Werner Vogels: 28 Days around the world, with a stop in Amman!

Werner Vogels: 28 Days around the world, with a stop in Amman!
Dr. Werner Vogels, is the vice President & Chief Technology Officer at Amazon.com where he is responsible for driving the company’s technology vision, which is to continuously enhance the innovation on behalf of Amazon’s customers at a global scale. Born in 1958 in Amsterdam, was a research scientist at Cornell University’s Computer Science department prior to joining Amazon!
In 2001, back in the day when he was still a research scientist at Cornell he started his own blog “All the things distributed” (http://www.allthingsdistributed.com/) a technology oriented weblog, which was used to discuss early results of his research. After he joined Amazon.com the nature of the weblog changed to more product oriented with some general technology and industry writings.
In 2008, Vogels was one of the architects behind amazons Cloud Computing, “Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud” which brings to the world a virtual computing environment where web service interfaces are resizable and are designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing is continuously promoted by Vogels for the past two years and still are throughout the world, through seminars, workshops and forums, such as Jordan’s upcoming MENA-ICT Forum where Vogels will be speaking.
Vogels latest Blog Post, “Around the World in 28 Days” was published a few days ago on September 30th, where he told his followers and readers that he was headed to meet the existing and future customers of Amazon Web Services, including the Amazon Web Services Event in Berlin, BITKOM Internationale Cloud Computing Konferenz in Germany, three events in India dedicated to the “Practical Approach to Cloud Computing: Step-by-Step Guide” and Amman, Jordan where he will be speaking at the MENA ICT Forum! His 28 days around the world includes, “13 airports” where he will be crossing “23,422 miles”
What strikes me most about Vogels was a conversation with ACMQUEUE where he mentioned making Amazon available to Web Services Applications, he said that “This world is so much in flux, with respect to form factors, network speeds, and input methods, that it is difficult to build applications that give a good user experience across the board. We have made sure in our Web-services interfaces that developers can specify external XSLT (extensible stylesheet language transformation) stylesheets so that data can get post-processed at our servers and that what is returned to the consumer is in a format that is optimal for the device and application that requested it.”
It is no surprise then that Vogels is such an inspiration, between spending half of his time on the road and the other time helping IT departments with the transition to Cloud Computing and making Amazon a leader in all up-to-date technologies to ensure the implementation of all of his computer science research on focusing on large-scale, distributed enterprise systems.

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