The WINNERS of the MENA ICT Forum Passes from Oasis 500 Competition!

The WINNERS of the MENA ICT Forum Passes from Oasis 500 Competition!

A few weeks ago I blogged about Oasis500 and their generous support to the MENA ICT Forum by giving away 30 passes to young entrepreneurs who wished to attend this years most promising event of all time, the MENA ICT Forum to be held on 10-10-10!

This was done via a video competition, where applicants where required to submit a video to the d1g platform, by telling the world about their business concept and why its unique in a video no longer than 2-3 minutes. The Competition started on the 5th of September and ended on the 29th of September at around 6:00 a.m.

Earlier this evening Oasis 500 announced a list of 22 winners on their website, those winners are:

1. Mohammad Jaradat – Neo7th – one link
2. Hussam Hammo – Mena Forum admission
3. Sohaib Thiab – Admission to the ICT forum competition
4. Adel yousef – wireless Stars – Inta Feen
5. Mohammad Azzam – The 3dPAD
6. Rasha Hussein – Bara3im
7. Fruit Teaser
8. Rami Al Qadi – Windullum
9. Masoud Al Helou – CCS – Child Care System
10. Michael Slage – Health engage
11. Mohammad Khatib – DoItThere
12. Ahmad Abu Qaoud – Quality Business Solutions
13. Amin Mowafi – Quality Business Solutions
14. Hussam Hattar – Credit Score Project
15. Mohammad Shatel – Hybrid Tech
16. Nidal Saed – PheeziaX
17. Yousef Wadi – Project Horizon
18. sm_hussein – Pject
19. Mazen Salah – COolar Project
20. Nidal Khoury – Starbldar
21. Jawdat Shammas – RightPixels

Research studies on the business start up process and on small business management tend to suggest that the typical age for setting up and running a business is over 30 and in many cases over 40 years. However, increasing focus is being placed in policy and research circles on the position of the younger entrepreneur.

High levels of unemployment among some groups of young people have partly fuelled this interest, with entrepreneurship being seen as one way out of the trap of social exclusion. It is also being suggested in some quarters that entrepreneurship might provide an outlet for the talents of many highly educated young people, such as university graduates, in areas such as information technology, biotechnology and other modern industries.

With potential young entrepreneurs like the winners mentioned above, I must say that the future of Jordan and the MENA area could benefit from them at some point in their lives, the generosity of Oasis500 by giving away the passes to those young entrepreneurs is truly inspiring and I deeply believe that it will make a difference one day.

I also admire the fact that Ahmad Abu Qaoud and Amin Mowafi from Quality Business Solutions submitted two different videos, although partners in one business each has their own mission and vision of where their business will stand in the future and why they deserve to win those passes. I must say all the winners deserved those passes, they have obviously invested in time, and thoughts to tell Jordan and the world why they deserve to join the MENA ICT Forum on 10-10-10 and they have earned it! I cannot wait to meet each one of them at the Forum and maybe come back sometime late next week and tell you all about those promising young entrepreneurs.

Congrats to all the Winner, they have earned it and then some…


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