Stardust Academy Opening Show

Stardust Academy Opening Show

The Opening Show of “Stardust Academy” tonight was beyond my expectations, as a performing arts school I believed it would be great, I mean who puts a show on stage if they’re not willing to show off true talent, but what I say left me speechless.

The Show kicked off with a “Ladies in Red” performance followed by a short 30 seconds or less presentation of Stardust Academy and the classes offered, I remember reading “The Opportunities are Endless” in that short video and the more the show went on, the more I realized those words are as true as they can ever get.


The video was followed by a ballet performance and “Someone like You” being sung along, before Odai Tillawi took the stage with a Beat Boxing Show! Before you know it I was humming along to Alica Key’s “New York” and thinking Man their Good! Another performance that swept me off my feet was adapted from Adele “Rolling in the Deep”, and somewhere in the back of my head I thought, such young people, young souls who are just around the corner of graduation high school yet have so much power and potential, I guess even in this digital, high tech world full of savvy tech enthusiasts, there is still hope for theatre, performing arts, and if anything performing live where you cant cut/paste or montage the footage you want to showcase, what you see is what you get!

By the time they did Cats which according to my friend Salwa Qattan tweeted saying “Can’t believe they actually did #CATS @StardustAcademy kudos #StardustJo where real talent of #JO is” and the beautiful Amanda Hamati finished performing two amazing songs, especially Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” and yes she pulled off all the notes exquisitely I found myself singing along to DANCING QUEEN! I got so into the show, I didn’t know what I wanted to do most, tweet to the world how much I enjoyed it or glue my eyes to the performers that I would Envy them and knock them off their feet.

One things I found ironic thought was the tap performance by Michelle Holm who did one helluva number performing a tap dance. I said “Ironic” because the music was too loud I couldn’t actually hear the tapping, but the way her feet moved, the smile and expressions on her face, the poise in her moves and her overall stage charisma screamed “I am enjoying this and I am good at it”, only to find out that one way or another I was right about her being awesome, not cause I heard the tapping, but because she isn’t a student to begin with, but one of the Stardust Instructors who will be teaching dance this year. According to her online bio in line of performances on the Stardust page “Michelle’s other stage credits include Footloose: The Musical, Toy Castle, String of Pearls, and The Pajama Game along with featured dance numbers in Ed Mirvish Memorial, and I Move Forward.” Source:


The show ended with a finale by all performers singing Waving Flag, which everyone ultimately enjoyed. I can’t wait to see the future performances of Stardust Academys’ Performances. For the time being stay tuned, I’ll share the links of any footage that might emerge from the show later on.





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