The sequel to happily ever after

The sequel to happily ever after

…and they lived together happily ever after” – how many times did we read those sentences at the end of a fairy tale as children?! I guess there is always a happily ever after in children books, but do they really exist? What do we teach our children when we read them such bedtime stories?
I personally don’t have children, but one day I know my husband and I will, and I’m not quite sure where I stand on reading Cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white and the 7 dwarfs, and similar classics, in fear of how they currently imply an unreal portrayal of love, relationships, work, and commitment in the long run.

Earlier tonight one of my friends shared a link on Facebook – “Artist Shows What Disney Princesses’ Happily-Ever-Afters Really Look Like” – the images which can be found here  are out of this world and real – in my opinion at least! What if you decide to write a sequel of happily ever after, on what reality would be like?

As an only child, I wasn’t fond of barbies – mainly because my mother tried to push me to going to the playground, and enhancing my social skills with play dates with friends, cousins, neighbors etc…so I grew up knowing the value of personal relations, and realistic expectations out of life.

With technology bombarding our everyday lives, I highly doubt this will be the case when it comes to my children! This generation is hooked to iPads, computers, and digital games, that going outside to play and getting dirty and scruffy, barely sounds like the scenario. Combing that with fairy tales that end up with happily ever afters with princesses that have been rescued by princes in a shining armor, simply screams out recipe for disaster!

While mom and dad provide a caring home for their little ones – the oyster at home is not what the world will offer! Reality does not have princesses in tiaras, that are being swept off their feet, and saved constantly, that are lavished with love and endless gifts.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the novelty of falling in love – I have, and I still am every day of my life – but relationships, whether dating, friendships, and even in my case – marriage – require alot of work, commitment, and keeping promises! Love is there, but how do you keep it? You work on it!

Prince Charming doesn’t exist, some of the traits might, but it’s never the complete package – every woman out there knows that her man has a thing or two that are special – these qualities keep their relationships strong, and going because they are admired by her constantly, but each man also has his vices! This applies the other way round as well! With that said, we’re all humans, our happily ever after will be the hard work, the commitment, the wrinkles, the tears, the milestones, and working to get there.

So once again, here’s a question: what if we pick up a blank book and write up the sequel to the happily ever after? Where do you see these princesses after that?




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