Top 5 Things I can’t live without

Top 5 Things I can't live without

Ever wonder if you had to limit your self to 5 items that you can’t live without what would you pick? Honestly speaking if I REALLY had to narrow down my options, I’d have to go for …




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  1. 5 Things I can’t Live Without:

    1. My Notebook: I feel like I’m no one without the thoughts in my head, putting them on paper makes me feel more real as I am introducing my thoughts to life the medium which will turn them to action.

    2. My Cigarettes: Yes I know they will kill me, but for the time being they’ve been with me through every step of the road, they don’t complain, don’t criticize, don’t talk and don’t listen. It’s just there for me. My ultimate consolidator.

    3. My Friends: They are my mirror that keeps reminding me of who I am, the ones I totally offer myself to willingly and with a huge smile on my face. The ones that make the ride worth while.

    4. Music: No need to explain this one. The word says it all.

    5. My Undies: Yes I know… and I can’t help it. I feel like skydiving without a parachute when I’m not wearing one… just doesn’t work for me 🙂

  2. me = #6? lool “joke”

    I know ,, I know ,, I`m # 7


    marzoog! hmmmmm
    do we need to ask! 😛

    • LOL Marzooog is a long story but oh well since you asked or hinted for the matter, long story short, I bought my first car before I had a licence and the jokes were within the lines of “7aram il sayara enrazgat bi wa7deh ma ma3ha rokhsa” and hence the name.

      So you don’t have any top 5 things you can’t live without? Aslan into kolkoum haik jama3et il H.R 😀

  3. well, now that u do have a license (u do, right! :P) u need a new name 🙂

    HRers,,, r .. nice!

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