The 12 of 2012

The 12 of 2012

When I first started writing this post, I was planning on doing this whole 30 under 30 post; something like what Forbes has published a few days ago. Inspired by it, I got back with reality and I decided to do my very own version of The 12 people who make a difference for me in 2012!

Apart from family and friends, and the long list of people who I cherish dearly, this list is actually inspired by the online presence of these people. Pages, Twitter Handles, Content, whatever I have managed to get addicted to in 2012!

Drum Roll Please….

# 12 – Michael Makdah aka Meesh –  Jo Bedu

Facebook Page:

I first interviewed Meesh a few years ago, when I was the Editor of my college campus magazine, he is also an Alumni from the same Uni and he had started Jo Bedu w/ partner Tamer Masri. I almost can’t believe that was about four years ago or so, and I must say, every year, I drag myself to Jara Market in the summer to get my dose of Jo-Bedu T-Shirts, mainly cause I am pretty lazy to drive up to Jabal Wibdeh! I manage to get lost there all the time, and asking for directions isn’t my specialty! This year Jo Bedu opened a new branch in Abdoun next to Choices and I look forward to some serious heavy duty shopping then!  Good Job!



# 11- Zayna Al-Hamarneh –  For the Love of Fashion (Fanpage)

Facebook Page:

Zaynah is a dear friend, creative, social, and such a bubbly personality! If anything, I look forward to the posts on her ‘For the Love of Fashion (Fanpage)’. She recently spent a vacation in Paris, and I couldn’t wait to skim through the lovely photos of the city of love. Ladies, this is one fan page worth checking out.



#10 – Lamis Jarrar – An Addiction Pinner

Pinterest Profile:

Knowing Lamis for the past 14 or 15 years of my life has no influence and I am completely unbiased when I say, following her on Pinterest is a mental addiction. The kind of addiction where you had all the money in the world to implement each of her pins into your daily life, but also the kind of addiction that would send you to a mental hospital knowing, you will run out of the money, and still be wanting more.



#9 – Ali Alhasani – Lens of an Ammani Guy

Facebook Page:

Flickr Channel: 

So Ali is a fellow blogger, but what really surprised me is his addiction to taking pictures – it all started with a mobile phone until he managed to save up and get his own camera. The pictures are pretty much around Amman, but the depth I see in people’s faces or in the landscapes is different for me, maybe it’s the black or white photography, or maybe it is simply because people who have a certain calling can produce their work from the heart, and that is just different.



#9 – Luma Qadoumi – Be Amman


Co-Founder of BEAmman Luma Qaddoumi is worth following on Twitter @LumaQ. The website features the best of our beloved city Amman, where to Eat and Drink, See and Do, and ofcourse what’s on the street. Luma has a Bachelor of Commerce, Management from Concordia University and is simply inspiring. She has served for 2 years as Secretary General of McGill’s Model UN conference, and well, Amman’s only unique content wouldn’t be the same without her efforts.


#8 – Fida Taher – Zaytouneh Video Recipes

YouTube Channel:

See cooking doesn’t have to be the catastrophic hazard that everyone thinks it is. For me the only hazard is, if I cook, I don’t clean! I don’t do dishes, I don’t clean pots, I pretty much hate cleaning anything that has to do with the kitchen. Now this brings me to speak about Fida Taher! Fida has an extensive media background, and prior to her project Zaytouneh Video Recipe, she had produced a lot of video content in her capacity as a producer at Team Y&R and Abu-Lughod Studios. Zaytouneh Video Recipes is awesome, mainly because you don’t need to read through text worth of recipe, a simple 30 second illustration can show you how to make your favorite dishes, it’s a no brainer, and the result is always scrumptious and mouth-watering.


#7 – Khaled Ahmad – Social Media Manager – Zain Jordan

Twitter Handle:

Khaled, like me is a social media addict! He is so tech savvy he got two infographics published on – An interesting daily digest of Khaled’s can be found on his Twitter account – so you might want to follow Jordan’s very own @Shusmo – Have I mentioned that Shusmo is the Arabic version of saying WhatchaMaCallit?



#6 – Fouad Jeryes

Twitter Handle:

If you have seen the show TechTech.ME on ROYA TV or attended a AmmanTT session then you have just read the name of the person behind them here on my Blog. Keep an eye on as it promises to be ‘back with a vengeance’ and don’t forget to check out his latest project



#5 – Abla Azar

Facebook Page:

If you haven’t had any designs done by Abla Azar, you’re missing out big time. Earlier this year in October she has designed a ‘Abayeh’ for me, for my Katb Ktaab, my favorite item in my closet to date. With over 20 years of experience under her belt, Abla Azar is known for traditional embroidery & modernized Arabesque clothing. All items are handmade by local women & men. We are also a boutique antique store with several unique items.              Personally I chose a verse of poetry by Nizar Qabani for my Abayah which says:

إنّي عشِقْتُكِ .. واتَّخذْتُ قَرَاري، فلِمَنْ أُقدِّمُ يا تُرى أَعْذَاري

لا سلطةً في الحُبِّ .. تعلو سُلْطتي، فالرأيُ رأيي .. والخيارُ خِياري


 #4 – Haya Awad – Fashion Attack 

Facebook Page:

The funny thing is, I took a few courses with Haya when I was doing my masters, and I’ve seen her face in several magazine spreads that featured her art, ironically, I was never able to connect the face to the art, until recently. Haya recently appeared on ‘Sabah Il Kheer ya Arab’ and was featured in numerous publications for her hip statements and using multi-dimensional concepts. Haya who is a mother, wife, and an artist, is also a project manager for a regional company here in Jordan, a graphic designer, and has recently earner her MBA. Check out her Facebook page, her work speaks volumes of creativity, and the colors and calligraphy are beyond words can describe.


#3 – Venus D. – Vevo Cafe 

Facebook Page: 

Sometimes you look at pictures of dessert online and you think you got lost on Pinterest again, but as it seems, you haven’t, I certainly drool when I look at the mouth-watering creations by Venus. I’ve also gotten the chance to try them on so many different occasions at gatherings and oh la la, I tell my self that calories are those little creatures in our closet that sew the clothes a little tighter every night.

 PS: I am not sure which is yummier, Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies or Caramel Cookies! Yum-O!



 #2 – Anonymous Author – Amman 

Facebook Page: 

So this is an anonymous person because I have no idea who is behind the page Amman that has around 265,577 likes on the Facebook page. But to all my fellow Ammani friends this is a page you have to LIKE if you haven’t already done so. The Facebook page is active with content of our beloved city, and it has quite a diverse variety of content, including photos, videos, and interactive posts. Only I wish, who the person behind it is.

Last but not least,

#1 – Oz Jundi – Software Engineer

Website Portfolio:

For those of you who know me, this is my Oz, my husband and all. Geeky as this may sound, I was astonished when I found out that my husband used to contribute to this website. Some of my friends who are involved in programming love it and love his contributions. Although I am being unbiased when I add him to this list as he doesn’t exactly contribute much to what I may find to my liking, I would love to honor him in being part of my 12 list this year.

That’s about it so far. Thank you for taking the time to read this sleepless post. If you have your own list of 12 that have inspired you in 2012, don’t be afraid to list them in the comments below, I will follow them and you never know, they might make it to my next list, ‘The 13 of 2013’.

Have a great New Year ahead everybody.


Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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