Tweeps attacking Queen Rania on Twitter :(

Tweeps attacking Queen Rania on Twitter :(

I was catching up with some folks on twitter today only to find out that a dear friend of mine, got blocked for telling people to back and off and stop talking about our King and Queen. As it turns out, a user with the twitter handle @3arabawy mentioned her Majesty Queen Rania in a Tweet saying “@QueenRania I honestly think you should start palace-hunting in Jeddah, coz u and your husband are next. #sidibouzid #Tunaisia #Jordan” Oh My God what the hell?!

As it turns out the twitter handle @3arabawy is actually Hossam el-Hamalawy an Egyptian journalist from Cairo; his website is: “” and his tweet was quoted in the LA Times earlier this morning, in an article called  “MIDDLE EAST: Activists, Arab leaders on edge as Tunisia hangs in the balance” where they said: “Queen Rania of Jordan became the butt of many ominious jokes over the weekend when she tweeted that she was “watching developments in Tunisia and praying for stability and calm for its people.” She was met with a barrage of Twitter taunts, including “lol Jordan is next!” and “start palace hunting in Jedda.” Source: []

Well Guess What Los Angeles Times, the bashes, and the ominious jokes weren’t even by Jordanians, but by hating Egyptians who are not even loyal to their own leader . At least us Jordanians are loyal to our country and our King and Queen. We love our Queen … and if #AngryJordan was anything, it was a day for Jordanian’s to vent out and express themselves. Tunis has been suffering for 23 years now before their people have exploded, they have suffered corruption, extreme unemployment and mostly an extreme regime to lead Tunis to what it has become today. Yes Jordan is a poor country, true we do have corruption and unemployment, but we don’t have people arrested left and right and tortured, we have leaders, working for a better Jordan, for today and for the future, we have a democratically elected government for God’s sake, so who the hell is Hossam el-Hamalawy to tell our Queen to start palace-hunting in Jeddah huh? What about Egypt? And their corruption, if anyone is next in line after Tunisia, Egypt should be the first on the list, in my point of view at least, so the least I could say to such a person is, before you go attacking the leaders of other counties, how about you try to fix your corrupt country first?

What do you fellow Jordanian’s think? I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter…


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  1. What is scaring me is, there is a wave of revolt going around in the Middle East.

    I’m with people voicing their frustration, but I also worry of outsiders jumping on-board

    • I hear you Shusmo, outsiders will never understand the love of Jordanians to their country, and because of all the revolts in the region, automatically think they can jump on board and judge and forecast our future. This is just sad and frustrating…

  2. You mentioned that “we have a democratically elected government for God’s sake” in the last paragraph. Do people elect governments in Jordan? I think you meant Parliament.

    • Of-course I meant Parliament 🙂 But isn’t the Parliament part of the government? Parliament is the legislative part of the State. Government is the Cabinet – the committee of His Majesty’s Council charged with executing law which is enacted by Parliament, as well as responding to events. Members of the government are also Members of Parliament, but not all Members of Parliament are part of the government. Isnt that right?

  3. What I found really funny, is that I got blocked for replying about the above from the user on twitter.

    now what I found even funnier is the fact that last time I checked Egypt had a population of 77,231,905 million, which considering we have at least 3 million of those in Jordan working here and none of them are happy with the current government which has been in command before I was even born..And they are all here because they can’t find jobs in Egypt. Yet we get two stupid journalist/activist on twitter talking about US? Which one of them doesn’t even live in Egypt, more like Switzerland…
    All I am saying is that, if you have something to say, maybe you should look at your own country first, then maybe after you fix it, you can talk about mine.
    We do have problems in Jordan, and we are always working to fix them. Like the other day in the news, everyone was saying prices are high, so His Majesty done something about it.
    Hossam, when was the last time your ACTING KING considering he thinks he is a king has done anything like that. Wasn’t there someone today the set himself on fire because he is not happy about the government there?? Did you do anything about that, you are 77 million and some change, I might be wrong but I think you out number them, maybe you should grow some balls, then sit behind a computer..
    Twitted by @AlyaaGad
    مواطن يشعل النار في نفسه أمام مجلس الشعب وهو يهتف ضد أمن الدولة #Egypt
    Enjoy your day everyone, and Hossam….GET A LIFE

  4. I just replied to this ignorant journalist. Whatever he says he shouldn’t attack her like that. She’s a queen & a public figure that shouldn’t be addressed except in an objective way.
    When we attack Mubarak we attack his government because it is not right. Egyptians are thrown here & there working for minimum wage while he sits on his throne like a pharaoh.

    • Hahaha oh yea Salwa very true – Dont you think it’s pathetic that instead of attacking the public figures of his own country he decided to attack our King and Queen… But then again, on1tire commented a while ago and said “Egypt had a population of 77,231,905 million, which considering we have at least 3 million of those in Jordan working here and none of them are happy with the current government which has been in command before I was even born..And they are all here because they can’t find jobs in Egypt” … So well, he can rot in hell for all I care about … I just really hope this Hosam guy plans to visit Jordan some time soon, because I dont think Jordanian’s will let him walk out of our country alive,

  5. Someone scared : January 17, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    I’m totally against bashing a queen on Twitter, and totally against comparing the situation of Tunis to Jordan.
    I do believe that Queen Rania is developing a “Mary Antoinette” issue with the majority of the less-than-fortunate class of the country, that sooner or later will emerge to the surface is she (or Royal Court) don’t do something to address the situation.

    However, not twitter (or online venues), nor the ugly manner in which it was portrayed above is appropriate, or will ever be right!

    • Well “Someone Scared” have you read history books? Mary Antoinette is well known for the phrase “Let them eat cake” which is often attributed to Marie Antoinette. However, there is no evidence to support that she ever uttered this phrase, and it is now generally regarded as a “journalistic cliché”. It originally appeared in Book VI of the first part (finished in 1767, published in 1782) of Rousseau’s putative autobiographical work, Les Confessions. If you do some deep reading into the French Revolution History you would learn that stories of Antoinette’s excesses are vastly overstated. In fact, rather than ignoring France’s growing financial crisis, she reduced the royal household staff, eliminating many unnecessary positions that were based solely on privilege. In the process she offended the nobles, adding their condemnation to the scandalous stories spread by royal hopefuls. It was the nobility that balked at the financial reforms the government ministers tried to make, not the King and Queen, who were in favor of change.

      So am not sure which “Mary Antoinette” Issue your referring to… But I really hope you weren’t referring to the “Let them eat Cake” Antoinette ….

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Asem, RaniaWreikat and Madi D.. Madi D. said: +1 RT @larahadi: I found out that Tweeps r attacking @QueenRania on Twitter 🙁 I'm against this – read,share ur thoughts […]

  7. The fact that Queen Rania is of a VERY VERY, and I mean VERY, few royals – that have proven their existence on social media, and made the effort needed to try and connect with people on national and international level, not to mention her continuous efforts in trying to change the perspective of foreigners (who get blinded by their selective media) that the Arab world, as well as Jordan, is NOT as they believe, – makes me proud! Her presence on Twitter shouldn’t be a reason to be attacked by people who CANNOT change the situation at their own country so they simply try to provoke others.

    I am a Christian Jordanian, and let me say this: I AM F*CKING HAPPY that I live in Jordan where I am not threatened or endangered because of my religion! I can go to church, celebrate Christmas and Easter, without having to worry about getting shot, bombed or threatened!
    If you freaking wish for change, START WITH YOUR OWN SELF and your own country before jumping on to others.

    I saw their comments earlier, as well as other user @NoraShalaby who tweeted “U & and ur hubby r next RT @QueenRania Closely watching developments in #Tunisia and praying for stability and calm for its people. 10:41 AM Jan 15th via TweetDeck”
    The reason I didn’t reply, is that, I saw it being pointless. They could care less about their own country, so what would make them care about what I have to say to their bashing of my country and Queen? They’re just fire starters, and attention seekers – or else that @3arabawy guy wouldn’t have been proud about LA Times quoting him.

  8. I would like to make a comment as an “outsider”. I am American and living in Jordan for the past 2 years. In that time I have come to call it home. We do have problems in Jordan, yes, but we also have so many good things here; not the least of which is the generosity and hospitality of the people here. I follow Her Majesty on Twitter and I follow both the King and Queen on Facebook. I have read writings from both of them and listened to their words when they have spoken publicly. Her Majesty, especially touches my heart with her love and compassion for the people of Jordan, especially the poorest and most disadvantaged. As a transplanted person I am happy and proud to call her “my Queen”. I would like to spend some “quality time” with those people who attacked her on the internet. They need to learn how to address a Queen! I can’t imagine being happy living anywhere else in the world!

    • Jim, such a short comment, yet powerful and sweet words. Believe it or not, I have a big smile on my face knowing that unlike other outsiders someone else loves the Queen and refers to her as MY QUEEN, and well I couldn’t agree more with what you have said. Thank you 🙂

      • I dont think his words are sweet and powerful. i think they subjective and not objective,
        Why the queen opens hospitals in Jordan and if she feels sick she goes abroad?
        Does queen elizabeth do that?

  9. Wow!!

    You guys are OBVIOUSLY living in the West Amman / Abdoun bubble, driving Mercedez and carrying Blackberries, paying 40 JD for your monthly phone bill. Before I continue, here’s a nice statistic I learned when I worked at one of the telecommunication companies in Jordan this summer. 3% of Jordanians pay 40JD or more a month for their phone bill. 60% pay 7 JDs or less and more than half of those pay 1 JD just to keep their line activated because they cannot afford to make phone calls and just want to receive calls.

    Our parliament district law is UNEVEN because the King and the government know that the majority are Muslim Brotherhood supporters i.e: Muslim extremists and Palestinian origin. Yes they love Jordan, but they HATE the government and its leader! The government is a secular muslim government. i.e: 5% of the population. The 3% Christians would obviously favor this government over the Muslim Brotherhood, therefore 8% are ruling the rest! Although I oppose the Muslim Brotherhood, one must say what is just. In a democracy, the leader leads in the name of the people. So the majority WINS. We have a government that does not represent the people. Otherwise, the Parliament voting law would be fair..

    Let me bring your attention to something to prove my point. Our Queen goes up to podiums and speaks wearing sleeveless modern clothes. Yes, the majority of us here will say “so what?”. I am not saying anything is wrong with that. But who protects the King? The military.. Show me ONE military personnel that will allow his wife/sister to go appear like that. This shows that the government is NOT the majority. Ultimate power is in the hands of one person. We are NOT a democracy.

    You mentioned Tunisia has been suffering for 23 years. What about Jordan?! Tell me! What do you a call a steady 14% inflation, no increase in wage AND a fake official unemployment rate of 13% (its really 30%)?! Have you ever heard about a prime minister pushing an agenda to tackle and decrease inflation and unemployment!! If you guys learned economics, inflation and unemployment are tradeoffs (according to Phillips Curve). What Jordan has been experienced for years is STAGFLATION. Meaning, inflation and unemployment are persistently high! Developed countries freak the fuck out if they experience this and only focus to fix this. Our leaders DONT GIVE A SHIT.

    Stop living in a bubble – go out and mingle with the ordinary Joe in Jordan. Look how poor they are and how SICK they are from corruption. Go read about Mawared, a state-owned company that the government admitted 120 million JOD “disappeared” from recently. 120 MILLION JD! This can feed the poor in Jordan for the next 5 years!

    • How very charming of you to actually Stereotype people out here. you cannot prejudice that the readers of this blog carry BlackBerrries and live in Abdoun or West Amman or Whatever it is your throwing our way. Your right 120 Million JDs can feed the poor in Jordan, and I never said that we live on a rainbow with gremlins dancing on top of it, Jordan has corruption, just like any other country in the world, no one on this earth lives in a corruption-free country, but guess what? That doesnt mean people can go bashing and trash talking our Queen.

      And You know what, SO WHAT if our Queen walks up to podiums wearing a Sleeveless Modern Clothes, Ever heard of something called a personal freedom, if anything please remember this: “Your Freedom and right to judge people stops when the rights of others begins.”

      Most of us dont live in a bubble Mr. Copty… You live in the states don’t you? Maybe you should visit Amman more often and learn that even those that people stereotype as “people living in a bubble” do understand the poverty and corruption in our country and many of us actually try to reach out and make a difference, but it’s people like you who stereotype and create a division in our community.

  10. You know what guys, damn all the haters. The hate in their hearts only strengths our endless love to their majesties and our beloved Ordonna. Nobody outside Jordan can figure out the formula of this unconditional love because WE; people of this land deserved the best for being the best. I swear i’d feel the same way even if I was forced to crawl over ice which would never happen here, you Egyptians faggots.

  11. Wow, people need to have some respect. If anyone needs to hide out anywhere, I suggest these tweeters do, the whole Jordanian population will hunt them down if needed.
    There is nothing wrong with demonstrations, this just shows that Jordan supports democracy and allowing its people freedom of speech. The demonstrations were not chaotic, in fact people where handing olive tree branches to the police in Karak sending a message of a peaceful demonstration where people can voice their opinions and concerns.
    We don’t have to worry about terrorists, factions, gangs, political warfare, torture, civil war, or any sort of chaotic situation.
    Yes we have problems, but what country doesn’t?? But what we also have are change agents working day and night to create a better future for all Jordanians.
    So dear tweeters, please don’t make uneducated comments and compare Jordan to Tunis, or even attack our leaders or any another country without looking at your own problems. Sincerely,the knowledgeable Jordanian Citizens.

  12. @Lara, she said croissant, not cake… and the Marie Antoinette issue is commonly recognized as a specific issue, even if the person was surely complex. Sometimes in history (and in the History Books that apparently you so much like to read) some people of situations are taken as representatives of a certain attitude regardless of their inmost complexities.
    This sayd, I think that if one exposes him/herself making comments on such a broad media like twitter, he/she expects every sort of reaction. So praise goes to whom decides non to fear criticism and jokes and send out his/her thoughts anyways. Praise goes for his/her tolerance, opennes and honesty. We should learn this from HM in this occasion and set aside useless aggressivenes towards someone that has expressed his opinion even though not very respectful way. Again, tolerance is the key to social peace, and HM is the person we should all learn from on this.


    • Actually I enjoy reading, regardless of the fact that I sensed sarcasm in your comment above, but thats ok.

      Anyhow, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, an Egyptian journalist wanted to bash the Queen, it’s up to him, but I am also entitled to write down my thoughts and opinions about my love for the Queen and my disapproval for the way he has addressed her. At the end of the day people are entitled to their own opinions, and well I expressed mine.

  13. Lara,
    at first, I was going to write this in Arabic, since am an arab talking to an arab about an arab citizen being attacked by another arab citizen over a concern about some events taking place in a 3rd arab country, but apparently, everyone here is more comfortable talking in English, so, English it is.

    Let me tell you first, I do appreciate your love to your countrykingqueen, it’s really nice and all, but what is it with you and double standards ^o)?
    You love someone, that’s OK. You misguidedly confuse your love for Jordan with your love for Jordan’s rulers, and that’s not OK. Country’s representatives are NOT constant figures. Attacking someone who is a king or queen or a president, doesn’t mean they’re attacking the country itself. Plus, you’re not OK with stereotyping -as per mentioned in your reply to Jordanian1-, but you went on bashing whomever attacked Queen Rania? a BIT stereotyping there, isn’t it?

    YES, a lot of Egyptians are not content with the current circumstances in Egypt. Yes, a lot of us wish for change, and are working for it. Yes, a lot of us publicly oppose Mubarak, and you know why ? coz we choose to be loyal to EGYPT instead of being loyal to a person. Now I realize that this is a somehow tough concept for someone who has been living under royal state since birth, but hey, 38 years ago, being royal to Jordan and NOT to king Hussein meant that you opposed him tipping off the US government about Egypt & Syria’s strike to Israel.
    People are loyal to an entity or a purpose or an idea, and opposing people doesn’t classify you as a traitor, opposing King Abdullah or Queen Rania or Mubarak or Zein El-Abdeen doesn’t qualify someone as being a traitor or a non-loyal person, it may just mean, that they’re loyal to a more superior entity.
    And btw, numbers speak way better than feelings, so, try reading Jordanian1’s post again, maybe things are not as good as you see them.

    Best regards,
    Sherif, from Egypt

    • Hi Shareef,

      You can feel free to comment in Arabic 🙂 I love comments and appreciate them in both Language.
      Thank you for leaving a comment on Sleepless in Amman, as a matter of fact, perhaps your right about the Stereotyping, but don’t get me wrong, I love both the Queen and my country, so my love isn’t only for HM Queen Rania but also for Jordan as a country.

      What pissed me off the most, is not the fact that someone out there doesnt like or love the Queen of Jordan, people are entitled to their own opinion, but it really hurt me that someone would address a Public Figure like HM Queen Rania by saying something like “You should go palace hunting in Jeddah your next” followed by “The King and Queen of Jordan will soon burn” or something within that scope. Hating/Disliking someone is something, and disrespecting people who are loved by many to show your disapproval is something else.

      And you know what, no things are not that good at Jordan, we are a country with no resources of our own and is a very poor country indeed, we’ve been struggling forever and the last financial crisis has created two classes in Jordan the rich and the poor and I am extremely aware of that. I am a huge supporter of the #AngryJordan and the protests that have been taking place around the Kingdom regarding the rising prices, however, I love my country and most of all I have faith in my country … and I know deep inside that AngryJordan is the Jordanian Citizens venting for what they believe their entitled to and will make a difference. And I cant wait for the day when our country stands up on it’s own feet again 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Sherif, your opinion really matters …

  14. Bashing the Queen.. And via twitter.
    There’s one thing I’ve learned ever since I became a part of leadership and it is this: When men and women are afraid to face the man in position, they start lashing out at the woman. The woman takes more attacks than her husband does and this is why these women have tough skin. Y3ane.. They can take it. BUT.. Know this.. When they start attacking the woman, the followers of her better take care of those who are attacking her, and quickly. Because it is these people who cause an uprising of like minds and confusion to the border-lined loyal.
    Close this guy down.

  15. It’s funny how after Tunisia’s uprising, every Arab has turned into a master revolutionist AKA Che Guevara’s lost brother (On Twitter/FB mind you, not on the streets where they’re supposed to be). Our ‘fellow’ Arabs need to stop minding their neighboring countries’ politics, and start looking into their own corrupted backyards instead. If you have something to say, go out and say it loud on your own streets.

    Jordan is a country with very limited natural resources (Especially water). We are mainly dependent on foreign aid and tourism, which is not much to say the least. Yet it’s one of the most stable countries in the region, literacy is one of the highest in the Arab world, and with the ICT sector growing rapidly you don’t see the government blocking websites and arresting bloggers left and right, and no one can deny the King’s role in all that. Of course it’s not all perfect; Poverty, unemployment and national debt are on the rise, the government need to act quickly and change it’s direction before things get out of control.

  16. I must have read Jordanian1 and Sherifs post about 3 times already, and every time I am shocked of both people.
    To start with Jordanian 1 and his West Amman bubble. My phone bill is 120-150 JD per month if I am in the country, and jumps to 250-350 if I leave the country. I don’t have a Mercedes; I have something better with a 5400cc engine V8 which takes about 100 JDs to fill up every week. So I guess I fall in the 3% you went rambling about! And that is my friend when I tell you that you are so wrong. Let me give you a small background check about me.
    To start I might live in West Amman if you call Tla3 El 3ale West Amman, but I sure in hell didn’t grow up there and to be honest I am glad I didn’t because that is what made me who I am today. By now you are wondering where I did grow up. Well I grew up in Sahab, if you don’t know where that is, it’s right next to the big jail in Jordan, it is where everyone buys their guns, drugs, and everything else you can think of. Not the nicest place in Jordan.
    By now you are thinking, my dad left me land in Madaba or something, and the answer to that is “I wish” my dad passed away when I was 10, and my brothers raised me and we didn’t have shit. My brothers used to work all day so they can buy my books.
    The problem with you Jordanian 1 is that you think everyone in Jordan under the poverty line is there due to government which is not the case. If you really want to dig out of a hole, all you need to do is DIG.
    I finished school and university and from there got my first job at McDs and little by little dug myself out and made something of myself. The problem is and I really hate to say it, we and I mean a BIG we have become too depended on extra help we got from whoever not just government. I have friends and family that are like that, every time I see them, all they do is bitch yet none of them even tried to work hard. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones, but I am only because I have tried…the King and the Queen had nothing to do with it, just your own well.
    With regards to your comment about Mawared 120 million, guess what every country has their problems; at least it was 120 million not more which they admitted it. Have you heard of Enron? That was in the billions, and what did they get not even 1 billion back and 2 years in jail, and that is the United States which is one of the top countries. Anyways, maybe you should spend more time with those who you say that are less privileged and see if they try to dig out because last time I checked, they all have brains like you and I do.
    Regarding Sherif, I only have one thing that got me there which was talking about the Late King Hussein, Allah Yera7mo, about Egypt Syria and Israel. That event is maybe what made every Arab hate the King, BUT it is also what made the King so great in the eyes of every Jordanian. The King was simply looking after his people, nothing more nothing less. What else do you expect form a great King? Save the world, kills the Jews? Man I have a 3 year old and it is hard enough looking after him, let alone a country. If I was in his shoes back then, I would have done the same thing to save Jordan, after all Israel is the only reason why Jordan is the only country in the region that is stable.

  17. This is absolute bullshit – and I bet that half of the people who commented here didn’t finish the article until the end before they left their silly comments. He’s a reporter and that’s what he was exactly doing: reporting. The fact that he reported what happened on Twitter doesn’t essentially mean that he is attacking HM – so there is no need for sensationalizing here. It is what it is and we all know that once you go on social media, you need to take criticism like a man (or woman).

    Actually, I find that the article provided a refreshing outlook, especially on America and France’s stance on this whole situation (hint: read the last paragraph of the article).

    I loved on1tire’s comment, and do agree with most of it, but until the Queen stops wearing dresses that cost more than Jordan’s annual GDP per capital, she doesn’t get my sympathy.

  18. Long live Jordan and Jordanians , I pray for the stability of my home country Jordan and wish that will be the best in the world. I hope I am in a position to provide small advise to our Queen, for the sake of Jordan stability, for the sake of our beloved King position infront of his people, please stop acting like Hollywood movie stars and stop posing in every fashion magazine. Your majesty, you need to realize that your love to be in front of the camera is actually working against you and against Jordan, you are getting lots of attention from the West as a fashion Idol who has more dresses than Paris Hilton. If you are really serious about improving Jordanians standard of living, with all humbleness; I say please reduce your interference in Politics, step away from the camera, stop imitating Lady Diana and stop spending millions on your attire, focus on getting results instead of speeches, at then you will get unlimited support from the majority of poor Jordanians and at then I will start believing what you claim to be on TV.

    Signed by true Jordanian who has unlimited love and loyalty to beloved Jordan

    • This is right on the money! I am not Jordanian, but have many friends who are. And they are some of the greatest people I have ever met. Honest, loyal, giving and the Queen needs to become a little more humble like they are. I understand her need to be in the spotlight. This is important especially to gain favor from the rest of the world since it’s all about popularity sadly. So she is on the right track except she does not need to go over the top. No need to spend so much money when the country needs it more. She should give of herself more not just in pictures.But really get involved and make things happen from the ground with the actual people of Jordan. Tone down her appearance and the dresses. And she will be alright. That being said, I am from America and even our country has unemployment, crime and corruption and the politicians never go hungry, always have lots of cars, food, clothes, parties..every countries leaders do this. I think it is wrong for them to do when their own country suffers. But it is how it is all over the world. Queen Rania is not the only one doing such things. The world could use REAL humble leaders that truly care and get down and dirty with its people.

      • BUT!! I have to add that Queen Rania should not be attacked by anyone in words or other. She is doing what she feels is best. Everyone does things differently and most Jordanians are loyal to her and the family. So regardless of how she likes to be in the spotlight, somehow it is working in her favor. I wish I could just push a PEACE button somewhere and the entire world will get along! God Bless 🙂

  19. GOD Bless the King, Jordan, Jordanians and the Royal family

    To Sherif from Egypt, we are loyal to Jordan and to the Hashemite family and we will defend them against anyone who tries to “GOD Forbid” Harm them, We have seen revolutions in the Arab World and seen the results, being in a Kingdom like Jordan is way far better than “what claimed to be” democratic Egypt or Syria. Arabs do not know what democracy mean, Islamists are waiting to hunt any moment of instability to take over and that is something WILL NEVER Happen in Jordan or at least over my dead body

    GOD Bless the King, Jordan, Jordanians and the Royal family

  20. Lara I think you should let it go my dear, “Queen” Rania brought this on herself, she does not know when to stop… “youtube, facebook, and twitter” why? other than publicity, and only publicity that serves no one but the Queen herself.
    Taking a good picture and using Jordanians’ aid money in an illegitimate fashion to carry on her get rich fast project is not justifiable. People in Jordan are also sleepless in Amman Lara but not because they are great writers like yourself, but because “corrupion” is a word that Jordan was never familiar with up until Queen Rania started flexing her muscles in Jordan; allowing her friends and her family “the Yassins” to run loose in Jordan. A Queen should be a Queen and not a wanna-be-model.

  21. The publicity of her queen put Jordan on the map, and stimulates the economy.. Sometimes I think its pointless to argue with someone that hates.. But to be honest Jordan WILL and always remain.. A beautiful country, and couldnt be better led by anyone other than our king and queen.. so before you take the dipers off,and stop crying.. stop hating.. And if you care about your country the first thing you need to Stop doing is bad-mouthing it and its leadership. Jordan First!

  22. People like you Mike Nizam causes the conflicts. while I agree with you on the publicity of her Majesty that we respect. but your statement ” the publicity of her queen put Jordan on the map” is actually an insult to the history of Jordan, the Hashimate family and all of Jordanians who are working hard to keep our country standing high with strong presence on the map. Jordan presence on the map started way before you were born, with King Abdullah the first, through his majesty King Hussein (God bless his soul) to the present beloved king of Jordan King Abdullah. I think we should all agree that we want to keep our country stable, strong and standing high and not listen to those who are trying to instill conflicts in our beloved Jordan.

    Did you forget the late King Hussein (GOD bless his soul) and present King Abdullah (God bless him) and the Hashimate family.

    The funeral of the late King (God bless his soul) showed the whole world how strong Jordan is with its proud, hard working and intelligent people and how loyal Jordanians are to the Royal family.

  23. Mike don’t get it twisted dear! Let me tell you who put Jordan on the map … king Hussein did, with his wise leadership Jordan actually became bigger than ever. That is regarding “the Map” idiotic comment you made which by the way seems to be the thing to say now a days for a brainless punks like yourself.

    You attack me for posting my opinion… well at least I think, I am free to speak my mind, and express myself in a way that SLAVES like you never will, because they simply can’t  so talking about dipers which seems to occupy a huge area of your brains is uncalled for. If you don’t have the knowledge and the sophistication to find a way to prove me wrong; then don’t argue with me.

  24. I would respect any national figure if they give something valuable to their country , but in the case of the “queen” and her husband the “king” who have been spending our money lavishly without any public scrutiny or accountability then I think you before I will have problem with ,AND also I abhor THE WAY you use the word “outsiders” since you didn’t notice the world had become very very very small village .. thanks for the opportunity!

  25. Please sleepless , when you use the word “Jordanians” be carfull because you don’t speak on my behalf or someone’els behalf, you should always use the noun I when you address anybody , because you will always represent yourself and only yourself

  26. May Allah protect our KIng and Queen and their family, and the whole Hashemites. Jordan is a country that stands on nothing but the efforts of the royal family, they have made it out of nothing, a country that is poor and lacks essential resources, yet people are living well, and we are one of the most coubtries with external employments, so no one speaks of unemployment, peopel in Jordan act as people of Gulf! they do not work any type of work, they want to be served!!

  27. I have read most of the comments posted, and I have to say I am rather flabbergasted by the degree of political awareness reflected by much of what has been posted. Nonetheless, Jordan is an amazing country by all means and that is true for 2 reasons. “ Security and Stability”. If one reads the Quran GOD has pointed out the tow essential pillars necessarily required to establish a vibrant healthy society,
    أطعمهم من جوع وآمنهم من خوف
    Jordan perhaps among the poorest in natural resources, and amongst the weakest if compared to neighboring states militarily continues to be among the most prosperous and secure nations in the middle east. Standards of living are relatively high compared to Syria and Iraq, two countries with ample resources, and by GOD’s grace our people live in harmony ever so needed by our brothers in Iraq. No one sect takes control over key governmental posts like Syria but in contrast a social status quo that has become part of who we are. But we can’t fathom the idea that all is fair and square, for sure there is work to be done. I hope that our leaders realize the importance of minimizing corruption, a natural impedance of progressive and free economy. I hope Money capitalists in Jordan translate their commitment to Jordan by pouring some of their money back into the economy and keep it recycling and help pick up the middle class. Invest more in the infrastructure and the IT industry, fight inflation and try to replicate koreas, Malaysias and Turkeys economic plan.

  28. I do not know how I stumbled here from Google…probably Tunisia, Egypt, Revolution, etc keywords…

    Although the topic is old, but let me say what your fellow Jordanian here thinks…

    He thinks that this post is linguistically incoherent, economically irrelevant, culturally biased, cognitively boring and it has indeed cost him a few minutes of his life.

  29. Syrian-Jordanian : March 6, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    Jordanian1, from where did you get this fact that the majority of the anti-king and anti-queen are the muslim brotherhood and palestinians? I would say that it is much much much more common that a palestinian is pro-king in jordan than they are anti-king. Just look at his fan site on facebook, most members are Palestinians. And those who have been the most vocal against the king and queen have actually been from certain tribes and faisaliye, they are jordanian and usually anti-palestinian and anti other jordanians who are not from their origin. I have recieved much racism from tribal jordanians because of my shami heritage.

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