Tawjihi Celebrations: The End of a Beginning for some!

Tawjihi Celebrations: The End of a Beginning for some!

So I am doing my last course to earn my MBA, and to get there, I had to earn my Bachelors Degree and my Tawjihi Equivalent of IGCSEs but not once in my life did I go out of my way to celebrate by deafening my neighbors with unnecessary music, shooting guns, or even going out for long parades in the car. While going to catch a movie at midnight, my husband and I saw people on the side of the street dancing ‘dabkeh’, which they could’ve done inside the privacy of their own home to celebrate. I remember tell him, what a shame, people in the west get the chance to earn MBAs, PHDs all the time, and they don’t do the silly rituals that we do when we graduate HIGH-SCHOOL!
Keeping that in mind, I thought it was worth mentioning how different cultures celebrate! After the last day of school, getting your grades and finding out whether you have passed or failed is a beginning of an era! See those who celebrate passing, look forward to a whole new life, sometimes they go straight to work, and often for more studying!

In SWEDEN for example, Graduation Day is starting off your morning with a traditional ‘Champagne Breakfast’, which consists of Strawberries and Champagne with their class maters, then drive through their city (Respectfully) in a trailer which has all students, heading off a home-party with food and presents to be celebrated with family and friends! In FRANCE, on the contrary, there are no parties, only a celebration dinner among families once their son/daughter has successfully completed a degree! Usually a home-cooked meal at home, or at a fancy restaurant!

In my beloved Jordan, I bend my head down with disgrace! Many decide to experience with fire-works, which usually cause injuries, this year to a child who had a finger amputated because of this. Whereas a larger lot of people, think shooting guns in celebrations is the way to go, I mean seriously people, how many times did someone fall dead out of this? Year after year, no one seems to learn, and it makes one wonder, why isn’t anyone getting arrested for shooting guns? Isn’t it against public safety! Today 17 people were injured according to Khaberni.com and one girl shot in the head in Al-Hashimi according to Alrai.com – both cases are caused by the shootings in celebration of Tawjhi.

I may not have experience Tawjihi on first hand, seeing as I did my A-Levels, but I do understand the frustration behind these tough exams that thousands of students have to take annually! But completing your highschool degree is supposed to be associated with a new start, a new chapter of your life, where one gets to go to college, build a career, and the whole nine-yards after that, not the end of one’s life, future, or health!

I wish, we could become a culture that celebrates at home with family and friends! Over-dinner or a party in a secure venue! Not remain the culture that goes out drifting cars in the streets, shooting guns, exploding fireworks and getting people killed in the process! We are better than that… or so I like to believe!


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  1. Some stupids still in square Zero 🙁 guns for celebrations what stupid idea.and wetevis govermentband police from these crimes ??!. thanks for highlighting this in your remarkable style.

  2. Each year this happens, each year accidents occurs, yet no one learns, whats the point if people are always gonna ignore, i believe they have this kinda state of mind like “this stuff happen to others, not me”.. Well, sooner or later its gonna catch on to you.
    But mainly i blame the higher organizations (schools, universities, governmental agencies) for the lack of proper awareness.

  3. عاشت الأيادي يا لارا ,,, كلام ولا أروع

  4. The west is not all that though…there are enough tragedies her as we’ve witnessed this summer and all those of years gone by. Those too young to legally drink, getting wasted and senselessly driving and killing families and/or themselves and friends. We celebrate here carelessly too not with guns, but with 5000 lb killing machines on 4 wheels and 1 litre bottles of alcohol and kegs of beer. And it’s not just those in high school but those who graduate bachelors, Masters and PhD’s who go out drinking themselves silly after the ceremonies. I say let them dance in the streets…it could definitely be a lot worse.
    BTW the shooting is just beyond me. Senseless in the least.

  5. Hi! Here in Stockholm, Sweden it was forbidden this year for the students to drive their trailers in the city center beacause they did not do it respectfully before…./ S Susan

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