Unleashing Google Glass

Unleashing Google Glass

What happens when you give a girl who thinks she is tech-savvy, but in reality, not so much Google Glass for a few days? Thanks to Umniah, you are just about to find out how Sleepless rocked it! Ha!

uUnleash2So what was it like wearing Google Glass in a day of a woman who claims that insomnia is her middle name? Simply said, I got to experiment at work, and at home, obviously two parts of my life where I spend the most part doing the two things that I love the most.

So here it goes:

I think Google Glass is really kick-ass, (yes I totally said kick-ass on my blog which my Dad logs into and reads), but I also think there is a lot of room for improvement in my very humble opinion.

Using Google Glass for navigation is what I would like to think would be the most awesome thing to do, but doing so in Jordan, not so much. I think there needs to be a lot of work in our google maps infrastructure to make this one work like a charm, but I also think that if I had $1,500 to spare and got myself my own pair, Google Glass would totally be my travel buddy, forget the smart phone, and looking into your device, as you walk, and possibly run into people or walls (which I’ve done in Europe last year, yes I am clumsy in that way), but I think Google Glass might have just solved a big one for world travelers.

Syncing my Google Glass with my smart phone at work, made reading my emails through the glass cool, but quite frankly not so comfortable, didn’t like the ear piece that came with it much, so unless I’m driving and I had to have my emails read to me, I would still rather use a laptop or my smartphone for email communication. Replying to emails via voice is yet another story, there will always remain a massive boundary when it comes to voice recognition, different dialect, pronunciation, and your glass occasionally writing up something completely different, than what you just said. It’s also worth mentioning that in a crowded room, or even non-crowded for the matter, if you are speaking or dictating commands to your glass, and someone else nearby is speaking, possibly on the phone, then the overlap of the voices will not allow the device to process commands at all.

uUnleash3So other than gloating to the entire team at the office, I decided to take my glass back home, and gloat to my tech-savvy husband who loves nothing more than technology and experimenting. Being an only child and all, I refused to share. So I wanted to try out Google Glass by doing a web search for a recipe that I wanted to try, but it proved to be a little bit more difficult than anticipated. While I had my hopes up to reading recipes off the Glass screen and doing them as I go, I found that firing up webpages and scanning through them is a harsher reality than the picture I have painted in my head. So I guess there are things that need to stay for your smartphone or in my case when it comes to cooking, on my tablet.

So how did I make it work? I paired up my Google Glass to my S3 device via Bluetooth. Pairing up the devices takes less than 3 minutes, and is as simple as tapping at your Google glass to start the pairing process and making sure the pair code between both devices is identical. With that said, you can easily kiss your battery life goodbye on both devices. It’s also worth mentioning that the charge time for the Google Glass is impossibly long. Tethering internet on the go from your device to utilize your Glass at the fullest can also be costly depending on your subscription with your carrier.

To sum up my thoughts, on Google Glass, it feels like a love-hate relationship. I chose not to capture any photos or video footage, because it’s not mine for keeps, and it had to go for the next person who reviews the device, and I’m not sure about Google’s Privacy on using and/or storing information.

If there is anything that I would have liked it differently, it would be:

  • Foldable glasses. If you aren’t wearing your Google Glass you can’t tuck it away in your pocket, you would have to put it in this huge pouch, not sure how men can handle carrying it on the go, but even as a woman, I’m constantly worried about placing it in my bag and have one of my million and one items crash it or smash it along the way.
  • Battery, Battery, Battery. None of us like operating on a low battery, imaging having to endure that on your Glass and your smartphone! Ouch!

So, that’s about it! Once again, a big shout out to Umniah for giving me the opportunity to try and review this one of a kind product!

Lights Out everyone



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