Variables for Social Media Success

Variables for Social Media Success

When it comes to Social Media Management each strategy, tactic will vary according to the client and the campaign at hand. If there is anything that we need to understand and remember, the customers are in charge, we can no longer broadcast our messages to consumers, because they will block us out, we need to engage in a conversation with our consumers because that will make a difference and an positive influence in any given campaign.
So what variables depend on Social Media success, why do you go online? Who are your consumers and where should you meet them?

Understand the Changing Landscape

The web and social consumer are on the run, always changing, always wanting something more dynamic without being bombarded with irrelevant messages. Marketing and Public Relations was always focused on a one-way message delivery, today this doesn’t work, people are looking for a conversation, for a dialogue, they want to be heard, and if they have something to say, our role as Social Media managers is to listen, engage and be part of this dialogue to ensure ultimate success to our organizations or clients.
Get to know your Social Consumer

The digital consumer no longer settles for less than they deserve, they are in control, they are in communities, they strive on social networking sites and they influence others. Your unsatisfied Digital Consumer is no longer satisfied with dropping a line at your complaints email or calling your hot-line, they will make an online scene, they will influence others, others will join they, and their sentiment negative or positive will influence others, so how you treat them will make a difference in your brand. Apologize when you’ve gone wrong, be transparent and be authentic because your online consumer is smart, and what they say about you online especially on Facebook, through a tweet and more dangerously through a blog post can make or break you!


Those are just two thoughts that I believe are worth sharing, quite frankly most people are always wondering about going online! Well guess what, if you are not officially online, someone has beat you to it, an enthusiastic fan, a brand hater or an employee, so get it right and join the crowd! Its changing landscape so jump on that train and get to know your consumers because today they are powerful and you want to be part of this ever-changing trend!


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