There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs

Since the word alcoholic became a trend, it has become very common to have a word attached to –holic, workaholic for example! What I found really catch was Photoholics – addicted to taking photographs.

Photography is both an art and a science. Photography allows us to express our feeling and emotions, but to do so we need to master the scientific part of the medium. Unlike a painter, who is in direct contact with his subject and his canvas, a photographer is separated from his subject by the camera and from his “canvas” by computers and printers today and by darkroom equipment previously.

Since 1984, photoholics the newly rebranded name of Salam Studio’s has been providing Amman with the best services in town, or as Photoholics always say: Captivating a special moment, converting it into a memorable picture is the mission of Photoholics highly trained young team; where creative thinking and professional digital services craft the value of a single shot into a 1000 spoken words.

I have known Aladdin since freshmen year of college, we didn’t cross paths much on campus but we did have some mutual friends, it wasn’t until post graduation when most of us were struggling with our careers that we have crossed paths.

That’s when I learned that he is a dedicated, talented, hardworking young man, always striving to make himself and his business the best it could ever be. A Computer Graphics Graduation from the New York Institute of Technology, Aladdin is now the managing and creative director of Photoholics studios in Amman.

My first “business” like experience with Photoholics was in March, and it wasn’t really business as he has offered his services for free to support the fundraising gala dinner held by the united nations world food programme.

He was just there amidst the event with his camera, I remember he emailed me the pictures after the event, and I saw the CD with thousands of pictures covering the event that we’re taken by professional photographers at his studio, which were magnificent, and then I saw his, I was speechless. It was beyond me to comprehend the fact that a man who was busy rushing videographers and photographers at such an elite event, could hold his camera and capture the most memorable photo’s of a lifetime, there was something about those pictures that was so unique, it wasn’t the lightening, the shade or the angle of the pictures, but believe it or not, although they were still images, you could say they we’re taken with passion.

When it comes to Aladdin after being asked why photography, he said:  “Photography is the way a person expresses him/her self or help people deliver a very important or memorable message in one picture…its art”

I caught Aladdin on facebook today, and got the chance to ask him the weirdest question on the face of earth, in my opinion ofcourse, I asked him which one he favors the most, digital cameras, or traditional camera’s (you know the ones you used to have with the film.)

Each type has its time and tools that must be used in the accuracy and professionalism in its time. Old film cameras are the foundation that is developed over time to get to the technology of Digital cameras. The basis of photography and concepts are one no matter where technology would lead us.

It’s a great pleasure for me to know someone like that, I always admire a man or a woman for pursuing their dreams, enjoying the jobs and making their careers something passionate, after all one of the most famous theories of life is “work like you don’t need the money”

For more information about Photoholics, book mark their website or find them on Facebook @

The most important thing as Aladdin always says, is  that photography is all about sense, art, and the only precious thing that would stay along with anyone..


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