Twitter: A great place to meet unique creeps

Twitter: A great place to meet unique creeps

While I have decided that tonight wasn’t going to be a blogging night as my Insomnia is seriously catching up with me and I am in desperate need for some serious sleep, I came across a ridiculous follower, who is just another prototype of men abusing social media to hook up with chicks, or as he has bluntly said it, or rather sarcastically as he has claimed when I have made it clear that twitter was not a portal to hook up with hot chicks, “Someone does not take things humorously, lecture me more, I’ll be entertained after all”! For a minute I thought he was just being sarcastic and that I missed the sarcasm in the tone of his message, only to realize that he wasn’t being sarcastic at all, he actually was snooping around twitter for a date!

His first insinuation bluntly said “Ok, let’s not waste time tomorrow 9 PM at Shawerma Reem 2nd Circle?”

He made it sound like we where arguing back and forth on when to meet up and that’s when a light bulb literally lit on top of my head and I thought ‘CREEP’! and I chose to ignore the guy. When he mentioned me in another tweep saying “Maybe to soon for a full  blown fancy date? The coffee at the University of Jordan Cafeteria?” Once again, I ignored his pathetic comments and cheap methods of picking up girls via Social Media websites, am thinking get a life, but then again, many girls out there are stupid enough to go for it, or else guys wouldn’t be trying, would they?!

Then I get a DM (Direct Message) to my twitter account that says “Caribu Coffee tomorrow Baraka Mall, DM me your number”! I almost exploded, was he kidding me?

I briefly replied that I wasn’t interested and made it public record by mentioning him in a tweet by saying: “No thanks, no reem offer nor the Caribou coffee! Man just get a life or something! You’re just sad” I then tweeted a very dear friend and made it a statement that Twitter just proved to me that Creeps still exist out there, and it’s mentally disturbing 🙁 Ma32ool il marad il nafsy ta3 il nas

Oh My God, do people think Social Media is a network where you can pick up people and go out on random dates? Or as guys say in Jordan “Website Tazbeet!” This is unbelievable, thoughts are firing out of head straight to my keyboard, and I am pretty sure that most of what I have written simply doesn’t connect, but am not trying to write an amazing blog entry here, am just trying to share a story that happened to me tonight on Twitter when a creep called Nadim1981Jo decided to mess around with me! Or should I same Nadim ****** (thanks to twitter email notifications, I now know your full name not just your screen name)

Well Twitter, is a micro-blogging site, not a dating site, if your so desperate to hook up with a chic that your such a loser in real life that you need to hide behind a screen name in pathetic attempts that a chic out there would be lenient enough to meet you up somewhere maybe you should consider the classifieds in daily newspapers “ابحث عن شريك “ isn’t that what those classifieds are for afterall? As soon as I announced my intention of blogging about this whole situation tonight, the profile of Nadim1981Jo was activated or maybe he has blocked me but who cares, am just sad he isn’t around to realize that I am about to post this blog link to my twitter and am sure many fellow friends will retweet as well!

Nadim Janakat SHAME ON YOU! Shame on you and on every man out there who abuses the power of social media for a date or to chase girls! What can I say? Get a life, a real one, not one where your hiding behind a screen name!


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  1. I think a creep is a guy who has a chance with a girl, blows it, gets rejected, but continues to try! He is not a creep until the girl gives him a chance, because maybe he likes her too much! I agree some guys in Jordan do not know anything about first moves, but that is because Jordanian girls are so up-tight that a face-to-face introduction without a common friend has a one in a thousand’s chance to happen.

    Honestly, I do not see anything wrong with trying to date using twitter. However, there is nothing wrong with refusing to do so, maybe you should make it loud and clear in you bio that you are not interested in meeting new people while using those services, if you have then I have to agree that he is a creep.

    • Thank you for your thoughts Isam, and I do agree, there are some cases where you can meet someone online, talk back and forth for days or weeks or whatever and after realizing that you have at least a few common interests perhaps meet up!

      But when you create a twitter account in hopes to meet someone, make an announcement that you dont find it useful, and hit on random people who tweet in hopes to get a number or a date thats rather creeps dont you think?

    • Once again thank you for all the support and following my blog! I appreciate your kind words and constructive criticism at all times 🙂

  2. LOVE THISSSS hahaha – read my no is a no not a maybe..
    same experience different details :-]

  3. OMG is he serious… Lol

  4. I got into a start of a relationship through twitter DM’s, It was the kick start. But i didn’t go public. We spoke through DM’S for a while then started talking on msn then on the mobile.

    There are those people who know how to use Social Media and there are those who use to hook up with chicks.

    Sometimes those guys make me ashamed of being a man!

  5. Why didn’t you just block him right after he started to annoy you?

    These kind of people exist everywhere, and not just on social networking sites. You can’t fight every battle, but you can learn how to cope/ignore/deal with them. The simplest solution to a “creep” following you on twitter would be to block him/her. Referring back to your recent blog post on “The Art of Begging in Jordan” – the simplest way of not falling into their trap is to just ignore them.

    There will always be the cons, cheaters, stalkers, etc., of this world… we can’t call out every single one of them, but what we can do is educate ourselves and the people around us on how to avoid such people.

    Twitter is a public tool for anyone with an email address to use. How they please to use it is up to them. If they however decide to abuse this tool, there are adequate means of reporting them.

  6. I am still trying to find the reason why are you so pissed?! So a guy tries to get a date through twitter, and? If you don’t want it just say no, if he keeps pushing it, say no again, and he’ll go.

    The fault is 90% on Amman girls, they’re living in this bubble that they’re no-touch princesses that merely walking next to them is a crime, and everyone who has the guts to actually make a move is crucified as a creep!

    The problem is that the overwhelming majority of girls in Amman are OK with the concept of having a boyfriend, but their understanding of the hook-up process is so tight and twisted that it caused many normal guys to go to creepy ways like this! Were you and him in a normal place, I truly think that he would have just approached you in a cafe and asked you out politely, if didn’t like it, I’m sure he’ll simply walk away.

    • Dear Omar,

      I’m not pissed, I was briefly but am more annoyed.

      I believe you refer hat 90% of girls live in this bubble of being in lala-land, well also 90% of boys always make an assumption that a girl cant seemly say no, and always assume that dating is just chasing a random girl somewhere and asking her out, it’s not. It wasn’t a chase, I have said no, one various occasions, and the whole thing lasted a two hour time line.

      If you refer back to my post to Isam earlier, am not anti-online dating, I personally dont like it or approve it, but if people are doing it, it doesn’t bother me and I dont judge people. You never know who you might meet online,but meeting people or dating through online social medias such as twitter or whatever platform you choose to go through doesn’t happen within a 2 hour span on non-stop rejects, it gets kind of disturbing and creepy if I may say!

  7. Have the decency to publish my reply
    I have sent it hours ago
    What a manipulative, dishonest person you are! You are not telling the whole truth. First we have been exchanging tweets nicely,you did not mention that,saying that I was funny,and I liked your humor too. You did not mention that after your DM saying your are not interested, I have replied in the DM:No Problem,but your loss. Why you did not mention that? I am no creep,hell no. We exchanged some tweets,thought you were intersting,I asked you out,you said not interested,I told you ok,no problem

    How creepy is that?It’s only you who is living in this weird imaginative world of yours,thinking people are creeps. You told me,hey Nadim,I posted something personal on my blog,go read it (you didn’t mention this),I read the 25 facts about you,now after your cowardly post,I reread and realize that you need help.

    You know what you are sleepless?Think a guy who asks politly is a creep? You got issues,and I’m so glad I didn’t meet with you

    You know,I’m a person too,I have feelings and dignity,I aint no creep,you say we like it when a guy makes a move,but when he does you paint him as a monster

    shame on you,I hope you have the courage to publish my comment,unedited

    • Nadim,

      You actually think that I am signed into my blog 24/7 that I would have to moderate your comments Immediately? Have some patience, or don’t for all I care about, but before hinting that I am not decent enough to publish comments from my readers, perhaps you should consider that people work for a living? Or might be taking a nap? or whatever it is their doing? wow you must have nothing better to do.

      Yes, I have the courage to publish YOUR Comment, UNEDITED! Am not one of those people who would edit people’s comments to make themselves look good.

      Regardless, of the fact, I dont owe you an explanation, you turned from a pleasant tweep to a creepy fellow tweep, and it’s not about me turning you down, it doesn’t take three random insinuations to make you understand that am not int rested.

      Anyhow, I never said anything about liking it when a guy makes a move, so am not trying to paint a picture of you as a monster, to me you’re just a screen name.

      P.S: I hope you have enough to courage to post up your real e-mail address next time, rather than “” – shows how decent you are posting a fake address.

  8. well am not here to defend him or anything but it is a SOCIAL Media and dating and all that is part of SOCIAL life lol i know am stating the obvious..

    and to be honest in today’s social media i could know all about u in just 1 minute think about facebook by itself i could know who ur friends, where do u go, what do you watch and read….

    the point of social media is to meet people…

    so he was looking for a date 3adie

    its like going to a bar… but its behind the screen.

    • Fathi my Good Friend loool! “Am not here to defend him or anything”

      Yes many Social Media sites are for dating, I agree, after all, in Facebook you could display your interests in finding friends, dating etc… But notice how I talked about twitter?

      Twitter does fall under social networking however it is more of a microblogging service rather than a dating service, or perhaps I should put it this way, on twitter you can micro blog using 140 Characters, limited, but then again convenient to the term “Mico-Blogging”

      If he wants to meet Chicks, he should perhaps look up profiles on Fully Functional Social Networking sites such as Facebook, My Space, HI 5 and the list goes on, when girls clearly mention that their looking for something more than friendship. 🙂

      Miss you kteer ya Deutschland

  9. Though I’m not a fan of “online dating” or meeting people online, but I’ve seen many cases where it actually worked, as for friends, I have made so many friends online that are till this day some of my best friends all that said I would have to say that I can’t seem to find anything wrong with what happened especially after reading the dude’s reply, though I’m not sure if he’s telling the truth or not, but again, you didn’t deny any of the things he said.

    I agree with Dado, it IS called SOCIAL media, his approach might have been weird, but I have to agree with Omar, you “Ammani” girls are way too uptight & that you’re “living in this bubble that they’re no-touch princesses that merely walking next to them is a crime, and everyone who has the guts to actually make a move is crucified as a creep!” yet.. I can’t blame it all on you, a bug percentage of guys in Jordan don’t know how to make their first move and I blame that on the segregated educational system (THANK GOD I STUDIED IN A COED SCHOOL).

    You should understand that a lot of girls would’ve actually went out with that guy. He just asked you out, he didn’t swear at you, he didn’t cuss you, he wasn’t indecent to you, and frankly put, it was ok that you posted his flickr handle but I think it was pretty mean, if not even rude, of you to post his full name on your blog.

    You should understand that the world did not end by his “oh-so-inconceivable” act of merely asking you out on a date through the “not-for-dating” website of twitter.

    You said that it’s ok for him to meet girls on facebook where your profile lists that you’re looking for friends, networking.. etc. well.. can you please explain tweetups for me & why people would go to such events since their twitter bios don’t mention that they want to meet new people with some interests in common!?

    I think that you overreacted. Why? It’s not because all guys in Jordans are creeps, but it’s because most of them don’t know how to make the first step, why? Because girls in Jordan, especially Amman are too full of themselves why? Because a lot of guys in Jordan are not used to talking to girls may they be mere friend or girlfriends and therefor tend to overreact when talking to girls or even think about talking to girls or taking the first step in Jordan, why? We get back to why I think you overreacted. See the vicious circle pattern here?

    Next time, if there was a next time; especially if the person who would want to do it knows about your blog and this blog post, don’t overreact, calm down, think it over with the guys & just say no, you have no idea how much headache that would save you. 😛 😉

    Anyway, take care, Happy Ramadan. 🙂

    • Dear J,

      Thank you so much for your comments, it was a beautiful critique to what I have written and quite constructive, I’ll definatley take some hints for future postings.

      Yes, perhaps it was mean mentioning his full name on this blog entry, I have reconsidered, and have altered the entry!

      However as open minded as you sounds you did label me under the stereotype “Ammani Girls” which I really refuse. Dado is a very good friend of mine, we both went to high-school and college together, so he knows am hardly labeled into the narrow minded criteria. On most occasions I am very open minded, I met many fellow bloggers and writers through social media’s, one of my cousins met her husband on Facebook, they’ve been happily married for four years now. But when it comes to men (generally speaking I dont mean to label anyone), they tend to over-do it! A simple no, is a no. Especially when a girl makes it clear ahead of time that she doesnt believe twitter is “for picking up someone for a date”.

      Perhaps the whole “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is true, as our communication levels are always on different channels. HOWEVER, if men hate it when women end up calling them creeps, and claim that a simple no could have done the trick to make them back off, then it shouldn’t have taken three straight “NO’s” (Not hinting, honest not interested answers).

      Once again, thank you for reading my blog and for your comments, I really appreciate them!

      Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family!

  10. “However as open minded as you sounds you did label me under the stereotype “Ammani Girls” which I really refuse.” I know I just noticed.

    “Dado is a very good friend of mine, we both went to high-school and college together…” What’s that got to do with anything?

    “But when it comes to men (generally speaking I dont mean to label anyone), they tend to over-do it!” Men, Ammani Girls… can’t you see the self-contradiction?! 😀

    Last thing I want to say.. guys LOVE straight answers, but a lot of the times, you don’t give us those (not you as in you, but as in a LOT of girls, you just love to mess with our heads, now, don’t you?? MEANIES!!!!!!!! 😛 Anyway, back to the subject…) and by doing that, we don’t know what to think, do or how to react, so we might sound like jerk but hey.. YOU STARTED IT!!!

    • lool witty young man are you?!

      I must admit, yes I did contradict my self up there, but am also not afraid to admit it! Kudo’s for catching me red handed!

      But the whole man-women argument never ends. Did you read the book “What Your Mother Couldn’t Tell You and Your Father Didn’t Know” If you haven’t consider reading it and you’ll know exactly what am talking about.

      Really Men and Women Communicate on different altitudes!

      • LOL, I KNOW!! Tell me about it! 😛

        So what do you say you add me on twitter?? huh, huh *wink wink*

        Too soon!? 😛

        No, but seriously, was really fun arguing with you & end up winning, that almost NEVER happens with you females!

    • P.S: I checked your website… Interesting photography (Especially the section on plants) and am not saying that because of your argumentative skills make me sound like a 2 yr old! Am a big fan of Ehab Othman and Aladdin Qattouri, both fellow photographers.

      • That almost never happens with emails eh? lol

        Well, am one of those people who refuse to fight arguments that I cant win. I chose to cut my losses -> Less headache!

        How about I add you on twitter? *wink wink* how do you know I wont stalk you?

        Whats ur screen name?

      • w8 w8 w8 w8, how did you find my website, I didn’t post it until my last reply, the one before this one! :O did you look me up on Google? Are you a stalker, and last but not least… how well would you rank my online presence, and the number of my online profiles/websites you found on the first page of Google, Do I need better SEO!? :O

      • Research Skills perhaps?

        When you post a comment on wordpress you have to include your email! Addresses are not posted to the public but are available to administrators! So I figured the [at] was either bogus or actually meant something!

  11. My screen name is @YJawhar, obviously! 😛

    Are you sure, you’re not a stalker, cuz that would be cool, never had a stalker!! Bas if you were, please don’t be one of the stalkers that like to hurt the stalkees!! 🙁

  12. just a remark,my full name has always been there on my twitter account,sorry if you are not familiar with twitter,I was not hiding behind a screen name,so add this to your:OMG I’ve made an …. out of myself

    you posting this,as if it’s an expose,and as if you are warning the masses,it very hurtful and could have just mentioned the incident without names

    I was very clear about my intentions and I was joking that twitter is being used as a dating service,this clearly show that I am taking things lightly and being honest

    you just proofed you are insecure and got issues.I will put this behind,and no grudges,for sure,not nice knowing you,but forgive and forget 🙂 publishing my name like that,is ridiculous,and I kindly ask you to do whatever you find decent in your conscious.
    people who know me,they know what a decent/light hearted person I am

    Thanks guys for taking a stand.

    رمضان كريم و الله يسسامحك و سوري على الموقف

    • You’re free to say whatever you want, I wont stop you from saying so, or disapprove your comments on my blog because “I Have Issues” – If you believe so, your entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to my opinion about you!

      Also, yes, am sure you have your real name on your twitter account, I am familiar with twitter, but I tweet through my Blackberry not through the actual site at least 90% of the time, so I dont go snooping around people’s profiles!

      Anyhow, Forgive but dont forget my favorite motto in life, once again, you are entitled to your own opinion! I my self am known by many people where find more than decent, helpful, always lending a hand, and always available to anyone who needs as much as a friend to listen or help out.

      Am not here to judge how the world or your friends view you, I judged you to the way you handled you’re self when approaching me, and as you are entitled to your opinion about me being insecure, am entitled to my opinion about you, I dont like your approach or the way you address me personally (am not speaking on behalf of anyone else)

      Ramadan Kareem to you as well.


      Sleepless in Amman

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