Tareq Masri: DVDs to help reconstruct a home!

Tareq Masri: DVDs to help reconstruct a home!

Tareq Masri is my cousins son, an ambitious 16 year old attending 11th grade at the Modern Montessori School. Tareq is selling DVD’s to raise funds to fix a home for an unprivileged family. I got the chance to chat with him briefly about this project. 

Sleepless in Amman: Tarek why are u doing this project?

Tareq: I am doing this project to help Mr.  Khamees, his wife, and children by fixing their home. The house which could barely be called a home is a 5×3 room with an old roof in an old building. The roof has a water tank that weighs 14 tons which could shatter and collapse the ceiling any moment because of the lack of infrastructure and stability. Also, the doors have so many cracks in them and are pretty much open throughout the winter which allows rain and wind to come inside the house.

Sleepless in Amman: How did u choose this family and this house and why?

Tareq: I chose this family through the social development minister. I think that Mr. Khamees and his family are in much needed attention and they need to be helped ASAP as their current living conditions are beyond what humanly accepted.

Sleepless in Amman: So on Facebook is a circulation with a list of DVDs that you are selling to raise funds, how many are they and how can people get in touch?

Tareq: I have 210 DVDs in total, currently going at JD 1 per 2 DVDs, and JD 2 per 5 DVDs. We accept any kind of money donations that can help the family. You can get in touch through:

Email: masri-toto@hotmail.com or lalubnam3@gmail.com

Sleepless in Amman: How much will the construction of the house cost? Who will execute the project after you gather the funds?

Tareq: The construction will cost around JD 2500. Grand Building Professionals Co LTD,  a certified registered construction company will be executing the project as they are donating their efforts to help the cause.

Sleepless in Amman: Any last words?

Tareq Masri: We welcome any kind of help (hand work, supplies donations, help with collecting donations, and anything else you can think of to help needy families). This will all be done through the social development ministry (Minister Wajeeh Ezeziat) to ensure the authenticity of the need will it take to finish it.


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