundred and seventy eight people that do not have warmth in their homes to protect them from the brittle and brutal winter that is bound to get worse in the months to come.


Those locals are from the city of Al Mafraq, people who mainly live on financial support from the government. They are without a doubt below the poverty line and are unable to provide simple necessity this winter.


Feel free to reach the committee on the two numbers below to arrange pick up or get directions.


079-9125936 or 0777288088




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