Tweetup: The Royal Jordanian Experience

Tweetup: The Royal Jordanian Experience

Although the first official tweet up on a plane was in the world was back in February of 2010 organized by Bombardier, Royal Jordanian and the Online project have proved to have been pioneers to bring together the first plane tweet up not in Jordan only but in the region.


If you tweet, you probably have seen the hashtag #RJLaunch on twitter, and if you’ve been following some tweeps today who were lucky enough to be there, then you have a slight clue of what am about to tell you.

At around 10:45 a bus took off from the Royal Jordanian Terminal out on the 7th circle and header to Queen Alia’s International Airport, and ofcourse we didn’t exactly know what to expect, we knew it was going to be on a plane, we knew we’d get briefed about the new Airbus but little did we know what was in store for us.


While I’ve mentioned the tweeps out there, I might as well mention the ones that I have been following for a while and found quite remarkable, some  haven’t met face to face until today, so it felt good putting a face to the tweep (Does that even make sense? I doubt!) Those tweeps included Christina Twal @ChristinaTwal, Khalil Wahhab

@KhalilWahhab, Mayse Nababteh @MayseNababteh, Confessions of a Chubby Blogger @AliChubby, Firas Stetiyeh @steitiyeh , Adham Etoom @AdhamEtoom, Fouad Jeryes @FouadJeryes, @LumaQ Abeer Abu Touq @AbeerAbuTouq, and the amazing host of the day who kept us all entertained Ali Abdulhadi @Baliwood. Ofcourse, I cant forget to give a shout out to Diya Murra @Dimurra for hitting me up with an email and extending an invitation to attend this one of a life time exclusive event.


So back to what I wanted to tell you guys, when the bus took a turn and we saw the plane, most of us either gasper or stared in awe, standing proudly infront of us was a brand new A320 Airbus, we were greeted with a red carpet, red balloons and believe it or not, the Facebook, Twitter and Royal Jordanian Logo proudly showcased on the outside of the plane. If anything, the plane was branded with Twitter, Facebook and RJ logo’s on the inside of this extremely precious spacious aircraft, needless to say, we felt like celebrities?


After setteling in, eyes were glued to laptops, tablets, cell phones, and fingers were clicking away and tweeting, with Wireless Access available on the jet, refreshments and an array of really good fresh nuts, let me just say, I wish I could hide in the cock pit and live there for a while.


Lunch was also served on the plane, where we got the choice of choosing between mushroom steak and mustard chicken, I went for the chicken, and believe me it was mouthwatering and sensational, makes me wish I was rich enough to travel first class more often.



The tweet up had lots of trivia and giveaways including a trip for two to Beirut to the very lucky Fouad Jeryes, whom I assume is everyone’s best friend right now, you don’t want to travel alone to Beirut now do you Fouad? Oh, I forgot to mention accommodation included. (Well-Earned my friend, Mabrook!), A ticket to Royal Jordanian’s new destination Berlin and a ticket to Istanbul!


Last but not least most of us got the chance to take photo’s in the cockpit, and ofcouse, as many who have been part of the Tweet Up today, we’re waitng for the pictures!! Ween il sowar ya Mohammad Azzam



Needless to say, what an awesome event, great organization and amazing spirit from all the tweeps out there;  Hats Off Royal Jordanian and TOP, you guys have raised the standards to tweetups all over …



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  1. ok, that is REALLY fast Lara! I can’t agree more honestly!! it’s a once a lifetime experience!

    • LOL Fast eh? Well you know when you impress a blogger, they cant help but go back and tell the whole world about it 🙂 Great stuff!

  2. Lovely blog

  3. Well,I think #RJ had a great innovative idea by hosting such a lovely #Tweetup on an a new modern airplane !.I just have one question to Royal Jordanian Air Lines and those who organized the #RJLunch event ; How did u invite all those people to this #TweetUp Event? I mean depending on what ? Say it clear please .In my opinion and as I did yesterday, I tweeted that #RJ has selected some tweeps and some people who never entered #Twitter before to invite them to come to #RJLunch!I was so amazed ? Why? ,finally,I figured out that there is something called #WASTA in Jordan 😛 . That’s why my friend Ahmad should have known some WASTA in RJ in order to attend such a sweet event with great innovative idea .

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Musa’b,

      Thank you for stopping by my blog. Am not sure about the Wasta Factor, I know the guys who work at The Online Project @StuffWeLove and I know there was a very limited number for the people who we’re at this Tweet Up. Personally, a member of the TOP Team called me and told me about this tweet up, I was extended a beautiful invitation which I have accepted, and I believe everyone who was there was invited accordingly, not because they have a Wasta per say, but lets just say they got lucky.

      I hope you’ll be lucky enough to get onto a unique tweet up such as the one by Royal Jordanian yesterday. Have a great day!

  4. lucky u guys! 🙂

  5. Excellent Lara, liked it all.
    The tweetup was an a unique experience with the amazing tweeps to tweet from inside Airbus 320 😉

  6. There was no better way to impress and press 🙂

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