The Five W’s and the H of Social Media

The Five W's and the H of Social Media

Social Media Management is very similar of project management when it comes to operating and managing your social media project. This is done by treating each social media campaign as a project.

Say your company is specialized in manufacturing mobile phones; each campaign will be utilized to promote a phone to focus on the key selling points and promote it to the customer, and hence this campaign for x model of the mobile phone your promoting is considered a project.

One might argue that such a campaign or “project” may only be adaptable when discussing or promoting tangible products but it works for services as well. So for example if you’re a service, such as a medical service say a hospital, you can utilize each month to focus on a health issue, for instance October is Breast Cancer Month, so the focus can be on promoting the oncology department and hence this could be considered a project as well.

When organizing your next Social Media Campaign, you need toset the following 5 W’s and H, or in simple language:

What are you trying to achieve?

You want to educate your fans and prospective fans about your product/service by communicating with them on Social Media platforms because…?

Why are you addressing them?

Somehow similar to “What are you trying to achieve” yet a bit more detail. Assuming that you want to educate your fans about your service or product, what is your ultimate goal? User generated content? Generate sales leads? Etc…

Who are your audience?

This is very important because a 55 year old might not be active on Social Networking Sites like a 24 year old, but a 24 year old might not be interested in Antiques as a 55 year old etc… Defining your audience is an important step as it helps you define the When and Where segments of your 5W’s.

When should you address them?

This part is a bit tricky but not something you can’t figure out in your first week of campaigning when in Social Media is all about timing, are you audience night owls? Or morning people? Are they checking their Social Networking Sites during the weekends of during weekdays. Although consistency is key in social media you are excused the first week to measure and evaluate the best times to communicate online.

Where should you communicate with them?

The Golden rule of Social Media is go where the people are, don’t expect them to come to you. Basically: you don’t build a mansion in the middle of no-where and expect people to buy it, you build it in a high-end residential area where people will want to buy it. The same applies to Social Media, don’t expect people to come to you if you don’t go to them first. If their on Facebook, be there, If their tweeting, tweet with them etc…

How will you address them?

Each campaign is at risk of negative comments and feedback, the question is, how will they be tackled? How will your team or community manager address them? Think outside the box and except the worst before you kick off a Social Media campaign and decide when you should be quiet and when you should address negative comments, set standards of how you will address negative bashes on your campaign, because those standards will measure your success later on.

Last but not least, don’t forget: Monitor & Control! Just because you kicked off your project and went live, doesn’t mean you need to continue with your plan, in an ideal world it would make sense, but in the online world monitoring the results is important as you might learn along the line that the feedback isn’t as you have anticipated so your methodology would be completely different, maybe alter your media plan or the type of content shared on your platform.


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  1. This is very interesting Lara, there are a lot of articles out there on how to run your social channels which somehow miss out on the whole point of it being a social network, not an ADVERTISING tool.. show me how that product is going to be of benefit to me, don’t just shove it in my face with the price tag.. that’s not going to work 🙂 well.. i’m glad you’re writing about that especially that our audience in MENA is way different from that of the US or Europe or anywhere else..

    • Thanks for all the support you give me boo 🙂 Its people like you who keep me strong on blogging on Social Media related topics 🙂

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