The Come Back: Sleepless in Amman is Back

The Come Back: Sleepless in Amman is Back
A fellow tweep and a good friend Peter Ryan and I we’re tweeting back and forth about my latest writers block and how for some reason i couldn’t get it out of my head and he suggested that perhaps the best way to over come a writers block is to blog about it. So here it goes:
For the past 3 weeks or so, I just saw Sleepless in Amman going down the drain faster that I could ever imagine. There are many moments when logging into the blog was pure frustration and I have considered shutting it down for good, but then again, i held back those thoughts every time and figured patience, its only going to be a matter of time before my thoughts start flooding my keyboard again.
To my surprise, today I had the urge to write, possibly because a million thoughts we’re running through my head at the same time, and at first i figured you know what I will write about that writers block, but that came up as an entire paragraph, nothing major if you ask me. But then again, as I sat back in my cubicle, a moment of clarity washed over me, and I realized why this whole writers block started three weeks ago.
So it all dates back to December 18th when I wrote my last blogpost at the time, come to think about it, a significant change happened to my life that day and not once has it occurred to me that that change was the reason behind my writers block. I have decided to quit my job at NYIT Jordan and submitted my resignation and started serving my one month notice effectively. So as it turns out my letter of resignation was the last words and thoughts that I have written since December.
See it’s true what they say, people resist change, now i wasn’t exactly resisting it per say, after all i did resign because I believed that somewhere out-there i could actually invest in my self and enhance my career, but after 5 years of working, studying and socializing with everyone at NYIT, it felt weird that I had the courage to walk away. I still drop by at least 4 times a week for classes, but even that is different. Because as for now, NYIT is where am doing my masters degree, but I am not there 9-6, messing around with Hadi (The Dean of Students), Trying to figure out what to order in every day and debating with Nadeen on what we should be eating and most of all, not enjoying the occasional sense of humor of my boss Mahmoud, see for a quiet guy he really doesn’t say much, but if he’s in a “talkative mood”  – the whole office joins the conversation, after all that small office of four was my daily joy.
I cannot believe it took me three weeks to realize i couldn’t write because of that, but as I sit in my cubicle at my new job, i cant help but sit back after my lunch break and wonder, how fast 5 o’clock can strike so i can go to NYIT and say hello. Don’t get me wrong, the new job is awesome, people are nice, the view is sensational, a blend of a residential area and what seems to be an endless street with everything you could possibly think of lying there, and i cannot wait to over stuff my little space to make it my own and make this cubicle my new home for the next year or so.
With that said, I can finally admit the following, my writers block was caused by great fear, fear of the unknown when i resigned my position at NYIT knowing that I wanted to tackle new challenges in life, but yet again not knowing where this road could lead.  But now, I know this much, I am ready to face whatever life throws my way in 2011, and hope that all of you beautiful people out there will be able to do the same.
The comeback is official … Sleepless in Amman is back to blogging!

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  1. 1.You have a CUBICAL nowww! Not an office anymore! Haha
    2.Btw – You missed the “gossip” part  I thought YOU enjoyed it! One can’t really gossip with Mahmoud or Hadi unless they initiate it nor have time for it! #Sucks
    3.HEY! The office of four can still be your daily humor! & yes, it is still the office of four rather than three 
    4.You had your lunch break? What did you have? We had Deeritna lol
    5.It will be 5 in approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, so HURRY UP!

    • (1) LOL Yea I have a cubicle now not an office – my heart is breaking 🙁
      (2) I did not miss the gossip part – I left it out incase Mahmoud or Hadi read this.. but I miss that for sure, I’ll pass by tomorrow at 5:00 for a gossip dose
      (3) Yes the office of four will always be my daily humor – as a matter of fact I will be cloning my self soon and sending over my imaginary clone to take over my office space
      (4) Yes I did, I had Faroojna – Sheesh Tawooq like yesterday bas without the batata
      (5) It will be 5 in an hour – I am so passing by 🙂 If not, then tomorrow is the big day – I’ll come over the minute am done with work! Cant wait…

  2. Welcome back 🙂 I blog the most when I have writer’s block or a deadline.

    Life changes are a normal time to stop blogging, but I am glad you decided to make it a part of this season of life too.

  3. Awaiting 🙂

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