The Final Count Down to MENA ICT!

The Final Count Down to MENA ICT!

The most anticipated event of the year will start in about 9 hours! The MENA ICT Forum!!! Personally I am very excited, I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep, as a matter of fact I need to be awake in 6 hours, and am not exactly sure on how that’s going to happen if I’m out here blogging tonight instead of sleeping, but I figured, hey, if I’m not sleeping, I might as well be sharing some thoughts with you before the big day begins!

Earlier tonight I met up with Ruba Abu Judeh, Zamil Safwan, Saif Haddad and Mohammad Tarakiyee at the Business Park, where we witnessed the final touches of the set-up, rehearsals of some of the speeches, and the amazing buzz of putting everything together when the event is less than 12 hours away! As a matter of fact we missed Ibrahim Manna and Rani Dababneh who couldn’t join us tonight!

If you follow me on twitter, I’ve tweeted some of the action that was going on there tonight and even gave a shout out to Mr. Werner Vogels, who has arrived to Amman around 8:30 tonight, and is currently getting some rest at his hotel! I was very honored to have been mentioned in a tweet by him that said: “@larahadi thank you for the very warm welcome to Jordan! I am looking forward to #MENAICT tomorrow.” I feel so special! I got a tweet mention from Werner Vogels him self!

Anyhow, moving on and acting like an adult again, I just wanted to let everyone know that an amazing team of ambassadors and bloggers will be tweeting and blogging live from the forum to let you know the inside scoop of what’s going on! So book mark the following Links:

The MENA ICT Official Twitter– Follow them  @MENAICT

The MENAICT Official YouTube

The MENAICT Official Facebook

The Tweets attending the MENA ICT Forum tomorrow

Zamil Safwan @Zsafwan

Ibrahim Manna @manna_87

Ruba Abu Judeh @abujudeh

Mohammad Tarakiyee @Tarakiyee

Rani Dababneh @ranidababneh

And Don’t forget to follow the Bloggers (and yes Sleepless in Amman is blogging live from there too)


Tarakiyee Blog

Enough links for one night! It’s time to me to get some sleep (fingers crossed), I seriously doubt that I would be getting sleep, as I’m so excited about tomorrow, but for now, I’ll just have to have enough redbull and coffee supply to make it throughout the day!

Good Night Amman, tomorrow we will make history!


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  1. Wishing you have lot’s of fun today lara. Will keep an eye on your blog to see what’s the buzz all about.

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