The next chapter of Sleepless in Amman

The next chapter of Sleepless in Amman

There is something about this fast-paced life that has really gotten to me, and has managed to affect my love and dedication to Sleepless in Amman in ways I couldn’t imagine. I started this blog on August 8th, 2010, fast forward five years and I feel that I spend less time on this blog, and more on others. The core value of Sleepless in Amman was a reflection of myself, who I am, what I believe in, and merely an echo of my thoughts poured to your screen after they have been typed into what I usually like to refer to as vigorous key strokes, since I’m known to type at the speed that I think, freaky right? But yes, it’s true.

At some point, I felt that everything that I was stopped belonging here, and I ended up launching three other blogs, and that, I think was my biggest mistake. From day 1, I said that Sleepless in Amman “writes about this or that”, it was the beauty of my personal space, so having to consider and run four different platforms not only discouraged my writing, but only undermined a time that I have dedicated to myself a few times a week to just talk to everyone out there. So moving forward, I have decided to consolidate this blog into four categories:

The Mother, The Blogger, The Foodie, and Other.

So this is how I imagine this will work. Depending on what I have to say, I’ll file my thoughts into one of the categories above. As a working mother of a now four month old baby Hana, there are many times when I have something to say, and I end up writing it somewhere as a note on my phone, and just let go of my thoughts. So I’ll be dedicating a section on Sleepless just for that, because trust me, 5 years ago I was sleepless because I claimed insomnia – now I don’t even remember if I had insomnia, because that was a piece of cake in comparison to what motherhood is like.

“The Blogger” will pretty much have much to say about just about anything, I’ve ran this blog for 5 years, and I don’t see myself going off the grid anytime soon. So as long as I can commit five minutes to myself and my thoughts, I’ll definitely be sharing my two cents here and there.

“The Foodie” – a part of me that will never disappear! My love for food is like no other. I’m always on the look to trying new recipes or experiencing different cuisines. So whether it’s a review to an existing recipe, a place where I’ve dined, or a dish that I’ve whipped together in the comfort of my cozy kitchen, your growling stomach will definitely not thank you for reading this part of my blog, but I most definitely will.

So while I’d like to talk a little bit more, I have some pressing issues to deal with, and now that I’ve gotten this off my chest, I’d like to wish you a great day/evening, and invite you back to check out for future posts.

Stay in touch!



Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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  1. Thanks for “updating” us. It is good to plan & categorise; makes it a tad easier. Good luck in keeping up 🙂

    We share a “Hana” sleeplessness + the multiple joy (although my share of both of it is much smaller than my tired wife!). Our youngest is 13 months now though but still a crying machine at night 🙂 – looking forward 4 yr thoughts on that “category”.

    Not so keen myself on foodie, food is just food 😀 but I shall keep an eye on the newies!

    See u around

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